Advanced Photon Source User Activity Report
DND-CAT, E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. - Northwestern University - The Dow Chemical Co. Collaborative Access Team


Correlation of predicted and measured iron oxidation states in mixed iron oxides
H.D. Rosenfeld and W.L. Holstein

In situreduction of various iron oxides to form high-surface-area Fe-metal catalysts as studied by high-resolution powder diffraction
R. Harlow, M. Guise, W. Holstein, and G. Jones

In situ study of melting of poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) via simultaneous DSC and scattering: effect of annealing
J.D. Londono, R.V. Davidson, R.A. Leach, R. Barton Jr., and K.H. Gardner

Reaction of colloidal and bacterial MnO2 with iron (II)
D. Hurum, P. Pasten, and J. Gaillard

Refined crystal structure of UPt3
D. Walko, T. Chandrasekhar Rao, J.-I. Hong, Z. Wawrzak, D. Seidman, W. Halperin, and M. Bedzyk

Structures of bacterially produced manganese oxides
P. Pasten, D. Hurum, and J. Gaillard

Using Q-XAS to determine zinc speciation in a contaminated environment
S. Webb and J. Gaillard

Thin-film XSW investigation of polarization in ferroelectric PbTiO3 films
M.J. Bedzyk, A. Kazimirov, D.L. Marasco, T.-L. Lee, C.M. Foster, G.-R. Bai, P.F. Lyman, and D.T. Keane

X-ray scattering study of the Ge(001):Te 1 x 1 surface structure
O. Sakata, P.F. Lyman, B.P. Tinkham, D.A. Walko, D.L. Marasco, T.-L. Lee, and M.J. Bedzyk

X-ray standing wave and diffraction studies of Si /Ge/ Si(001) heterostructures
W. Rodrigues, O. Sakata, T-L. Lee, A. Kasimirov, D. Walko, and M. Bedzyk