Advanced Photon Source User Activity Report

Bio-CAT, Biophysics Collaborative Access Team


A bent Laue analyzer detection system for dilute fluorescence XAFS
C. Karanfil, Z. Zhong, L.D. Chapman, R. Fischetti, C.U. Segre, B.A. Bunker, and G.B. Bunker

Harmonic selection by a bent Laue crystal
C. Karanfil, L.D. Chapman, G.B. Bunker, C.U. Segre, and N.E. Leyarovska

In vivox-ray diffraction of indirect flight muscle from Drosophila melanogaster
T.C. Irving and D.W. Maughan

Tests of a multilayer analyzer x-ray fluorescence array detector
K. Zhang, G. Bunker, J. Xin, and G. Rosenbaum

The three-dimensional molecular packing structure of collagen
J. Orgel, T. Wess, A. Miller, T. Irving, and A. Hammersly

X-ray absorption studies on the early development of Xenopus laevis (frog) oocytes
K. Zhang and D. Auld

X-ray diffraction studies of cardiac muscle
T.C. Irving, J. Konhilas, D. Perry, R. Fischetti, and P.P. deTombe

X-ray diffraction studies of the molecular substructure of human articular cartilage
M. Aurich, J. Mollenhauer, and T.C. Irving

X-ray fiber diffraction of the indirect flight muscle of Lethocerus indicus
M.K. Reedy, J.W. Squire, B. Baunann, A. Stewart, R. Fischetti, and T. Irving