Light Source Notes

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Note #TitleAuthor(s)
LS-341A New Possibility for Production of Sub-picosecond X-ray Pulses using a Time Dependent Radio Frequency Orbit DeflectionA. A. Zholents
LS-338X-band RF Driven FEL Driver with Optics LinearizationYipeng Sun, Paul Emma, Tor Raubenheimer, and Juhao Wu
LS-340New Design for a 27-mm Period Undulator for the MBA LatticeMelike Abliz, John Grimmer, and Isaac Vasserman
LS-339Calculated Shims’ Signatures with the 17.2 mm Period New UndulatorMelike Abliz, Isaac Vasserman
LS-335Design Considerations for the Free-Electron Laser with the Self-Seeding and Current-Enhanced SASEAlexander Zholents
LS-336A Method of Optimizing Field Roll-Off and the Peak Field of Hybrid Planar UndulatorsMelike Abliz, Isaac Vasserman
LS-337Preliminary Expected Performance Characteristics of an APS Multi-Bend Achromat LatticeMichael Borland for the APS Upgrade Team
LS-334Grand Challenge Science on Diffraction-Limited Storage Rings.
LS-333A Proposal for a Generation of Two-color Ultra-short X-ray PulsesAlexander Zholents
LS-332A Compact Soft X-ray Free-Electron Laser Facility based on a Dielectric Wakefield Accelerator C. Jing, P. Schoessow, A. Kanareykin, J.G. Power, R. Lindberg, A. Zholents, P. Piot
LS-331Magnetic Field Analysis of Helical UndulatorsSuk Hong Kim
LS-330Explicit Formulas for 2nd-order Driving Terms due to Sextupoles and Chromatic Effects of QuadrupolesChun-xi Wang
LS-329Resistive Wall Heating Due to Image Current on the Beam Chamber for a Superconducting UndulatorSuk Hong Kim
LS-324An Equivalent Circuit Model and Power Calculations for the APS SPX Crab CavitiesTim Berenc
LS-327A New Type of Bunch Compressor and Seeding of a Short Wave Length Coherent RadiationA.A. Zholents, M.S. Zolotorev
LS-326Dielectric Wakefield Accelerator to Drive the Future FEL Light SourceC. Jing, J. Power, and A. Zholents
LS-325Comments on: "Proposal for Raman x-ray free electron laser" by Ph. Balcou, Eur. Phys. J. D 59, 525A. Zholents and M. Zolotorev
LS-323A Wide Bandwidth Free-Electron Laser with Mode Locking Using Current ModulationE. Kur, D.J. Dunning, B.W.J. McNeil, J. Wurtele, A.A. Zholents
LS-322Soft X-ray Femtosecond Coherent Synchrotron Radiation in a Storage RingA.A. Zholents, C. Evain, M.E. Couprie, A. Nadji, A. Loulergue, and J.M. Filhol
LS-321Next-Generation X-ray Free-Electron LasersAlexander Zholents
LS-320Electron Beam-Based Sources of Ultrashort X-ray PulsesAlexander Zholents
LS-319Multi-objective Direct Optimization of Dynamic Acceptance and Lifetime for Potential Upgrades of the Advanced Photon Source M. Borland, V. Sajaev, L. Emery, and A. Xiao
LS-318How Many IVUs Can We Install without Sacrificing 16-mA Operation? Yong-Chul Chae
LS-317A Low-Emittance APS Lattice with Alternating Horizontal Beta Functions at Insertion DevicesMichael Borland
LS-316Possibility of Splitting APS Dipoles to Make More ID StraightsMichael Borland
LS-315Symmetric Long Straight Section Lattices for 2, 4, and 8 Sectors Michael Borland
LS-314On-Axis Brilliance and Power of In-Vacuum Undulators for the Advanced Photon SourceR. Dejus, M. Jaski, and S.H. Kim
LS-313Short-Period APPLE II Undulator for Generating 12-15 keV X-Rays at the Advanced Photon SourceR. Dejus and S. Sasaki
LS-312User's Manual for PelegantY. Wang, M. Borland, and R. Soliday
LS-311Achievable Magnetic Fields of Super-Ferric Helical Undulators for the ILCSuk Hong Kim
LS-310A Novel High-Resolution Alignment Technique for XFEL Using Undulator X-ray BeamsB. Yang and H. Friedsam
LS-309Design Calculations for the Advanced Photon Source Safety ShuttersP.K. Job and B.J. Micklich
LS-308ACIS Design Compliance with Principal Accelerator Safety Interlock Design RequirementsMartin Knott
LS-307Operation of the APS Photoinjector Drive Laser System, rev. 1Yuelin Li
LS-306Canted-Undulator Front-End Exit-Mask Flow-Induced Vibration MeasurementsJ.T. Collins, C.L. Doose, J.N. Attig, and M.M. Baehl
