Advanced Photon Source User Activity Report

Instrumentation and Techniques

A bent Laue analyzer detection system for dilute fluorescence XAFS
C. Karanfil, Z. Zhong, L.D. Chapman, R. Fischetti, C.U. Segre, B.A. Bunker, and G.B. Bunker

A classical Hanbury Brown-Twiss experiment with hard x-rays
E. Gluskin, E.E. Alp, I. McNulty, W. Sturhahn, and J. Sutter

A fixed-angle double-mirror filter for producing a pink undulator beam at the Advanced Photon Source
E. Dufresne, T. Sanchez, T. Nurushev, and S. Dierker

A hard x-ray scanning microprobe for fluorescence imaging and microdiffraction at the Advanced Photon Source
Z. Cai, B. Lai, P. Ilinski, D. Legnini, J. Maser, W. Yun, and W. Rodrigues

A high-energy phase retarder for the simultaneous production of right- and left-handed circularly polarized x-rays
C.T. Venkataraman, J.C. Lang, C.S. Nelson, G. Srajer, D.R. Haeffner, and S.D. Shastri

A microfocused circularly polarized x-ray probe for energies between 5 and 10 keV
J. Pollmann, G. Srajer, J. Maser, J. Lang, C. Nelson, C. Venkataraman, and D. Haskel

A new high-speed x-ray beam chopper
A. McPherson, J. Wang, P.L. Lee, and D.M. Mills

An inelastic x-ray spectrometer with 2.3 meV energy resolution
H. Sinn, E.E. Alp, A. Alatas, J. Barraza, G. Bortel, E. Burkel, D. Shu, J. Sutter, and T. Toellner

A six-circle diffractometry
H. You

Bent double-Laue crystal monochromator for high-enery x-rays (50-200 keV)
S. Shastri, A. Mashayekhi, K. Fezzaa, W. Lee, P. Fernandez, G. Tajiri, D. Ferguson, and P. Lee

Characterization of focusing properties of GaAs Bragg-Fresnel optics
Y. Li, G. Wong, E. Caine, E. Hu, C. Safinya, P. Fernandez, and D. Haeffner

CMC liquid spectrometer commissioning
E. DiMasi, S. Coburn, B. Ocko, J. Strzalka, S. Zheng, A. Tronin, K. Blasie, E. Sirota, J. Majewski, G. Smith, A. Bommannavar, T. Gog, and C. Venkataraman

Coherent resonant x-ray scattering from a roatating medium: the nuclear lighthouse effect
R. Röhlsberger, T.S. Toellner, W. Sturhahn, K. Quast, E.E. Alp, and E. Burkel

CVD diamond-based position-sensitive photoconductive detector for high-flux x-rays
D. Shu, P.K. Job, J. Barraza, T. Cundiff, D.R. Haeffner, and T.M. Kuzay

Data analysis for inelastic nuclear resonant absorption experiments
M. Hu, W. Sturhahn, T. Toellner, P . Hession, J. Sutter, and E. Alp

Design, construction, and testing of a rarefied-gas ionization chamber
A.M. Pyzyna, A. McPherson, S.D. Shastri, and D.R. Haeffner

Design of a high-resolution high-stability positioning mechanism for crystal optics
D. Shu, T.S. Toellner, and E.E. Alp

Determining microfocused x-ray beam size by x-ray fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
J. Wang, P.V. Satyam, O.H. Seeck, Z. Cai, and S.K. Sinha

Harmonic selection by a bent Laue crystal
C. Karanfil, L.D. Chapman, G.B. Bunker, C.U. Segre, and N.E. Leyarovska

High-heat-load tests of a water-cooled diamond monochromator
P.B. Fernandez, W.-K. Lee, D.M. Mills, C.S. Rogers, G. Tajiri, L. Assoufid, T. Graber, and S. Krasnicki

High-resolution inverse-cauchois scanning analyzer for high-energy x-rays
S. Shastri and D. Haeffner

High-resolution monochromators for nuclear resonant scattering of 119Sn
M. Hu, T. Toellner, W. Sturhahn, P. Lee, P. Hession, J. Sutter, and E. Alp

