APS | Sector 3 - Nuclear Resonant Scattering and Data Analysis

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This workshop is organized within the COMPRES infrastructure initiative to promote the application of the state-of-the-art Nuclear Resonant Scattering (NRS) techniques for characterizing the properties of materials under high P-T conditions of planetary interiors. Two NRS techniques, SMS and NRIXS, will be covered.

Nuclear resonant scattering (NRS) technique includes synchrotron MÓ§ssbauer spectroscopy (SMS) in the time domain and nuclear resonant inelastic x-ray scattering (NRIXS) techniques. SMS provides information on magnetic properties and valence state of iron in minerals and in their high-pressure phases. NRIXS provides information on vibrational and elastic properties, such as the phonon density of states and sound velocities. NRS techniques are powerful tools for understanding lattice dynamics, thermodynamics and electronic and magnetic properties of Fe-bearing planetary materials in extreme pressure and temperature conditions.

During the workshop we intend to

  • Provide an introduction of the SMS and NRIXS techniques
  • discuss NRS applications to important geophysical problems
  • introduce CONUSS, PHOENIX and SciPhon softwares for data evaluation
  • discuss recent developments at the beamline and added features to the software.

APS | Sector 3 - Nuclear Resonant Scattering and Data Analysis