Science & Research Highlights 1998

The schematic layout for high-energy-resolution inelastic x-ray scattering as implemented at the 3-ID

Advances in High-Energy-Resolution X-ray Scattering at Beamline 3-ID

JUNE 30, 1998

Beamline 3-ID at the APS is one of the strategic instruments used by the Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation Collaborative Access Team (SRI-CAT). This beamline is dedicated to high-energy-resolution x-ray scattering studies.

X-ray Imaging & Microspectroscopy of the Mycorrhizal Fungus-Plant Symbiosis

JUNE 30, 1998

Approximately 90% of the world's vascular plants, including the majority of all economic crops, belong to families that commonly have symbiotic associations with mycorrhizal fungi. While such associations are known to increase plant viability under low nutrient conditions, in some instances mycorrhizal fungi can also moderate toxicity effects in plants growing in soils containing elevated concentrations of heavy metals.

Measurement & Control of Particle-Beam Trajectories in the Advanced Photon Source Storage Ring

JULY 8, 1998

The orbit stability requirements for the APS storage ring were specified during the accelerator-design phase. In order to provide stable x-ray beams, the rms beam motion must be less than 5% of the particle-beam dimensions at the source point.
The  three-dimensional crystal

MAD Analysis of FHIT at the Structural Biology Center

JULY 8, 1998

The three-dimensional multiwavelength anomalous diffraction (MAD) structure of the fragile histidine triad (FHIT) protein, a member of a large and highly conserved family of proteins known as the histidine triad (HIT) family of proteins, has been determined by a group using the 19-ID beamline at the Advanced Photon Source (APS).