Advanced Photon Source User Activity Report

Applied Science

Correlation of predicted and measured iron oxidation states in mixed iron oxides
H. D. Rosenfeld and W. L. Holstein

Development of a quantitative measurement of a diesel spray core using synchrotron x-rays
C.F. Powell, Y. Yue, S. Gupta, A. McPherson, R. Poola, and J. Wang

Localized phase transformations by x-ray-induced heating
R.A. Rosenberg, Q. Ma, W. Farrell, E.D. Crozier, G.J. Soerensen, R.A. Gordon, and D.-T. Jiang

Resonant x-ray scattering at the Se edge in ferroelectric liquid crystal materials
L. Matkin, H. Gleeson, R. Pindak, P. Mach, C. Huang, G. Srajer, and J. Pollmann

Synchrotron-radiation-induced anisotropic wet etching of GaAs
Q. Ma, D.C. Mancini, and R.A. Rosenberg

Synchrotron-radiation-induced, selective-area deposition of gold on polyimide from solution
Q. Ma,  N. Moldovan, D.C. Mancini, and R.A. Rosenberg

The effect of the support composition on the hydrodesulfurization activity and selectivity in MoS2 catalysts
A.J. Kropf, C.L. Marshall, J.T. Miller, and D. Wei

Vibrational density of states of Fe thin films
R. Roehlsberger, W. Sturhahn, T. Toellner, K. Quast, P. Hession, M. Hu, J. Sutter, and E. Alp

X-ray welding of metal-matrix composites
R.A. Rosenberg, Q. Ma, W. Farrel, M. Keefe, and D.C. Mancini