LS-305Towards Advanced Electron Beam Brightness Enhancement and ConditioningK.-J. Kim (ed.), B. Carlsten, D. Dowell, K. Flöttmann, K. Jensen, J. Petillo, A. Sessler, and G. Stupakov
LS-304Effect of Emittance and rms Phase Error on Angular Flux Density and Pinhole Flux--A Simulation Study of Two Undulators at 10.5 mm Gap Including Very High HarmonicsRoger Dejus
LS-303Generation of Bright, Tunable, Polarized Gamma-Ray Sources by Scattering Laser Pulses from APS Electron BeamsY. Li, Y. Chae, L. Emery, Z. Huang, K. Harkay, J. Lewellen, S.V. Milton, and V. Sajaev
LS-302Eddy-Current-Induced Multipole Field CalculationsNicholas Sereno,Suk Hong Kim
LS-301Analysis of Short-Bunch Production with the APS Booster and a Bunch CompressorMichael Borland
LS-300Evaluation of Rosenbaum's Proposal for Locally Increasing the Effective Vertical Emittance of the APS BeamMichael Borland,Louis Emery,Nicholas Sereno
LS-299Eigenmodes in Two Simplified Chamber Structures Studied for Spurious Microwaves in the APS Storage Ring Beam ChamberX. Sun and G. Decker
LS-298Linac-Augmented Light Sources: An Incremental Concept for Enhancing the Capabilities of Existing 3rd-Generation Storage RingsJ.W. Lewellen
LS-297Booster Subharmonic RF Capture DesignNicholas Sereno
LS-296Vector Network Analyzer Techniques to Measure WR340 Waveguide Windows Terry Smith
LS-295Radiological Considerations for the Operation of the Advanced Photon Source Storage RingH.J. Moe
LS-294Neutron Fluence Estimates Inside the APS Storage Ring During Normal OperationP.K. Job and J. Alderman
LS-293Determination and Correction of the Linear Lattice of the APS Storage RingVadim Sajaev,Louis Emery
LS-292Direct-Drive and Eddy-Current Septum MagnetsSuk Hong Kim
LS-291Calculation of Pulsed Kicker Magnetic Field Attenuation Inside Beam Chambers Suk Hong Kim
LS-290 Radiation-Induced Demagnetization of Nd-Fe-B Permanent Magnets J. Alderman, P.K. Job, R.C. Martin, C.M. Simmons, G.D. Owen, and J. Puhl
LS-289 Modeling Transverse Orbit Feedback ControlC. Schwartz
LS-288 Irradiation of Nd-Fe-B Permanent Magnets with APS Bending Magnet X-rays and Co gamma-raysJ. Alderman, P.K. Job, and J. Puhl
LS-287 elegant: A Flexible SDDS-Compliant Code for Accelerator Simulation Michael Borland
LS-286 A Simple Method for Simulation of Coherent Synchrotron Radiation in a Tracking CodeMichael Borland
LS-285 Quadrupole Magnetic Center Definition Using the Hall Probe Measurement TechniqueIsaac Vasserman
LS-284 Long-Term Stability of the APS Storage RingH. Friedsam, M. Penicka, J. Error
LS-283 Radiation Dose Measurements of the Insertion Devices, rev. 1J. Alderman, E. Semones, and P.K. Job
LS-282 Short Note on Undulator Alignments and Beam TolerancesRoger Dejus,Isaac Vasserman
LS-281 Introduction to Lie Operators for Accelerator PhysicsY. Eidelman
LS-280 Benchmark and Comparisons of FEL Simulation Programs TDA3D and GENESISY.-C. Chae and S.V. Milton
LS-279 Retuning the APS Storage Ring for Better Chromaticity Correction Y.-C. Chae and E.A. Crosbie
LS-278 Calculating BPM Coefficients with Green's Reciprocation Theorem Suk Hong Kim
LS-277 Maximum Let-Through Currents in the APS Storage Ring Quadrupole, Sextupole, and Corrector MagnetsJ. Carwardine, D. McGhee, G. Markovich
LS-276 Radiological Considerations for Top-Up Operation of the Storage RingH.J. Moe
LS-275 Lifetime Studies at the APSA. Ropert, ESRF
LS-274 Four-Button BPM Coefficients in Cylindrical and Elliptic Beam ChambersSuk Hong Kim
LS-273 Introduction to the Measurement of Noise with Application to Particle Accelerator Beam StabilizationGlenn Decker
LS-272 Radiological Considerations in the Operation of the Low-Energy Undulator Test Line (LEUTL)H.J. Moe
LS-271 Quantum Fluctuations in Beam DynamicsKwang-Je Kim
LS-270 The Equation of Motion of an ElectronK.-J. Kim and A.M. Sessler
LS-269 Dose Measurements of Bremsstrahlung-Produced Neutrons at the Advanced Photon SourceM. Pisharody, E. Semones and P.K. Job
