Welcome to the IITV on ATv Home Page

A pilot program is being conducted of providing IITV classes to Argonne students. The purpose of this pilot is to determine the feasibility of using the Argonne Television Network (ATv) system to carry the televised courses to distributed, division-provided, classrooms.

The page is intended to provide information about Illinois Institute of Technology TV classes (IITV) to be provided on the Argonne Television Network (ATv). Check this page to learn where televised courses will be shown in a classroom setting and what courses are planned to be sent to Argonne each semester. Information will be formatted and added to this page as it is determined.

Internet-based classes, which use a web browser to communicate course information, are seeing initial usage and these will be listed below so that those interested can contact the students for information.

General Information:

  • Useful web sites for IITV students:
  • Contact telephone numbers:
    • For questions related to classroom situations - teacher not present, class cancellation, other confusion call 7-1-(312)567-3460.
    • For trouble related to the signal, call 7-1-(312)567-3457 or the Argonne extensions below.
    • To arrange for a courier pickup, call 7-1-(312)567-3460.
  • Quizzes in class: We have learned that all in-class quizzes will have to be taken at the Rice campus or the main campus since Argonne will not be providing proctors for our distributed classroom system. Be alert for announcements of quizzes. Remember that even if the teacher says that the quiz can be taken at your TV location, this statement is incorrect for Argonne.
  • Books can now be ordered on-line at IIT Bookstore.
  • A courier service will transport materials to/from Argonne. The dropoff/pickup location is at the Argonne Visitor Reception Center at the right-hand end of the main desk.
  • The courier pick-up and drop-off day has been set for Argonne as Monday thru Thursday at 10:30. If fewer that four students are enrolled, the courier pickup is made on a request basis on the day requested - again call 7-1-(312)567-3460.
  • Look for course descriptions at IIT Online Courses.
  • If you have any channel or reception difficulty, call:
    • Jim Corsolini 2-9671
    • Mohan Ramanathan 2-3773 (leave a message if no answer)

IITV Fall 2011 Calendar Information

ATv Channels Assigned for Courses This Semester

(August 22 - December 3, 2011)

Course Student, Extension,e-mail Day, Time, & Location IIT Transmit channel ATv Channel Assignment
Advanced Process Control
CHE 530
Magdalena Tylka
Bld. 401,
Design Drafting conf. rm.
405 31
Material Science MS 201 Erik Rod 2-0412 erod@ciw.edu Tuesday & Thursday
11:25am - 12:40pm
Bld. 401, Design Drafting conf. rm.
406 30

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is IITV?

    IITV is the distance learning system provided by the Illinois Institute of Technology whereby students may enroll for credit courses conducted at the IIT Chicago campus, but viewed at remote locations. The video signal is sent by microwave to several area companies where it is distributed to classrooms. The class schedule is the same as for live classes. Telephones may be used to ask questions of the instructor during class. Tests are conducted at the main or satellite campuses or at the other remote company locations provided a proctor is available. Further information and registration material can be obtained from the IITV Chicago office at (312)567-3460.

  • Are these live classroom sessions or videotapes of classes?

    These are actual live video feeds from classrooms in session at the time of the telecast. In fact, telephones can be used to call the instructor to ask questions during the class session. Since these are live telecasts, they are scheduled to occur at specific times and days, just like the actual classroom sessions.

  • Weren't IITV classes available in the past?

    Yes, but they were discontinued several years ago when the Division of Educational Programs (DEP) lost funding for the program and no longer provided facilities for IITV students from their program. The costs of classroom spaces, maintenance of the equipment, and administration of the program, along with the (then) low participation level by Argonne employees was seen as making the cost-effectiveness of the program questionable. HR was also cutting back on their costs and since they were funding the overhead portions of the program, the decision was made to terminate the program at that time. With the use of individual divisions' spaces and equipment and the advent of the Argonne Television Network, a pilot program was seen as a method to test the viability and cost of this option.

  • What do you mean by "pilot program?"

    The resumption of IITV classes at Argonne is being done on a trial basis to see what problems occur with the ATv Network system and to gauge the interest among potential Argonne students. This pilot program is not being advertised, but it is not limited with respect to participation either.

  • What is ATv?

