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7ID FE pictures on 8/31/2006

On Aug. 31, 2006, I took a walk and took pictures of the 7ID front end. Find the
pictures below. Please note that it is difficult to take pictures of the front-
end because of the small amount of space between the concrete wall and the 7ID
beamline. The first two images provided below are taken from a Light Source note
written by Deming Shu and Tuncer M. Kuzay, Oct. 5, 1993 called LS-228, 
available in the APS Light Source Notes section.
Figure 1 from LS-228
An operational representation of an APS ID Front End.
Figure 2 from LS-228
General Layout of an APS ID Front End.
07 ID SS 1 & 2 FE Safety Shutter 1 and 2.
07 ID PS 2 FE Photon Shutter 2. Note upstream a power mask with a lot of water
hose going in. This is the PS2 Fixed Mask 7ID FM 2. There is also a mask just
downstream of PS1 and PS2.  Belows are covered with Aluminium sheets. Each
shutter was designed to be redundant, so there are two Safety Shutters in the
same tank and two Photon Shutters on separate tanks. 
07 ID P2 The second X-ray BPM by at 21 m from the center of the 
straight. You can also see another view of the mask.
Some serious Front-end Pb collimator (not for power, but for 
Personnel Safety). Note also the gate valve to protect the accelerator.  The
Photon Shutter 1 is upstream of the Pb collimator. 

Here is the 1st Photon Shutter PS1.

Mask in front of PS1. On the RHS, one sees also the P1 X-ray BPM. Note that the 
P1 X-ray BPM is upstream of the Photon SHutters so it sees x-rays all the time.

The first X-ray BPM at ~16m P1.

Drift tube with air-cooling fins? Note the gate valve upside down and the water-cooled mask.

Picture of the 7ID Undulator.

Picture of the 7ID Undulator. Note that it is on the downstream end of the straight section.

Picture of the 7ID Undulator.

Picture of the 7ID Undulator.

Picture of the 7ID Undulator.

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