LS-268 Longitudinal Instability Studies at the SURF II Storage Ring at NIST Katherine Harkay,Nicholas Sereno
LS-267 Modeling Studies on the Low ß LatticeA. Ropert, ESRF
LS-266 Optimization of Four-Button Beam Position Monitor Configuration for Small-gap Vacuum ChambersSuk Hong Kim
LS-265 Vibrational Measurements in 3-ID-BJ. Sutter, E. Alp, J. Barraza, D. Shu
LS-264 Investigations on the Possible Beneficial Effects of a Centered Orbit on the Performance of the Low Beta-y LatticeA. Ropert, ESRF
LS-263 Vibration Characteristics of An APS LAB Facility in Building 401 T. J. Royston
LS-262 'Maximal Credible Accident' Simulation Studies at the Storage Ring of the APSG. Decker, A.L. Justus, P.K. Job, H. . Moe, J.H. Vacca, V.R. Veluri
LS-261 Analysis of Ultra-Relativistic Charged Particle Beam and Stretched Wire Measurement Interactions with Cylindrically Symmetric StructuresC. Deibele
LS-260 Measurement of Gas Bremsstrahlung from the Insertion Device Beamlines of the Advanced Photon SourceM. Pisharody, P.K. Job, S. Magill, J. Proudfoot, and R. Stanek
LS-259 Evaluation of the RF SCR Cabinet Design and Proposed Solution PhilosophyGregory Markovich
LS-258 Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Intensity Interferometry Experiments with Highly Asymmetric X-ray SourcesY.P. Feng, I. McNulty, Z. Xu, and E. Gluskin
LS-257 APS Linac Klystron and Accelerating Structure Gain Measurements and Klystron PFN Voltage Regulation RequirementsNicholas Sereno
LS-256 Ozone Mitigation Tests at the APST.M. Kuzay, J.T. Collins, M. Pisharody, P.K. Job, and Z. Wang
LS-255 Deformation Measurements at the Vehicle Tunnel Overpass using a Hydrostatic Level SystemH. Friedsam, J. Penicka, J. Error
LS-254 TIG Welding of aluminum Alloys for the APS Storage Ring--A UHV ApplicationGeorge Goeppner
LS-253 A Shimming Technique for Improvement of the Spectral Performance of APS Undulator A I. Vasserman
LS-252The Extended Touschek LifetimeH.M. Bizek
LS-251Beam Transport Radiation Shielding for Branch Lines 2-ID-B and 2-ID-CY.P. Feng, B. Lai, I. McNulty, R.J. Dejus, K.J. Randall, and W. Yun
LS-250High-Heat-Load Synchrotron Tests of Room-Temperature, Silicon Crystal Monochromators at the CHESS F-2 Wiggler Station W.K. Lee, P.B. Fernandez, T. Graber, and L. Assoufid
LS-249Silicon Bonding Techniques for X-Ray OpticsPatricia Fernandez
LS-248Variable Input Coupler Design for Storage Ring CavitiesY.W. Kang and R.L. Kustom
LS-247Measurement of Input Coupler Matching of a Loaded Storage Ring Single-Cell CavityJ.W. Cho, Y. Kang
LS-246Report on Quadrupole and Dipole Sorting for the APS Booster SynchrotronR.K. Koul
LS-245A Comparison of an Elliptical Multipole Wiggler and Crystal Optics for the Production of Circularly Polarized X-raysJ. C. Lang, G. Srajer, and R. Dejus
LS-244Some Thoughts on an Eddy Current Septum Magnet K. Halbach
LS-243Dose Rate Estimates in the First Optical Enclosure due to Particle Beam Loss in the Insertion Device Transition Region During InjectionP.K. Job and H.J. Moe
LS-242Longitudinal Coupling Impedance of a Hole in the Accelerator Beam PipeYong-Chul Chae
LS-241Measurements of Ground Motion and Magnetic Vibrations at the APSVladimir Shiltsev
LS-240Identification of Root Cause of Vibration of a Liquid-Gallium-Cooled Silicon Monochromator and Recommendations for Abatement S. S. Chen, S. Zhu, M. W. Wambsganss, J. A. Jendrzejczyk, and W. K. Lee
LS-239The Effect of Incident Angle on the Shielding Thickness for Secondary BremsstrahlungD. R. Haeffner and P. K. Job
LS-238 High-Heat-Load Studies of Silicon and Diamond Monochromators Using the APS/CHESS Prototype UndulatorD. M. Mills, W.-K. Lee, R. K. Smither, P. B. Fernandez
LS-237Explosion Bonding of Dissimilar Materials for Fabricating APS Front End Components--Analysis of Metallurgical and Mechanical Properties and UHV ApplicationsYuheng Li, Deming Shu, and Tuncer M. Kuzay
LS-236Review of Window and Filter Requirements for Commissioning of the Advanced Photon Source Insertion Device BeamlinesTuncer M. Kuzay and Zhibi Wang
