Upcoming ESAFs that will need Electrical Equipment Inspectors :

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Req. Made
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Structure and Mechanism across the liquid (amorphous) to crystalline continuum James Martin North Carolina State University 2/26/2015 Y James Martin 2/26/2015 @ 0800  

Forced air heaters and temperature controllers.  Heaters are Omega AHP 7561 in line heaters.  Eurotherm temperature controllers.

Location: 11-ID-B




Frank-Starling's Law of the Heart: Cellular Mechanisms Pieter de Tombe Loyola University Chicago 2/25/2015 Y Richard Heurich 2/25/2015 @ 1000 Mike Pape

transducer amplifier motor amplifier sarcoemre length recorder

Location: 18-ID




Determination of Residual Stresses Induced by Oxide Films on Irradiated Zr alloy Substrates Brendan Ensor The Pennsylvania State University 2/25/2015 Y Brendan Ensor 2/25/2015 @ 0800  

Temperature controller

Location: 34-ID-E




Effect of the Elastic Layer on Ferroelectric Lead Zirconate Titanate Thin Films for MEMS Applications Giovanni Esteves North Carolina State University 2/18/2015 Y Giovanni Esteves 2/18/2015 @ 0800  

LCR meter Keithley voltage source (2410-C 1100 V Source Meter)
760 Series Power Amplifier

Switch box (home made)

Location: 2-ID-D




CO2 recovery from flue gas via supersonic expansion Barbara Wyslouzil The Ohio State University 2/11/2015 Y Barbara Wyslouzil 2/10/2015 @ 1200  

Vacuum pumps with 12 Hp motors - starters are not certified (2); Vaporizers (2, homemade); From Omega: Temperature readouts (2), pressure readout, pressure gauge; From MKS: 4 absolute manometers (Baratron), 3 mass flow controllers, 4 PR400 Pressure/Flow readouts, 1 270 signal conditioner/ readout; Mettler-Toledo: 2 Balances; Cole-Palmer: 2 peristaltic pumps; 2 water baths; 3 gas heaters; Velmex stepper motor/ controller/ readout;   CO2 gas monitor; 8 variacs

Location: 12-ID-C




Mechanical characterization and morphology of polymer membranes for alkaline fuel cells Matthew Liberatore Colorado School of Mines 2/6/2015 Y Benjamin Caire 2/5/2015 @ 1100  

A home built oven housing an extensional rheometer. Oven has electrical heaters to give energy to an incoming gas stream for forced convection heating. Rheometer is controlled by a stepper motor for strain control and has a transducer for stress measurement. The system is then controlled by a computer.

Location: 12-ID-B



All APS User electronic and electrical equipment must be inspected before use in an experiment. Please ask your beamline to make arrangements with one of the inspectors listed above.

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Updated: January 30, 2015