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Workshop Chairs:
Sam Bader
(Argonne National Laboratory)
Laura Lewis
(Brookhaven National Laboratory)
George Srajer
(Advanced Photon Source)


Workshop on Nanomagnetism Using X-ray Techniques

August 29 September 1, 2004, The Abbey, Fontana, Lake Geneva Area, Wisconsin

Preliminary Workshop Program

The workshop presentations included plenary talks thatl highlighted overviews of the field and potential future in emerging scientific areas of nanomagnetism. A set of topical presentations were made which covered the area of (1) Confined Magnetism, (2) Cluster Magnetism and (3) Phase Separated Systems/Complex Oxides.

Sunday August 29, 2004

Sam Bader (Argonne National Laboratory) - Introduction to Workshop: Synchrotron Radiation Investigations and Grand Challenges of Nanomagnetism (Slides)

George Srajer (Argonne National Labotaory) - Introduction to the Advanced Photon Source (Slides)

Monday August 30, 2004

Plenary Session I

Laura Lewis (Brookhaven National Laboratory) - Welcome Remarks and Charge to Participants (Slides)

Ivan Schuller (UCSD) - Emerging Areas of Magnetism in Confined Structures (Summary)

Art Epstein (Ohio State University) - Tentative: Emerging Areas of Cluster Magnetism (Summary)

Elbio Dagotto (Florida State University) - Complexity in Transition Metal Oxides (Summary, Slides)

Sessions A-1: Confined Magnetism

Paul Crowell (University of Minnesota) - Spin Dynamics in Ferromagnetic Microstructures (Summary, Slides)

Axel Hoffmann (Argonne National Laboratory) - Magnetic Structure at Buried Interfaces (Summary, Slides)

T. C. Schulthess (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) - Studying Nanomagnetism with Computational Techniques (Summary, Slides)

Caroline L’Abbe (Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven) - New Perspectives for Site- Selective Magnetization Measurements Using Nuclear Resonant Scattering (Summary, Slides)

David Keavney (Argonne National Laboratory) - Studies of Confined Systems Using Soft X-Ray Magnetic Microscopy (Slides)

Sessions A-2: Cluster Magnetism

Mark Freeman (University of Alberta) - Ultrafast Magnetization Dynamics from Continuous Films to Nanoparticles

R. Kawakami (UCSB) - Molecule-Based Spintronics and Possibilities for X-Ray Spectroscopy

Klaus Attenkofer (Argonne National Laboratory) - How Can X-Ray Studies Contribute to the Field of Molecular Magnets? (Summary, Slides)

Sessions A-3: Phase Separated Systems / Complex Oxides

Myron Salamon (UIUC ) - Phase Separation or Griffiths Phase in Doped Manganites? (Slides, Summary)

Thomas Rosenbaum (The University of Chicago) - Non-Linear Dynamics in Spin Liquids (Summary)

Peter Schiffer (Penn State) - Defect-controlled ferromagnetism in the canonical ferromagnetic semiconductor (Ga,Mn)As (Summary, Slides)

Daniel Haskel (Argonne National Laboratory) - Beyond Element Specific Magnetism: Magnetic Spectroscopy in the Diffraction Channel (Summary, Slides)

Plenary Session II

Caroline Ross (MIT) - Magnetic Behavior of Small Patterned Structures (Summary, Slides)

Gabriel Aeppli (University College London) - Quantum Magnetism in Novel Materials and Geometries

Chris Leighton (University of Minnesota) - Intergranular GMR in a spontaneously phase separated perovskite oxide (Summary)

Jonathan Lang (Argonne National Laboratory) - Overview of Synchrotron Techniques for Nanomagnetism Studies (Summary)

Tuesday August 31, 2004

Plenary Session III

Eric Fullerton (Hitachi Global Storage Technologies) - Nanostructured Magnetic Materials for High Density Storage Applications (Summary, Slides)

Myriam Sarachik (CCNY-CUNY) - Quantum Tunneling in a Single Molecule Magnet (Summary, Slides)

Kenneth Gray (Argonne National Laboratory) - Surface Magnetic and Electronic Properties of Layered Manganite Single Crystals (Summary, Slides)

Sessions B-1: Confined Magnetism

Jon Slaughter (Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. - a subsidiary of Motorola) - Properties of Magnetic Tunnel Junction bits for MRAM (Summary, Slides)

Hendrik Ohldag (SSRL/ALS): Nanomagnetism and Polarized Soft X Ray Spectromicroscopy - How Sensitive Can We Be? (Summary)

David Lederman (University of West Virginia) - Tentative: Understanding of the Exchange Bias Systems (Summary, Slides)

Sessions B-2: Cluster Magnetism

Kannan Krishnan (University of Washington) - Magnetic Material Function and Size (Summary, Slides)

Sara Majetich (Carnegie Mellon University) - X-ray Investigation of Magnetic Nanoparticle Assemblies (Summary, Slides)

Jeff Kortright (LBNL) - Tentative: Resolving Magnetic and Chemical Heterogeneity in Thin Films with Soft X-Ray Resonant Scattering (Summary)

Sessions B-3: Phase Separated Systems / Complex Oxides

Soonyong Park (Rutgers University) - Magneto-Electric and Magneto- Dielectric Effects in REMn 2O5 (Slides)

John Freeland (Argonne National Laboratory) - Loss of Ferromagnetism and Intrinsic Insulators at the Surface of Naturally Layered Manganites (Summary)

Charles Fadley (UC - Davis) - Synchrotron Radiation Studies of Colossal Magnetoresistive Oxides andBuried GMR and MTJ Interfaces (Slides)

Plenary Session IV

Theme Discussion Leaders Present Preliminary Summary of Emerging Ideas

Chia-Ling Chien (The Johns Hopkins University) - Tentative: Spin Torque and Nanorings (Summary, Slides)

Talat Rahaman (Kansas State University) - Tentative: Tailoring of Properties of Magnetic Clusters (Summary)

Jonathan Sun (IBM) - Spin-transfer Induced Switching in Magnetic Nanopillars (Slides)

Wednesday September 1, 2004

Pleanary Session V

Presentation of Summaries - Leaders:
Sam Bader (Argonne National Laboratory), Laura Lewis (Brookhaven National Laboratory), George Srajer (Argonne National Laboratory) (Slides)

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