LS-235SRI CAT Sector 1 Bending Magnet Beamline DescriptionG. Srajer, B. Rodricks, L. Assoufid, and D. M. Mills
LS-234Comparison of the APS and UGIMAG Helmholtz Coil Systems David W. Carnegie
LS-233Electromagnetic Field Analysis of Septum Magnet for APS Positron Accumulator RingToshiaki Yokoi and Larry Turner
LS-232Tests on Conducted Electrical Noise on a Storage Ring DC-DC Converter Cabinet John Carwardine
LS-231User's Manual for elegant, Program Version 12.4, Manual Version 1 Michael Borland
LS-230Linearized Error Analysis for an Accelerator and Application to the APS Injector SynchrotronR. K. Koul and F. E. Mills
LS-229The APS Beamline Front End Vacuum SystemR. W. Nielsen
LS-228General Design of the Layout for the Advanced Photon Source Beamline Front EndsD. Shu, T. M. Kuzay
LS-227Interlock and Control Systems for a Sector at the APSNahum Friedman
LS-226APS Storage Ring Vacuum Chamber Section 1 EvaluationR. Benaroya, B. Roop
LS-225RF Characteristics of the APS Storage Ring Isolation ValveJ. J. Song
LS-224Cable Tracking System ProposalNahum Friedman
LS-223RF Impedance Measurement CalibrationP. J. Matthews, J. J. Song
LS-222Magnetic Measurements of the Wedge-Pole Prototype Undulator I. Vasserman, J. Pflüger, E. Gluskin
LS-221Diffusion in Phase SpaceK. Symon
LS-220Survey and Alignment Report on The Primary Control Network for the APSH. Friedsam, M. Penicka, S. Zhao
LS-219Design of 118 MHz Twelfth Harmonic Cavity of APS PARY. W. Kang, R. L. Kustom, J. F. Bridges
LS-218 Fundamental Mode RF Power Dissipated in a Waveguide Attached to an Accelerating CavityY. W. Kang
LS-217 Thermal and Structural Behavior of Filters and Windows for Synchrotron X-ray Sources Z. Wang, U. Hahn, R. Dejus, T. Kuzay
LS-216Feasibility of Using a High Power CO2 Laser as an Alternative Source to Test High Heat Load X-ray OpticsPatricia Fernandez
LS-215 Diamond Monochromator for High Heat Flux Synchrotron X-ray BeamsA. M. Khounsary, R. K. Smither, S. Davey, A. Purohit
LS-214 Fourth-Integral Resonance Study on Aladdin at SRCJ. Liu, E. Crosbie, L. Teng, J. Bridges, D. Ciarlette, K. Symon, W. Trzeciak
LS-213Global DC Closed Orbit Correction Experiment on the NSLS X-ray RingY. Chung, G.Decker, K. Evans
LS-212Frequency Measurement of the Prototype Storage Ring Stainless Steel Single Cell CavityE.A. Reisinger
LS-211Reduced Length Design of 9.8 MHz APS/PAR Accelerator Cavity Y. W. Kang, R. L. Kustom, J. F. Bridges
LS-210Global Coupling and Decoupling of the APS Storage Ring Y.-C. Chae, Jianyang Liu, L.C. Teng
LS-209Effect of Vacuum Chamber Eddy Current and Compensation by Digital FeedbackY. Chung
LS-208Thermo-Mechanical Parametric Studies of Fixed Mask 1 and Photon Shutter 2 for APS Front EndsH. L. T. Nian, T. M. Kuzay, and I. C. A. Sheng
LS-207Interpolation of Hall Probe Calibration DataD.W. Carnegie
LS-206Emittance, Brilliance, and Bandpass Issues Related to an Inclined Crystal Monochromator A.T. Macrander, D. R. Haeffner, P. L. Cowan
LS-205Thermo-Mechanical Optimization of Photon Shutter 1 for APS Front EndsH.L.T. Nian, T. M. Kuzay, I. C. A. Sheng
LS-204Thermo-Mechanical Optimization of Fixed Mask 2 for APS Front EndsH.L.T. Nian, T. M. Kuzay, I. C. A. Sheng
LS-203Fundamental Mode Frequency of the Storage Ring Single Cell Cavity Yoon W. Kang
LS-202Digital Signal Processing for Beam Position FeedbackY. Chung, L. Emery, J. Kirchman
LS-201Experimental Study of Coupling Impedance Part 1-Longitudinal Impedance Measurement Techniques J. Song
LS-200Effect of Eddy Current in the Laminations on the Magnet FieldY. Chung and J. Galayda
LS-199Quasi-static Thermoelastic Analysis for a Semi-Infinite Plane Subjected to a Gaussian Heat Source-Beam Missteering of the Storage Ring in APSI.C. Sheng and J. Howell
LS-198Power Distributions of the APS Bending Magnets and Insertion DevicesA.M. Khounsary and B. Lai
LS-197Preliminary Cleaning Tests on Candidate Materials for APS Beamline and Front End UHV ComponentsR. Nielsen and T.M. Kuzay
