XOR Beamline SPEC Commands (Macros)

Command Function Call sequence
Screen Plot Macros: (plot_extras_2.2.mac)
splot_abs Plots-log(DET/MON) of last scan on the screen splot_abs
splot_deriv Plots the derivative of the last scan. splot_deriv [-1]
splot_dabs Plots the derivative of-log(DET/MON) of last scan splot_dabs
Printer Plot Macros: (cplot_xor_3.3.mac)
cplot_plot Prints a plot of the last scan cplot_plot
cplot_abs Prints absorption plot {-log(DET/MON)} of last scan cplot_abs
cplot_deriv Prints plot of the derivative of last scan.

cplot_deriv [-1]

cplot_dabs Prints a plot of the derivative of the absorption


Slit Macros: (slits_xor_1.4.mac)
showslits Displays current slit positions. showslits
setslit Set slit size [and position] setslit slitmne hsize vsize [hpos vpos]
slitscan Scan a slit blade, center, or position. slitscan slitmne what strt fin steps time
confslits Define which slits to control in SPEC confslits
Filter Macros: (filters_2.0. mac)
filter Sets filter position; 1 or 4 args. (i.e. 9 same as 1001) filter filtmne # or [0/1 0/1 0/1]
showfilters Displays current filter positions. showfilters
Temp Control Macros: (Temperature_2.5.mac)
te Show temperature or set setpoint. te [setpoint]
changetemp Change temperature to value (waits before next cmd.) changetemp temp [delta delay]
tempscan Scans temperature. tempscan strt fin steps time
ramp Turns on ramp or Sets ramp rate. ramp [on/off] or [rate]
heater Sets heater range. heater [0to5] or off
save_temp_on[off] Save [not] temperature in data file. save_temp_on
lakeshore1(2) Switches between lakeshores (2)-> 4 sensor lakeshore1(2)
Undulator Macros: (undulators_1.3.mac)
moveundE Move undulator energy (with backlash). moveundE E
undscan Scan the undulator in energy. undscan startE stopE steps time
undscangap Scans undulator gap. undscangap start stop steps time
und_setup Give offset for energy moves. und_setup
und_tracking_on[off] Turn on[off] undulaor tracking of mono und_tracking_on
MCA Macros: (epics_mca_3.3.mac)
MCAscanpt Takes an mca spectra for each point in scan. MCAscanpt scan+ args
MCAscanend Takes an mca spectra at end of scan MCAscanend scan+args
getaandsavemca Takes mac spectra and saves it to datafile. getandsavemca time
mca_setup Define which mca to control. mca_setup
Analyzer Macros: (analyzer_1.1.mac)
analyzer_setup Define analyzer d spacing and type. analyzer_setup [ana_d] [ana_type]
analyzer_on [_off] Have analyzer track in energy [ not]. analyzer_on
asetE Set analyzer ath and atth positions for given energy. aseE E
calc_anal Show ath and atth positions for given energy calc_anal E
go_sigma [_pi] Move polarization type analyzer sigma or pi position go_sigma
Disable Macros: (disable_1.11.mac)
disable Disables a motor or counter. Use? to show. disable [det1 det2...] or ?
enable Enable a disabled motor or counter. enable [det1 det2...] or ?

Posted by: Becki Gagnon ( gagnon@aps.anl.gov)
Content by: Jonathan Lang ( lang@aps.anl.gov)