Beamline 4-ID-C

Beamline 4-ID-C is operated by the Magnetic Materials Group in the X-ray Science Division (XSD) of the Advanced Photon Source.

Research on this beamline focuses on the study of magnetic properties of interfaces and dilute systems using x-ray spectroscopy techniques at energies between 500 to 2500 eV.

Recent Research Highlights

What's in the Cage Matters in Iron Antimonide Thermoelectric Materials

March 29, 2007

Iron antimonide materials have drawn intense interest because they offer a pollution-free source of electricity and a vibration free source of refrigeration. Research at beamline 4-ID-D examined how the magnetism of cage-filler lanthanides may influence the thermoelectric properties of these materials.

Local Contact: Daniel Haskel

Local Contacts:

David Keavney (XMCD, X-PEEM) 630.252.7893
Richard A. Rosenberg (XPS, XEOL) 630.252.6112
John Freeland (XMCD, XRMS) 630.252.9614

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