LS-196Preliminary Study of Insertion Device Effect on Dynamic Aperture using RACETRACKY. Chae and E. Crosbie
LS-195Automatic ID Head Load Generation in ANSYS CodeZ. Wang
LS-194 Mode Identification & Cavity Stretching for the Prototype Storage Ring CavityTerry Smith
LS-193BPM Button Characterization for Offset CalibrationY. Chung
LS-192An Integrated Bremsstrahlung Safety Shutter and Collimator Designed for the APS Front End Operating in the Top-Up ModeD. Shu, T. Sanchez, T. Kuzay
LS-191Nomenclature and Name Assignment Rules for the APS Storage RingGlenn Decker
LS-190Development of General Purpose Data Acquisition Shell (GPDAS) Y. Chung and K. Kim
LS-189 Thermal and Mechanical Measurements of the Prototype SR QuadrupoleF. Lopez
LS-188Specification of the Power Supply for a 6-Pole Combined Horizontal and Vertical Corrector MagnetLouis Emery
LS-187APS Beamline Standard Components HandbookU. Hahn, D. Shu, and T. Kuzay
LS-186Cavity Design and Beam Simulations for the APS RF GunMichael Borland
LS-185Power Supply Control Units for APS Ring MagnetsO. Despe
LS-183Difference Resonance Study on the Electron Storage Ring at SRC AladdinJ. Liu, E. Crosbie, L. Teng, J. Bridges, K. Symon, W. Trzeciak
LS-182Operational Aspects of Experimental Accelerator PhysicsGlenn Decker
LS-181Power Supplies for Injector Synchrotron Quadrupoles and Sextupoles M. Fathizadeh
LS-180Proposal for Upgrading the Radiation Safety of X-Ray LabsNahum Friedman
LS-179The Effect of Small Ellipsoidal Material on the Resonant Frequency of a CavityJ. Bridges (for T. Khoe)
LS-178A New Monochromator for High Heat Load Synchrotron X-Ray RadiationA.K. Khounsary
LS-177Loss Parameter CalculationsJ. Cook
LS-176Specification of APS Corrector Magnet Power Supplies from Closed Orbit Feedthrough ConsiderationsLouis Emery,Glenn Decker
LS-175Magnetic Measurement Data of the 0.8-m Prototype Quadrupole Magnets for the APS Storage RingS. Kim
LS-174Positron Accumulator Ring (PAR) Power SupplyM. Fathizadeh
LS-173Radial and Tangential Winding Coil Probes for Sextupole Magnet MeasurementsS. Kim
LS-172Cleaning of Aluminum after Machining with CoolantsB. Roop
LS-171Magnet Measurement-Interfacing to the G-64 Euro Standard Bus and Testing G-64 ModulesR. Hogrefe
LS-170Pulsed Power Supply for Three APS Septum MagnetsD. McGhee
LS-169Correction Magnet Power Supplies for APS MachineY. Kang
LS-168Design of Kicker Magnet and Power Supply Unit for Synchrotron BeamJu Wang
LS-167Tangential Winding Coil Probes for Dipole, Quadrupole and Sextupole Magnet MeasurementsS. Kim
LS-166A Radial Coil Probe for Quadrupole Magnet MeasurementsS. Kim
LS-165Stopping Power and Scattering Angle Calculations of Charged Particle Beam Through Thin FoilsAlireza Nassiri
LS-164Synchrotron Power Supply Light Source NoteM. Fathizadeh
LS-163The APS Transfer Line from Linac to Injector SynchrotronR.K. Koul
LS-162Steering Magnets and BPM's in the High Energy Transfer Line R.K. Koul
LS-161 Specification of a Prototype Zone Plate for Focusing Hard X-Rays W.B. Yun, J. Chrzas and P.J. Viccaro
LS-160APS Storage Ring Vacuum Chamber Tests for Dimensional Stability After Bakeout Cycling While Under VacuumR. Wehrle and R. Nielsen
LS-159Pulsed Power Supply for PAR Injection/Extraction Septum Magnet D. McGhee
LS-158Arbitrary Function Generator for APS Synchrotron Correction MagnetsO. Despe
LS-1573-D Computer Simulations of EM Fields in the APS Vacuum ChamberW. Chou and J. Bridges
LS-156Design of Kicker/Bumper Magnet and PFN for PARJ. Wang and G.J. Volk
LS-155 3-D Computer Simulations of EM Fields in the APS Vacuum ChamberW. Chou
LS-154The Linac Injector for the ANL 7 GeV Advanced Photon Source A. Nassiri, W. Wesolowski, and G. Mavrogenes
LS-153The Team Workshops: A Short HistoryL. Turner
LS-152Analysis of a Third-Order Sum ResonanceK. Symon
LS-151Results of Design Calculations for the Modulator of the Crossed Field Undulator DeviceR. Savoy
LS-150Study of Transverse Loss Factor for the Tapered Sections in the APS Storage RingH. Bizek and W. Chou
