MMG Group Cryostats

Low Temperature displexes
Standard displexes:
Manufacturer: APD
Temperature Range:  both 4.5-325K & 6.5-325K
Cool down time:  ~1 hour

Joule-Thompson displex:
Manufacturer: APD
Temperature Range:  both 1.4-325K &
Cool down time:  ~3 hours

High-Pressure displex:
Manufacturer: Sumitomo Industires
Temperature Range:  both 3.5-325K &
Cool down time:  ~2 hours
High Temperature displex
Temperature Range:  20-800K
Cool down time:  ~1 hours
Helium Flow Cryostat
Sample Vacuum Shroud Design
Drawing of  cold finger and Be Cans

Displex without sample holder

Sample holder

Dimentions of Inner Be Can


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