Beamlines at the APS
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Workshop Chairs:
Wayne Hendrickson
(Columbia University)
John Helliwell
(University of Manchester)

Workshop on Emerging Areas in Biological Crystallography

July 27-28, 2004, APS, Argonne, Illinois

A workshop on "Emerging Areas of Biological Crystallography" was held from July 27-28, 2004, by the Advanced Photon Source welcoming both experts and beginners in the field. This was one of the workshops in the series on "Future Scientific Directions for the Advanced Photon Source." The goal of this workshop was to identify future directions in the emerging areas of biological crystallography at the Advanced Photon Source.

There were nearly 50 participants.

For information on other workshops in this series, go to http://www.future.aps.anl.gov/



This workshop was a part of a Study of the Future Scientific Directions for the Advanced Photon Source

Chair: Gopal K. Shenoy (APS/ANL) Co-Chair: Sunil K. Sinha (UCSD/LANL)