LS-149The Method of Boundary Perturbation, and Its Application to Wakefield CalculationsWeiren Chou
LS-148Compensation for the Eddy Current Effect in the APS Storage Ring Vacuum ChamberY. Chung
LS-147APS Control System Operating System ChoiceM. Knott, M. Kraimer, and F. Lenkszus
LS-146A Preliminary Analysis of the APS Crotch DesignAli Khounsary
LS-145Standard Symbols for 'Units of Measure'Yeldez Amer
LS-144The Effects of Photon Spectrum and Variable Thermal Conductivity on the Distribution of Temperature in an Inclined Plate Crotch AbsorberM. Choi
LS-143A Study of Heat Transfer for Two Layered Composite Inclined Plate Crotch AbsorbersM. Choi
LS-142Revised Lattice for the APS Storage RingE. A. Crosbie
LS-141Advanced Photon Source: Radiological Design ConsiderationsH.J. Moe
LS-140Negative Transverse ImpedanceW. Chou
LS-139Dose Estimates for the 1104 m APS Storage Ring H. J. Moe
LS-138A Note on Thermal Analysis for an Inclined Plate Crotch Absorber M. Choi
LS-137Procurement History of the Hybrid Undulator for the U-5 Beam Line at the National Synchrotron Light SourceP. J. Viccaro, D. C. James, and S. D. Bader
LS-136Ambient Ground Motion at the 7 GeV Site at Argonne National Laboratory over Extended Time PeriodsJ. A. Jendrzejczyk, Z. Nagy, and R. K. Smith
LS-135Silicon Crystal Surface Temperature: Computation and Radiometric StudiesA. M. Khounsary, T. M. Kuzay, and G.A. Forster
LS-134Theoretical Estimation of the Dynamic Aperture for a Chasman-Green LatticeE. A. Crosbie
LS-133Specification of Multipole Tolerances for the APS Quadrupole Magnet S. L. Kramer
LS-132Analysis of the Walkinshaw Difference ResonanceK. Symon
LS-131Analysis of a Third-Integral ResonanceK. Symon
LS-130The Geometry of Cohesive Magnet-Coil WindingJ. M. Cook
LS-129 Surface Measurements of Shear Wave Velocity at the 7-GeV APS SiteJ. A. Jendrzejczyk and M. W. Wambsganss
LS-128ANSYS Program and Re-validation of the Thermal Analysis of the Cornell Silicon CrystalT. Kuzay and A. Khounsary
LS-127Perturbation Analysis of the Octupole-induced Resonances in a Storage RingM. Yoon
LS-126The Second-Order Tune Shift with Amplitude for Octupole-induced Resonances in Storage RingM. Yoon
LS-125Mode Selection and Boundary Conditions Using MAFIA in Frequency-DomainY. Jin
LS-124Computations Predicting rf Cavity CharacteristicsY. Jin and G. Nicholls
LS-123Losses of Vacuum-Chamber Full-Penetration WeldmentsW. Chou and R. Sherman
LS-122The Focusing Properties of the Positron-Capture Solenoidal Lens and LS-122 ErrataM. Yoon and G. Mavrogenes
LS-119The APS Beam Transfer Line from Linac to Booster Synchrotron M. Yoon and E. Crosbie
LS-118The Positron Injection Process for the 7-GeV Advanced Photon SourceE. Crosbie
LS-117Dose Estimates for the Heavy Concrete Ratchet Wall ConfigurationM. J. Knott and H. J. Moe
LS-116Recalculation of Shielding for the Addition of a PARH. J. Moe
LS-115Impedance StudiesW. Chou and Y. Jin
LS-114Impedance StudiesW. Chou and Y. Jin
LS-112Impedance StudiesW. Chou and Y. Jin
LS-111Ambient Ground Motion Measurements at Argonne Laboratory Over Extended Time PeriodsJ. A. Jendrzejczyk, M. W. Wambsganss, and R. K. Smith
LS-110Feasibility Study into the Use of Mechanical Choppers to Alter the Natural Time Structure of the APSD. M. Mills
LS-109A Positron Accumulator Ring for APSE. A. Crosbie
LS-108A Front End Design for the Advanced Photon SourceP. J. Viccaro
LS-107More Thoughts on the Aladdin ExperimentsK. Symon
LS-106Tune Shifts Caused by Horizontal Closed Orbit Deviations in SextupolesS. Ohnuma
LS-105Comments on the Linear Transverse CouplingS. Ohnuma
LS-104Correction of Closed Orbit Distortions in the Horizontal Direction S. Ohnuma
LS-103Undulator Performance on PEP Storage Ring with Different Optics G. K. Shenoy, P. J. Viccaro, and E. E. Alp
LS-102Preliminary Thoughts on the Aladdin ExperimentsK. Symon
LS-101Global Orbit CorrectionsK. Symon
LS-100A Study of Closed Orbit Distortions and their Correction for the APS Y. Jin and S. L. Kramer
