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Sector 7 7ID Schedule


7ID Schedule for Run 1 of FY2005

See this link for APS Operational data and schedules.
Here is the link for the most up to date schedule.

Note that from Dec. 2-13, the APS runs in hybrid mode with a large current
singlet. Two separate 324 bunch mode runs are scheduled, Oct 5-11, Dec14-21.
The APS is down during ThanksGiving on Nov. 25.

Sector 7 schedule for the fall run of 2004
(FY05-run1 also called 2004-3 by APS)

The (MHATT) label indicates Sector 7 beam time. The (STAFF) flag indicates
beamline staff time. The (PUP) label indicates beam awarded through David 
Reis's Partner User Proposal(PUP-13), or Linda Young's PUP-37 and each APS GUP
proposal is labelled with its proper number. The (COMM) label is reserved for
commissioning and alignment.

Oct 05/8am-Oct 08/8am(09) (7ID-B)   Beamline start up and commissioning 
                                    (ED,DW,BA) (COMM 9)
Oct 08/8am-Oct 15/8am(19) (7ID-C)   Reis (PUP-13)
Oct 15/8am-Oct 18/8am(09) (7ID-B)   Fezzaa (COMM 6, STAFF 3)
Oct 20/8am-Oct 26/8am(18) (7ID-C)   Walko w/Clarke's group (STAFF 18)
Oct 26/4pm-Nov 01/8am(17) (7ID-C)   Dubon  (GUP-3255)
Nov 03/8am-Nov 08/4pm(16) (7ID-C)   Walko w/Arms (GUP-3255 1 sh. + STAFF 15sh.)
Nov 09/8am-Nov 15/8am(18) (7ID-C)   Yacoby (GUP-3047 15 sh. PUP-13 3sh.)
Nov 17/8am-Nov 25/0am(22) (7ID-B)   Miceli (COMM 1, GUP-2483 21)
Nov 26/8am-Nov 30/4pm(13) (7ID-D)   Landahl (new laser tests)(PUP-13) 
Dec 02/8am-Dec 13/4pm(32) (7ID-D)   Young (PUP-37) 
Dec 14/8am-Dec 22/0am(23) (7ID-D)   Dufresne (GUP-2459)

total                    196 shifts
operation allowance (8%)  16 shifts
GUP baseline       (92%) 180 shifts

                          Avail. sh.   Allocated shifts
COMM (commiss. & align.)  16 shifts   (9+1+6)=16
PUP-13 (20% of 92%)       36 shifts  (19+13+3)=35
PUP-37                    32 shifts  (32)
Staff (20% of 92%)        36 shifts  (18+3+15)=36
GUP       (45% of 92%)    76 shifts  (23+21+18+15=77)
total:                   196          196 

Last updated by Eric Dufresne on 11/04/2004.
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