    ATv is the Argonne Television Network. It functions like your neighborhood cable system and, due to its use by the Argonne Guest House, includes many of the same services. However, several other Argonne-specific services are also provided:

    • Seminars
    • State of the Laboratory address
    • Advanced Photon Source storage ring status
    • Argonne event announcements
    • IITV classes

  • On what channels will the IITV classes be carried?

    Channels 30 through 37 have been allocated for IITV classes.

  • Is there an extra charge for taking a TV class at Argonne?

    No. IIT formerly assessed Argonne a 20% surcharge, but this charge has been discontinued. Fees for televised classes are the same as for on-campus classes.

  • How do I enroll in an IITV class?

    Use the same Educational Assistance form (ANL-89) you now use. Use the same IIT course catalog you now use. All televised courses are noted with a location code of "TV" in the course catalog. The list of remote sites does not yet include Argonne, but its code will be "04 AR," the same code it had in past years.

  • What if I miss a class?

    If you miss a class, you may call and request that a videotape copy of the missed class be provided. The videotape will be sent by courier to Argonne and dropped off at the Argonne Information Center (AIC-Building 224). You should return the videotape when you have viewed the class and it will be couriered back to IIT. IIT charges $20 per hour of taping for each videotape copy produced and processed in this system (a 2-hour-long course will cost $40), and this charge will be assessed to you personally. You can submit a request for reimbursement from your division using Form ANL-88 if your reason is legitimate. Courier service is provided on Monday through Thursday only. (If it is early in the semester and the cause can be claimed to be an initial channel or signal problem, IIT will not likely charge for the videotape.)

  • What are the hours of the Argonne Information Center?

    The Argonne Information Center is open for access to the IITV drop-off box from 6:30 am to 5:00 pm during normal Argonne business days. You should remember these hours to insure your access to any material dropped off for you.

  • Can't I just videotape the class myself?

    No, IIT does not allow personal (or Argonne) videotaping or retention of videotape copies of the class sessions. This is the intellectual property of IIT and such videotaping would be viewed as theft.

  • What if class materials have to be sent to me or I have to send something to IIT?

    The same courier who handles videotapes will bring class material back and forth to IIT. All material couriered to Argonne will be available at the Visitor Reception Center drop-off box. The drop-off "box" has both an "IN" section (for material from IIT to you), and an "OUT" section (for material to be brought to IIT for you). Look for the box at the right-hand end of the counter - if you don't see it, ask for the IIT drop-off box. Try to use the IITV envelopes for this purpose -- if you don't see any, ask the staff if they have any under the counter. In a pinch a regular ANL envelope will do. Courier service is provided on Monday through Thursday only. Use the IITV transmittal envelopes if possible for this purpose although an Argonne inter-office envelope will work too (just make sure that all of the required information is there). The ladies at the AIC usually have extra envelopes under the counter for you to use.

  • What about exams?

    Argonne will not be providing proctors for exams, so you will have to take exams at the main or an outlying campus.

  • Where will the classes be at Argonne?

    Individual divisions will be encouraged to be connected to the ATv system, not just for IITV classes, but for the many other services that ATv will be providing. For divisions already connected to ATv, television monitors can be attached and located in whatever conference rooms, offices, or labs can be made available during the scheduled class times. To accommodate telephone contact with the teacher during classes, a telephone should be provided in the classroom for this purpose. Since shared classroom space will be of benefit to all involved, ALL students are encouraged to e-mail their IITV class schedule to IITV@anl.gov so that a coordinated classroom schedule can be worked out. For at least an interim period, two rooms in Building 401 are equipped with television monitors and telephones to accommodate classes. After the Argonne-wide class schedule is worked out, these same rooms should also be available for other daytime classes. As soon as the class transmission schedule is known, it will be posted to this web site.

  • Is there a central point of contact for the IITV program at Argonne?

    No, but until such a central point of contact is determined, please use e-mail to IITV@anl.gov or contact Mohan Ramanathan (AES) at 2-3773 or mohan@aps.anl.gov.

  • Is there a point of contact for the Argonne Television Network (ATv)?

    The point of contact for information about the Argonne Television Network (ATv) is Jim Corsolini (TSD) at 2-9800 or jcorsolini@anl.gov. Jim can also provide information regarding costs and procedures for getting ATv in your building and a list of buildings that already have ATv.