Nanoscience Capabilities at the APS
Advisory Committee


Workshop Chairs:

Eric Isaacs (ANL/UofC)
Sunil Sinha (UCSD/LANL)

Workshop on Mesoscopic and Nanoscopic Science

August 29 September 1, 2004, The Abbey, Fontana, Lake Geneva Area, Wisconsin

Scientific Program Advisory Committee

Heinrich Jaeger ( The University of Chicago)

Woowan Kang (The University of Chicago)

Pierre Petroff (University of California Santa Barbara)

Ian Robinson (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

Ivan Schuller (University of California San Diego)


This workshop is a part of a Study of the Future Scientific Directions for the Advanced Photon Source

Chair: Gopal K. Shenoy Co-Chair: Sunil K. Sinha