LS-99Mean Temperature Rise in a Target K. Symon
LS-98The Eigenvalue Problem for an N-Sector RingK. Symon
LS-97Building Utilities for 7 GeV Advanced Photon Source Based on Maximum Component Design of 7.7 GeVD. G. McGhee
LS-96Higher Harmonic rf System for APSS. Kramer
LS-95An Analytical Estimation of the RMS Tune Shifts due to Magnet ImperfectionsW. Chou
LS-92A Tabulation of Significant Changes Made to the Design of the Advanced Photon Source (APS) Between February 1986 and March 1987Martin Knott
LS-91Distribution of the Synchrotron Radiation from Bending Magnets S. Kim
LS-90Shielding Estimates for the ANL Advanced Photon Source H. J. Moe and V. R. Veluri
LS-89Vibration Survey of IPNS Beam Line Magnets and Experiment Hall J. A. Jendrzejczyk, R. K. Smith, and M. W. Wambsganss
LS-88Emittance Growth due to Ground MotionsW. Chou
LS-87Static and Dynamic Emittance Growth in a Storage RingW. Chou
LS-86Superconducting Cavities in the Light Source Storage Ring T. K. Khoe
LS-85Possible Layout for a 1.048 km Circumference, Three-Magnet-Per-Sector, 7-GeV Storage Ring (for Cost Comparison Only) of Argonne Synchrotron X-ray SourceE. A. Crosbie
LS-84Radiological Impacts from Operation of Argonne Synchrotron X-ray SourceH. Moe
LS-83Entrance Maze Locations for the Storage Ring Tunnel Martin Knott
LS-82Vibrations Inducted by the Flow of Magnet Cooling WaterJ. A. Jendrzejczyk and R. K. Smith
LS-81Evaluation of Amplitude and Frequency Response Characteristics of the Teac Model MR-30 Tape RecorderJ. A. Jendrzejczyk and R. K. Smith
LS-80Evaluation of Effects of Cable Length on Accelerometer Response J. A. Jendrzejczyk and R. K. Smith
LS-79Building-Soil Vibration CouplingJ. A. Jendrzejczyk and R. K. Smith
LS-78General Specifications of the Infield Buildings of the Advanced Photon SourceMartin Knott
LS-77Vibrations of the Magnet-Pedestal System and LS-77A Addendum to Note LS-77W. Chou
LS-76Visit to Taber Metals to Inspect APS Vacuum Chamber ExtrusionsR. Wehrle and R. Nielsen
LS-75Storing Electrons Instead of Positrons Without Trapping of Positive IonsT. K. Khoe
LS-74Cornell Undulator/Summary of DiscussionsG. Shenoy and J. Viccaro
LS-73Undulator Tunability and Ring-EnergyP. J. Viccaro and G. K. Shenoy
LS-72Nd-Fe-B Undulator Design for CESRG. K. Shenoy, P. J. Viccaro, and S. Kim
LS-71Computer Aided Design/Drafting Development Recommendation for The Light Source ProjectMartin Knott
LS-70Response to Vibrational Disturbance of the Magnet Foundation T. Khoe
LS-69Developing Pulse Width Modulated Power Supply for the GeV Light SourceM. H. Rashid
LS-68Touschek Lifetime CalculationsS. L. Kramer
LS-67Racetrack at ANLS. L. Kramer
LS-66Considerations in the Design of UndulatorsL. C. Teng
LS-65Comparison of LINDA and POISSON of a Dipole Field CalculationSuk Hong Kim
LS-64The Argonne National Laboratory 6-7 GeV Synchrotron X-ray SourceL. C. Teng
LS-63The Effects of Adding a Higher Harmonic CavityT. Khoe
LS-62Dependence of Brilliance on Beta FunctionsSuk Hong Kim
LS-61Site Excavation StudyA. N. Lowing
LS-60Dependence of Undulator Spectra on Viewing SlitsSuk Hong Kim
LS-59Undulator Parameters for the 7 GeV OptionSuk Hong Kim
LS-58An Unreinforced Vacuum Chamber for the 6-GeV Injector SynchrotronW. F. Praeg
LS-57Superlattice Optical ElementsP. J. Viccaro and E. Ziegler
LS-56Electromagnetic Properties of the Vacuum ChamberR. L. Kustom and J. M. Cook
LS-55Shielding Estimates for the ANL 6.0 GeV Synchrotron Light Source H. J. Moe and V. R. Veluri
LS-54Distribution of the Bending Magnet RadiationSuk Hong Kim
LS-53Optimization of the β Functions through Insertion DevicesY. Cho
LS-526 GeV Synchrotron X-Ray Source Conceptual Design Report Supplement ACharacteristics of the Insertion Devices for the 6 GeV Synchrotron Source None
LS-516 GeV Synchrotron X-Ray Source Conceptual Design Report Supplement BConceptual Design of Proposed Beam Lines for the 6 GeV Light SourceNone
LS-50Angular Distribution of Power from an Undulator and Wiggler on a 6 GeV Storage RingGopal Shenoy
