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Workshop Chairs:
Francesco De Carlo
(Advanced Photon Source)
Wah Keat Lee
(Advanced Photon Source)
Gabrielle Long
(Advanced Photon Source)
Stuart Stock
(Northwestern Medical School)





Workshop on Emerging Scientific Opportunities Using X-Ray Imaging

August 29 September 1, 2004, The Abbey, Fontana, Lake Geneva Area, Wisconsin


  1. Explore the broad applications of hard x-ray imaging to traditional and potentially new problems in science and engineering.
  2. Evaluate the potential scientific applications of quantitative phase techniques. At the same time, emphasize applications requiring medium resolution (few micrometer) imaging with large field of view (10 mm).
  3. Broaden the community by including researchers from non-traditional disciplines.
  4. Identify new scientific proposals/programs which the participants will bring to the APS during next 5 to 10 years. Also evaluate the capital and operational requirements for these proposals/programs to be successful.
  5. Examine existing beamline capabilities at the APS and define what future beamline capabilities would be desirable.
  6. Assess the availability of x-ray imaging facilities and the need to improve other x-ray techniques that complement the imaging field (e.g. diffraction, SAXS, etc.).
  7. Generate adequate information to define detector R&D specifications and computational requirements for image processing and reconstruction. In particular, address institutional, national and international collaborations in these areas.
  8. Prepare a summary document for the archival literature to serve as a roadmap for the future of the workshop topic utilizing the capabilities of the Advanced Photon Source.