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Workshop Chairs:
Lin Chen
(Argonne National Laboratory)
Steve Milton
(Advanced Photon Source)
David Reis
(University of Michigan)
Linda Young
(Argonne National Laboratory)


Workshop on Time Domain Science Using X-ray Techniques

August 29 September 1, 2004, The Abbey, Fontana, Lake Geneva Area, Wisconsin

Workshop Presentations

The workshop presentations included plenary talks that highlighted overviews of the field and potential future in emerging scientific areas in time domain science. Additional topical presentations covered the area of (1) Gas Phase Dynamics, (2) Chemical and Biological Science and (3) Condensed Matter. A special session was dedicated to two presentations which addressed the limitations of storage ring in compressing electron bunches in the APS below about 40 ps, and on a new scheme to reduce the bunch width by an order of magnitude.


Sunday August 29, 2004

David Reis (University of Michigan) - Introduction to the Workshop: Synchrotron Radiation Investigations and Grand Challenges of Time Domain Science (Slides)

Lin Chen (Argonne National Laboratory) - Introduction to the Advanced Photon Source (Slides)

Monday August 30, 2004

Pleanary Session I

Linda Young (Argonne National Laboratory) - Welcome and Charge to Participants (Slides)

Phil Bucksbaum (University of Michigan) – Opportunities for Ultrafast X-ray Physics (Summary, Slides)

Phillip Anfinrud (NIH) – Watching Proteins Function with Picosecond Time-Resolved X-ray Crystallography (Summary, Slides)

Roberto Merlin (University of Michigan) – Tentative: Collective Excitations in Condensed Matter (Slides)


Session A-1: Gas Phase Dynamics

Steve Southworth (Argonne National Laboratory) – Pump-Probe Studies of Atomic Inner-Shell Photoionization and Vacancy Decay (Summary, Slides)

Chii-Dong Lin (Kansas State University) - Probing Auger Decays in the Time Domain (Slides)

Nora Berrah (Western Michigan) – Probing Dynamic in Correlated Systems (Summary, Slides)

Session A-2: Chemical and Biological Science

Gerald Meyer (The Johns Hopkins University) - Photoinduced Charge Transfer with Transition Metal Coordination Compounds (Summary, Slides)

Jeffery Zink (University of California, Los Angeles) - Molecular Machines: Rotational Motion, Molecular Impellers, and an Operational Nanovalve (Summary, Slides)

David Tiede (Argonne National Laboratory) Measuring Moleucular Structure and Dynamics in Liquids Using Wide-Angle Scattering/ Diffraction (Summary, Slides)

Session A-3: Condensed Matter

T. K. Sham (Western Ontario University) - Time-Dependence X-ray Excited Optical Luminescence in Nanoscaled Systems and Related Phenomena (Summary, Slides)

Justin Wark (Oxford University) - Modelling of Time-Resolved X-ray Diffraction from Laser-Shocked Crystals (Summary, Slides)

Andrea Cavalleri (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) - Tentative: Insulator-Metal Transitions (Slides)

Plenary Session II

Keith Moffat (The University of Chicago) - Ultrafast time-Resolved Macromolecular Crystallography

Shin-ichi Adachi (Photon Factory - KEK, Japan) - Time-resolved X-ray Diffraction at the Photon Factory Advanced Ring (PF-AR) to Probe Photo- Induced Phase Transition in Organic CT Crystals (Summary, Slides)

Marcos Dantus (Michigan State University) - Coherent Laser Control of Physicochemical Processes (Summary, Slides)

Larry Lurio (Norther Illinois University) - Coherence and Time Resolved Studies (Summary, Slides)

Pleanary Session III

20:00 John Byrd (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) - Tentative: Potential for Ultrashort Electron Bunches from Storage Rings (Slides)

20:30 Alexander Zholents (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) - Possibilities for Obtaining Subpicosecond X-ray Pulses at the Advanced Photon Source (Slides)

21:00 Adjourn

Tuesday August 31, 2004

Plenary Session IV

Philip Coppens (SUNY, Buffalo) - The potential of time-resolved diffraction at atomic resolution. What is needed for its further development? (Slides)

Eric Collet (University of Rennes) - Photo-Induced Phase Transition Probed by Time-Resolved X-ray Diffraction (Summary, Slides)

Tamar Seideman (Northwestern University) - Controlling External Molecular Modes with Intense Light (Summary, Slides)


Session B-1: Gas Phase Dynamics

Steve Pratt (Argonne National Laboratory) - Geometry-Dependent Molecular Photoionization Dynamics (Summary, Slides)

Stefan Vajda (Argonne National Laboratory) - Gas Phase Dynamics in Small Molecules: From Analysis to Control (Summary, Slides)

Session B-2: Chemical and Biological Science

Christoph Rose-Petruck (Brown University) – Ultrafast Laser-Pump XAFS- Probe Measurements of Solvated Transition Metal Coordination Complexes Using a Table-Top X-ray Source (Slides)

Mike Wasielewski (Northwestern University) – Photochemistry, Molecular Devices and Utrafast Molecular Dynamics (Summary, Slides)

Session B-3: Condensed Matter

Susan Dexheimer (Washington State University) - Ultrafast electronic and Vibrational Dynamics in Quasi-One-Dimensional Molecular Solids (Slides)

Nitash Balsara (University of California, Berkeley) - Formation of the Critical Nucleus in Phase Separating Polymer Blends (Summary, Slides)

Plenary Session V

James Norris (The University of Chicago) - Tentative: Investigating Photosythesis (Slides)

Paul Evans (University of Wisconsin, Madison) - Nanosecond Switching Dynamics in Ferroelectric Devices (Summary, Slides)

Lin Chen (Argonne National Laboratory) - Capturing Transient Molecular Structures in Photochemical Reactions by Laser Initiated Time-resolved X-ray Spectroscopy (Slides)

Peter Abbamonte, (Brookhaven National Laboratory) - Imaging electronic motion with attosecond time resolution (Slides)

Wednesday September 1, 2004

Session C-1: Gas Phase Dynamics

Ali Belkacem (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) - Pump-Probe Studies of K-Shell Photoionization and Vacancy Decay of Alkali Atoms at the ALS (Summary, Slides)

Robin Santra (JILA) - Xenon Clusters in Intense VUV Laser Fields (Summary, Slides)

Session C-2: Chemical and Biological Science

James McCusker (Michigan State University) - Ultrafast Spin and Structural Isomerization Dynamics in Transition Metal Complexes (Slides)

Bob Schoenlein (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) - Development of an Undulator Beamline for Ultrafast X-ray Science at the ALS (Summary, Slides)

Session C-3: Condensed Matter

Larry Lurio (Northern Illinois University, DeKalb) – Tentative: Dynamics of Polymer Films (Summary, Slides)

Robert Leheny (The Johns Hopkins University) - XPCS and the Nanoscale Dynamics in Soft Glassy Colloidal Systems (Slides)

Plenary Session VI

Workshop Report Presentations - Leaders: Lin Chen, Davis Reis, Linda Young

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