Beamlines at the APS
Advisory Committee



Workshop Chairs:
Wayne Hendrickson
(Columbia University)
John Helliwell
(University of Manchester)

Workshop on Emerging Areas in Biological Crystallography

July 27-28, 2004, APS, Argonne, Illinois

Workshop Presentations

The workshop program included plenary presentations that highlighted overviews of the field and potential future in emerging areas.

Tuesday July 27, 2004

Welcome and Opening Remarks (Wayne Hendrickson, Columbia)

Plenary Session I: Molecular Machines

Jack Johnson (Scripps) – Bringing Molecules to Life: novel blends of crystallography and electron cryo microscopy (CryoEM) to study virus particle dynamics (Summary, Slides)

Wah Chiu (Baylor College of Medicine) - Electron Cryomicroscopy of Biological Assembly (Summary, Slides)

Tom Steitz (Yale) – Structural insights into the peptidyl-transferase reaction and antibiotic resistance in the 50S subunit

Plenary Session II: New Approaches

Zbigniew Dauter (BNL) - Locating weak scatterer substructures (Summary, Slides)

Richard Kahn (Institut de Biologie Structurale, Grenoble) - Fully-fledged macromolecular crystallography under high pressure and lessons: plea for ultra-short wavelength beamlines (Summary, Slides)

Bob Von Dreele (ANL) – Biological structures from powder diffraction (Summary, Slides)

Plenary Session III: Radiation Damage

Elspeth Garman (Oxford) – Kill or cure: radiation damage in cryo-cooled macromolecular crystals (Summary, Slides)

Max Nanao (EMBL, Grenoble) – Radiation Damage Induced Phasing (Slides)

Richard Matyi (NIST) - High Resolution Diffuse X-ray Scattering by Structurally- Defective Protein Crystals (Summary, Slides)

Plenary Session IV: Dynamics

Vukica Srajer (University of Chicago) – Watching Proteins Function with Time- resolved X-ray Crystallography (Slides)

Lois Pollack (Cornell) –Time-Resolved Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Studies of Macromolecular Dynamics (Summary, Slides)

Wednesday July 28, 2004

Plenary Session V: Dynamics

Gerd Rosenbaum (UGA / ANL) - Dynamics of molecular complexes from small-medium angle x-ray scattering/diffraction

Steve Durbin, (Purdue University) – Dynamics from Nuclear Resonance Inelastic scattering (Slides)

Plenary Session VI: Microfocusing and coherent imaging applications

Gebhard Schertler (MRC) – Current limitations of low dose x-ray and electron crystallography of membrane proteins (Slides)

Ian Robinson (UIUC) - Solution Scattering Studies of Protein Crystallization

Stefano Marchesini (LLNL) - Coherent X-ray diffractive imaging: applications and limitations (Slides)

Breakout Session A:

(Microfocus, imaging, powder diffraction, etc.)

Discussions and Summaries

Discussion Coordinators: Andrzej Joachimiak (ANL) and Keith Hodgson (SSRL)

Breakout Session B:

(Molecular machines, dynamics, radiation damage, etc.)

Discussions and Summaries

Discussion Coordinators: Wayne Hendrickson (Columbia) and Steve Durbin (Purdue)


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