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Workshop Chairs:
Francesco De Carlo
(Advanced Photon Source)
Wah Keat Lee
(Advanced Photon Source)
Gabrielle Long
(Advanced Photon Source)
Stuart Stock
(Northwestern Medical School)




Workshop on Emerging Scientific Opportunities Using X-Ray Imaging

August 29 September 1, 2004, The Abbey, Fontana, Lake Geneva Area, Wisconsin


A large portfolio of imaging techniques is now available at third generation synchrotron radiation facilities. Some of these are well established and others are new, but all of them are expected to advance research in material science, engineering, biology, medicine, environmental science, and agricultural science. Well-known imaging techniques in this class include diffraction enhanced imaging, phase contrast x-ray tomography, phase contrast x-ray microscopy, diffraction imaging such as coherent topography, coherent Bragg imaging, holography, holotomography, etc. Some of these techniques are qualitative, but many others (e.g., using over sampling or certain types of tomographic measurements) offer quantitative extraction of the phase.

The impact of new imaging tools on science and engineering is growing. Just as 3D absorption imaging revolutionized clinical medicine, the advent of new hard x-ray imaging techniques will profoundly improve process development, failure analysis, and materials metrology. The future bodes well for nondestructive investigations, down to scales below 100 nm, of the critical structures responsible for the properties and performance of next generation materials. Recent interest from scientists in many fields such as paleontology, agriculture, and biology argues favorably for the need for dedicated hard x-ray imaging capabilities to be available at the Advanced Photon Source.

The purpose of this workshop was to explore the emerging scientific opportunities using x-ray imaging, and to seek input from both imaging experts and scientists from applied disciplines who plan to utilize such developments.