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Sector 7 Overview

XOR7 has constructed two beamlines at Sector 7 of the APS:
  • 7-ID: an insertion device beamline based on an APS Type-A Undulator
  • 7-BM: a bend magnet beam line for time-resolved radiography

Technical description of Sector 7 facilities

Overview of 7-ID

7-ID comprises four large experimental enclosures designated A, B, C, and D. In
2004, a laser enclosure was also added (7ID-E).

Enclosure 7-ID-A is the first optics enclosure and houses a polished Be window, 
an empty x-ray filter unit, a pair of white beam slits, a water-cooled double
crystal diamond monochromator (Kohzu HLD4), and a P4 mode shutter. The beamline
vertical offset is 35 mm.

Enclosure 7-ID-B is a white-, or monochromatic-beam experimental enclosure. 
It is equipped with two precision motorized table for alignment and positioning 
of experimental equipment. This station is used for white-beam imaging 
or microdiffraction experiments.

Just downstream of 7-ID-B is a mini-enclosure housing the P5 unit. This acts as
a white beam stop and offset mono-beam shutter to pass monochromatic beam into 
downstream enclosures C and D. Continuing downstream, a mono-beam transport takes
monochromatic beam into enclosures C and D. Enclosure C houses a large Huber 
6-circle Diffractometer and two optical tables to set up users' experiments. 
A streak camera is also available for ultrafast time-resolved detection 
(ps resolution). A fs-laser housed in 7ID-E is delivered in 7ID-C to the 
diffractometer and streak camera for time-resolved experiments. Synchronization 
is achieved in pump-probe geometry utilitizing the RF bunch clock signal brought
from the APS control room on an optical fiber. A commercial  diode-pumped 
Ti-Sapphire femtosecond pulsed laser is used in both 7ID-C and 7ID-D.

Contiguous to C, enclosure D is instrumented with a microprobe station for Atomic
Physics and Chemistry experiments.  A small optical table is also available for
 users' experiments. 

Status of 7-ID

All three enclosures 7-ID-B, C, and D are operational and accepting General Users
since 2002.  

Overview of 7-BM

7-BM comprises two contiguous enclosures, 7-BM-A and B. 7-BM-A is the first optics enclosure which houses a white beam slit, a double-crystal multilayer monochromator (1.5% bandpass, 5.5-11 keV energy range), a P6 shutter, and a flat harmonic rejection mirror. Enclosure 7BM-B is an experimental station optimized for time-resolved radiography. 7-BM-B houses two precision motorized tables for alignment and positioning of experimental equipment, and a 300 mm long K-B mirror pair for beam focusing. 7BM-B is also equipped with a chemical exhaust system. Status of 7-BM The 7BM beamline has been dedicated to time-resolved radiography, primarily for transportation research. The beamline is accessible by APS General Users since 2012. For more details, please see the official web site of the 7-BM beamline.

Eric Dufresne, Sector 7, XSD, dufresne at anl dot gov
Last updated May. 17, 2013

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