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Workshop Chairs:
Francesco De Carlo
(Advanced Photon Source)
Wah Keat Lee
(Advanced Photon Source)
Gabrielle Long
(Advanced Photon Source)
Stuart Stock
(Northwestern University Medical School)



Workshop on Emerging Scientific Opportunities Using X-Ray Imaging

August 29 September 1, 2004, The Abbey, Fontana, Lake Geneva Area, Wisconsin

Workshop Presentations

The workshop presentations included plenary talks that highlighted overviews of the field and potential future in emerging scientific areas which will benefit from x-ray imaging techniques. The topical presentations covered Materials Science, Complex Systems and Life Sciences.

Sunday August 29, 2004

Stuart Stock (Northwestern University Medical School)- Introduction to Workshop and Grand Challenges of Emerging Science Using X-ray Imaging (Slides)

Gabrielle Long (Argonne National Laboratory) - Introduction to the Advanced Photon Source (Slides)

Monday August 30 , 2004

Plenary Session I - Overviews

Wah-Keat Lee (Argonne National Laboratory)- Welcome Remarks and Charge to Participants (Slides)

Jose Baruchel (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility) - Emerging Scientific Opportunities with X-Ray Imaging at ESRF (Summary, Slides)

Yoshiro Suzuki (SPring-8, Japan) - Emerging Scientific Opportunities with X- Ray Imaging at SPring-8 (Summary, Slides)

Wah-Keat Lee (Advanced Photon Source) - Emerging Scientific Opportunities with X-Ray Imaging at APS (Slides)


Plenary Session II - Overviews

Erik Ritman (Mayo Clinic, Rochester) - Research Needs and Opportunities For Micro-CT of Microcirculatory Structure and Function (Summary, Slides)

Ersan Üstündag (Iowa State University, Ames) - Imaging Composite Materials Using X-ray (Slides)

John Spence (Arizona State University) - Lensless Imaging in Materials Science and Biology (Summary, Slides)

Mark Rivers (The University of Chicago) - Complexities in Astrogeological Systems (Slides)

Session A-1: Materials Science and Complex Systems

Harry Martz (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory/Center for Nondestructive Characterization) - X-ray Nondestructive Characterization of Mesoscale (mm extent with micrometer features) Objects (Summary, Slides)

Jan Ilavsky (Argonne National Laboratory) - Challenges in Microstructure Characterization of Engineered Materials by X-ray Microtomography (Summary, Slides)

Session A-2: Life Sciences

Mark Westneat (Field Museum, Chicago) - X-ray Imaging of Small Animal Functions (Slides)

Kathleen Donohue (Harvard University) - The Evolution of Novel Fruit Morphology in a Tribe of Mustards: Can Structural Changes in the Pericarp Influence Geographic Distribution? (Slides)

J. W. Hagadorn (Amherst College) - Tentative: Understanding Paleocommunities from Sedimentary Structures and Fossils (Slides)

Plenary Session III: Overviews

Stuart Stock (Northwestern University Medical School) - Complementarityof X-ray Techniques (Slides)

Steve Wilkins (CSIRO, Australia) - Emerging Scientific Opportunities for Hard X-ray Phase-Contrast Imaging Using Synchrotron Radiation (Slides)

Tuesday August 31, 2004

Plenary Session IV - Overviews

Christoph Rau (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) - Imaging and Tomography on the Nanometer Lengthscale (Slides)

Chris Jacobsen (SUNY Stony Brook) - Lensless X-Ray Imaging Using Computational Phasing: Progress at Stony Brook (Summary, Slides)

Jin Wang (Argonne National Laboratory) - Hydrodynamics of Fluid Jets (Slides)

Session B-1: Materials Science and Complex Systems

I. C. Noyan (IBM) - X-ray Microtopography: Mapping Deformation Fields in Integrated Circuit Metallization (Summary, Slides)

Kimberley Kurtis (Georgia Institute of Technology) - X-ray Characterization of Cement-based Materials: Previous Applications and New Opportunities (Summary, Slides)

Bernie Koziozemski (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory/NIF) - Inertial Confinement Fusions Target Characterization (Summary, Slides)

Session B-2: Life Sciences

Beth Brainerd (University of Massachusetts) - In Vivo X-Ray Imaging in Biomechanics and Developmental Biology (Summary, Slides)

Jon Harrison (Arizona State University) - X-Ray Imaging as a Tool to Investigate Insect Gas Exchange: Questions, Initial Results, and a Wish List (Slides)

Charles Boyce (The University of Chicago) - The Evolution of Cell Wall Biochemistry in Fossil and Living Plants (Summary, Slides)

Session C-1: Materials Science and Complex Systems

Michael Pivovaroff (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) - Hard X-ray Optics for Astronomy and the Laboratory (Summary, Slides)

James Glazier (Indiana University, Bloomington) - The Properties and Problems of Liquid Foams (Slides)

Lyle Levine (NIST) - Imaging of Deformed Metals (Summary, Slides)

17:30 Yong Chu (Argonne National Laboratory) - Time-resolved X-ray Diffraction Imaging of Ferroelectric Domains in Barium Titanate Single Crystals (Summary, Slides )

Session C-2: Life Sciences

Dean Chapman (University of Saskatchewan) - Tentative: The Contrast Mechanisms in Biological X-ray Imaging

Steve Cook (University of Utah) - Liquid Feeding in Ants (Formicidae): Using X-ray Imaging to Study Mechanisms of Ingestion (Slides)

Wednesday September 1, 2004

Session D-1: Materials Science and Complex Systems

Report from Breakout Session Leader : Sturat Stock

Session D-2: Life Sciences

Report from Breakout Session Leader: Wah-Keat Lee

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