LS-49Ground Vibration Measurements Near the Site of the Proposed ANL Light Synchrotron Radiation FacilityD. L. McCown and R. Bowen
LS-48Location of the Injector Synchrotron Relations to the 6 GeV Light Source RingE. A. Crosbie
LS-47Injection Synchrotron ParametersE. A. Crosbie
LS-46e- Linac--Axial Magnetic Field ConfinementG. Mavrogenes
LS-45Frequency Response of Storage Ring Magnets, Eddy Current Shielding of Vacuum ChamberW. Praeg
LS-446 GeV Booster RMS CurrentW. Praeg
LS-43Estimate of the Radio Frequency Properties of the Vacuum Chamber T. Khoe
LS-42Energy and Angular Distributions of Radiation Power from Bending Magnet and Wiggler Sources at a 6-GeV RingG. K. Shenoy and P. J. Viccaro
LS-41Storage Ring Mixed Wiggler, Undulator Lattice Parameters E. A. Crosbie
LS-40Magnetic Field Measurements and Analysis for an Aladdin Dipole MagnetKenneth M. Thompson
LS-39Storage Ring GeometryE. A. Crosbie
LS-38Distribution of Undulators and Wigglers for Various Experiments at a 6-GeV RingGopal Shenoy
LS-37Length of Beamlines and Width of the Experimental Hall at a 6-GeV Synchrotron FacilityG. K. Shenoy and G. S. Knapp
LS-36Field Calculations of the Booster Dipole and Quadrupole MagnetsS. H. Kim and R. J. Lari
LS-356 GeV Light Source Storage Ring Quadrupole and Sextupole Magnet Field CalculationsR. J. Lari
LS-346 GeV Light Source Project Cost Estimating ProcedureY. Cho and A.V. Rauchas
LS-33Multipactoring in a Positron Storage RingT. K. Khoe
LS-32Harmonic Analysis Errors in Calculating Dipole, Quadrupole, and Sextupole Magnets using POISSONR. J. Lari
LS-31Model Storage Ring for 6 GeV Operation as a Synchrotron Radiation Source Parameter ListNone
LS-30POISSON Codes Available on ANLHEPS. L. Kramer
LS-29Nonideal Undulator SpectraSuk Hong Kim
LS-28Folded Coaxial Line Design for the 38.9 MHz Booster CavityR. L. Kustom
LS-27 The Effect of the Residual Gas on the Beam Life Time in Electron (Positron) Storage RingT. K. Khoe
LS-26 38.9 MHz Capacitively-Loaded Coaxial Cavity Design for the BoosterR. L. Kustom
LS-25PEP vs 6-GeVGopal Shenoy
LS-24Estimation of Total Radiative Power from the 6-GeV RingGopal Shenoy
LS-23Computers for the Control of Experiments and Data AcquisitionGopal Shenoy
LS-22Undulators on a 6-GeV Ring General ConsiderationsGopal Shenoy
LS-21Scientific Potential and Design Considerations for an Undulator Beam Line on Aladdin Storage RingA. J. Arko, S. D. Bader, J. L. Dehmer, S. H. Kim, G. S. Knapp, G. K. Shenoy, B. W. Veal, C. E. Young, F.C. Brown, J. W. Weaver
LS-20Modified Aladdin Lattice L2V2S. Kramer and Y. Cho
LS-19Modified Aladdin Lattice N30S. Kramer and Y. Cho
LS-18Hybrid Undulators and Wigglers for the Aladdin Synchrotron Light SourceSuk Hong Kim
LS-17Minimum Emittance Lattice for Synchrotron Radiation Storage RingsL. C. Teng
LS-16 Parameters and Spectral Brilliance of the Aladdin Undulators S. Kim
LS-15 Chromaticity Correction and Betafunction DistortionT. Khoe
LS-14 Light Source Injector Without e+ Accumulator RingT. Khoe
LS-13 Second Designs and Cost Estimates for Storage Ring Dipoles and QuadrupolesK. Thompson
LS-12First Designs and Cost Estimates for the Storage Ring Dipoles and QuadrupolesK. Thompson and R. Lari
LS-11Optical Properties at X-ray Energies of Reflecting Elements for Synchrotron Radiation SourcesD. Y. Smith and A. E. Williamson
LS-10Preliminary Vacuum Parameters 6 GeV Light SourceJ. Moenich and R. Wehrle
LS-9The Effects of Trapped Ions in an Electron Storage RingT. Khoe
LS-8Calculation of the Undulator Radiation SpectraSuk Hong Kim
LS-720 keV Minimum Gap Undulator at 6 GeVSuk Hong Kim
LS-6350 MHz KEK-Style Cavity Design ParametersR.L. Kustom
LS-5General Considerations on Beam Diagnostics for the 6 GeV Synchrotron Light SourceA.V. Rauchas
LS-4High Brightness LatticesR. Martin
LS-36 GeV Synchrotron Survey and AlignmentJ. Norem
LS-2Light Source Job List and PlanY. Cho
LS-1Preliminary Design Parameters of 6 GeV Storage Ring Lattice for Synchrotron Light SourceY. Cho