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Sector 7: Contacts

Name Room Phone Pager Email
Bernhard Adams
Beamline Scientist
432-D003 (630) 252-6454 N/A adams at aps dot anl dot gov
Eric Dufresne
Beamline Scientist (7 and 8-ID)
432-E009 (630) 252-0274 (630) 631-3194 (cell)

or by email at:
dufresne at anl dot gov
Ray Ziegler
Scientific Associate
432-E007 (630) 252-5527 rziegler at anl dot gov
Alan Kastengren
Beamline Scientist for 7-BM
432-D009 (630) 252-3116
or by email
akastengren at anl dot gov
Yuelin Li
Beamline Scientist
432-D008 (630) 252-7863
or by email
ylli at aps dot anl dot gov
Alec Sandy
Group Leader of Sector 7 and 8-ID
432-D007 (630) 252-0281 (see email) asandy at aps dot anl dot gov
Linda Shoudis
TRR Group Secretary
432-E (630) 252-0160 N/A ljs at aps dot anl dot gov
Don Walko
Beamline Scientist and Sector Coordinator
432-D004 (630) 252-0271 (630) 252-3284 Pager# 0271
or 4-0271 (locally at ANL)
or by email at:
d-walko at anl dot gov
Haidan Wen
Beamline Scientist
432-D005 (630) 252-0278 TBD wen at aps dot anl dot gov
Jin Wang
Beamline Scientist
432-D006 (630) 252-9125 N/A wangj at aps dot anl dot gov
Yi Zhu
Postdoctoral fellow
432-D012 (630) 252-1589 N/A yizhu at aps dot anl dot gov

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The address for Sector 7 is:

Argonne National Laboratory
APS Building 432D
9700 Cass Avenue
Argonne, IL 60439-4815

The main phone number is: 630-252-0274
The FAX number is: 630-252-0279

Phones on the floor are:

BM-A, and BM-B: 630-252-1507 (since 6/9/09)
Inside ID-B: 630-252-1607
ID-C: 630-252-1707
ID-D: 630-252-1807
ID-E: 630-252-1207
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