Beamline 6-ID-B,C

Beamline 6-ID-B,C is operated by the Magnetic Materials Group in the X-ray Science Division (XSD) of the Advanced Photon Source.

Research on this beamline centers on general x-ray scattering studies of materials. The beamline has 2 end-stations:

  • 6-ID-B: Psi -Diffractomter & In-Field Studies
  • 6-ID-C: UHV in-situ growth

Recent Research Highlights

Pressure-Tuning the Quantum Phase Transition in a Model 2-D Magnet

April 11, 2012

Researchers using high-resolution x-ray scattering on beamlines 4-ID-D and 6-ID-B have demonstrated how pressure can be used to dial-in different magnetic states in a two-dimensional magnetic material, SrCu2(BO3)2.

Contacts: Sara Haravifard & Tom Rosenbaum -Univ. of Chicago

Local Contacts:

Philip Ryan (Surface Diffraction) 630.252.0252
Jong-woo Kim (Magnetic Scattering) 630.252.0248
Zahirul Islam (In-Field Scattering, Magnetic Scattering) 630.252.9252

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