In-line high-resolution monochromator for 21.6 keV x-rays
T. Toellner, D. Shu, G. Bortel, and M. Hu

Investigating magnet anisotropy using x-ray magnetic linear dichroism
W.J. Antel Jr., I. Coulthard, A.P.J. Stampfl, and J.W. Freeland

Laser pump, x-ray probe, time-domain XAFS study of transient molecular structures
L. Chen, D. Gosztola, G. Jennings, and W. Jäger

Measurement of the valence electron form factor of beryllium using inelastic x-ray scattering
A. Alatas, H. Sinn, E.E. Alp, G. Bortel, and E. Burkel

Measuring absorption of buried layers utilizing substrate fluorescence as a detector
J.W. Freeland, I. Coulthard, R. Winarski, D. Ederer, J.S. Jiang, A. Inomata, S.D. Bader, and T.A. Calcott

Metrology of a mirror at the Advanced Photon Source:  comparison between optical and x-ray measurements
L. Assoufid, J. Lang, J. Wang, and G. Srajer

Microfocusing of 50 keV undulator radiation with two stacked zone plates
S. Shastri, J. Maser, B. Lai, and J. Tys

MX at the Advanced Photon Source
W. Lavender

Optical design for laser Doppler angular encoder with subnanoradian sensitivity
D, Shu, E. Alp, J. Barraza, T. Kuzay, and T. Mooney

Performance limits of direct cryogenically cooled silicon monochromators
W.-K. Lee, P. Fernandez, and D.M. Mills

Performance of the 1-BM beamline optics
J.C. Lang, G. Srajer, J. Wang, and P.L. Lee

Picosecond time-resolved x-ray diffraction at the APS sector 7 (MHATT-CAT)
D. Reis, P. Bucksbaum, R. Clarke, M. DeCamp, E. Dufresne, M. Hertlein, R. Merlin, and E. Williams

Progress of the APS high-heat-load x-ray beam position monitor development
D. Shu, Z. Xia, H. Ding, J. Barraza, T.M. Kuzay, D. Haeffner, and M. Ramanathan

Rotating crystal beam chopper developed at SRI-CAT
W.-K. Lee and A. McPherson

Sub-meV monochromator development for 14.4 keV x-rays
T. Toellner, M. Hu, W. Sturhahn, J. Sutter, and E. Alp

Synchrotron x-ray microdiffraction diagnostics of multilayer optoelectronic devices
Z. Cai, W. Rodrigues, P. Ilinski, D. Legnini, B. Lai, W. Yun, E.D. Isaacs, K.E. Lutterodt, J. Grenko, R. Glew, S. Sputz, J. Vandenberg, R. People, M.A. Alam, M. Hybertsen, and L.J.P. Ketelsen

Tests of a multilayer analyzer x-ray fluorescence array detector
K. Zhang, G. Bunker, J. Xin, and G. Rosenbaum

The dependence of x-ray speckle contrast on focusing optics
C.C. Retsch, Y. Wang, S.P. Frigo, I. McNulty, L.B. Lurio, and G.B.Stephenson

Ultra-small-angel x-ray scattering on the UNI-CAT instrument at the APS
G.G. Long, A.J. Allen, J. Ilavsky, P.R. Jemian, and P. Zschack

Wavelength dispersive analyzer for inelastic x-ray scattering
G. Bortel, E.E. Alp, W. Sturhahn, and T.S. Toellner

X-ray fluorescence correlation spectroscopy:  a method for studying particle dynamics in condensed matter
J. Wang, P.V. Satyam, Y. Feng, S.K. Sinha, Z. Cai, W. Yun, A.K. Sood, and X.-Z. Wu

X-ray fluorescence microtomography on a SiC nuclear fuel shell
M. Naghedolfeizi, J.-S. Chung, G.E. Ice, W.B. Yun, Z. Cai, and B. Lai

X-ray interferometry development at the Advanced Photon Source
K. Fezzaa and W.-K. Lee

X-ray reflectivity studies of confined fluids
O.H. Seeck, I.D. Kaendler, D. Shu, Hyunjung Kim, D.R. Lee, M. Tolan, and S.K. Sinha