Advanced Photon Source User Activity Report
Geological Sciences

Atomic-scale structure of the orthoclase (001)-water interface measured with high-resolution x-ray reflectivity
P. Fenter, H. Teng, P. Geissbühler, J.M. Hanchar, K.L. Nagy, and N.C. Sturchio

Chemical analysis of individual interplanetary dust particles
G.J. Flynn, S.R. Sutton, M. Rivers, P. Eng, and M. Newville

Diffusion-limited biotransformation of metal contaminants in soils/sediments:  chromium
T. Tokunaga, J. Wan, D. Joyner, T. Hazen, M. Firestone, E. Schwartz, S. Sutton, and M. Newville

Investigation of meteorite porosity by computed microtomography
G.J. Flynn, M. Rivers, and S.R. Sutton

Microscale imaging of pore structure in hydrothermal sulfide chimneys using synchrotron x-ray computed tomography
P. O'Day, J. Muccino, S. Thompson, M.Jew, and J. Holloway

Microscopic imaging of reduced zones on surfaces
J.E. Amonette, K.M. Rosso, D.E. Brewe, S.M. Heald, and Y.A. Gorby

Micro-XRF/XAS study of uranyl incorporation on calcite 1014 growth surfaces
R.J. Reeder, M. Nugent, K.M. Beck, and S. Heald

Phase stability and the equation of state of FeS at high pressures and temperatures
A. Kavner, T.S. Duffy, and G. Shen

Pore geometry changes associated with the development of compaction bands in an analogue reservoir rock
A.A. DiGiovanni and J.T. Fredrich

Pressure-volume-temperature (P-V-T) equation of state of CaSiO3 perovskite to 108 GPa and 2420 K
S.-H. Shim, T.S. Duffy, and G. Shen

Probing the double-layer structure at the rutile-water interface with x-ray standing waves
P. Fenter, L. Cheng, S. Rihs, M. Machesky, M.J. Bedzyk, and N.C. Sturchio

Speciation and solubility of ore metal ions from studies of synthetic fluid inclusions
at temperatures > 350°C
J.A. Mavrogenes, A.J. Berry, M. Newville, and S.R. Sutton

Sr heterogeneity and speciation in coral aragonite
N. Allison, A.A. Finch, S.R. Sutton, and M. Newville

Structure and growth of stearate monolayers on calcite: first results of an in situ x-ray reflectivity study
P. Fenter and N.C. Sturchio

Surface speciation of calcite observed in situ by x-ray scattering
P. Fenter, P. Geissbühler, E. DiMasi, G. Srajer, L.B. Sorensen, and N.C. Sturchio

Synchrotron XRF microprobe determination of the Cl/Br ratio in microscopic fluid inclusions in natural quartz: preliminary results
D. Vanko, J. Gray, B. Chournos, S. Sutton, and R. Bodnar

XAS investigation of Eu sorption at iron-chromium oxide/water interfaces
C.-C. Chen, S.Traina, and D. Beak

X-ray fluorescence microtomography of interplanetary dust particles
G.J. Flynn, S.R. Sutton, M. Rivers, P. Eng, and M. Newville

X-ray probes of the uptake of metal ions by CaCO3
K.M. Beck, S.M. Heald, and W.P. Hess