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MHATT-CAT 7ID Schedule


7ID Schedule for Run 3 of FY2003

See this link for the most current APS schedule.

For the upcoming run of 2003-2 starting May 28, 2003 8am, 227 shifts are 
scheduled for the APS, of which 17 shifts (8%) are reserved for beamline 
alignment, studies, development. 105 shifts are available for General Users, 
105 shifts are available for MHATT-CAT members.

This run will be in a single low emmittance lattice for the whole duration
of the run, with 3 separate fill patterns. The timing mode is scheduled for Aug.
13 to 18. Three multibunch mode with 324 buckets filled uniformly are scheduled
on the weeks of May 28-June 2, July 8-14, Aug. 19-25, 2003.

MHATT-CAT 7ID final schedule for the summer of 2003 (FY03-run3)

May  28/8am  - Jun  04/4pm Trainor (GUP-844)     7ID-C Completed (20 shifts
Jun  04/4pm  - Jun  09/8am Clarke (MHATT)        7ID-C Completed (14 shifts
                                                 scheduled, 20 Hrs lost by SRC)
Jun  11/8am -  Jun  17/8am Evans (GUP-306)       7ID-C Completed
Jun  17/4pm -  Jun  23/8am Bedzyk (GUP-907)      7ID-C Completed
Jun  25/8am -  Jun  30/8am Pereira (GUP-10)      7ID-C Completed 
Jun  30/8am -  Jul  07/4pm Walko (GUP 966)       7ID-C Completed (10 hrs lost by
                                                 power failure)
Jul   8/8am -  Jul  14/8am Winokur (GUP-78)      7ID-B Completed
Jul  16/8am -  Jul  22/8am Penner-Hahn(MHATT)    7ID-B Completed
Jul  22/4pm -  Aug  05/8am Reis  (MHATT)         7ID-D Completed (6hrs lost by
Aug  05/4pm -  Aug  11/8am Adams  (GUP-76)       7ID-D Completed
Aug  13/8am -  Aug  18/4pm Young  (GUP-671)      7ID-D Completed
Aug  19/8am -  Aug  26/0am Clarke  (MHATT)       7ID-C Completed

Last updated by Eric Dufresne on 09/08/2003.
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