Previous User Science Seminar Speakers

Date Speaker Affiliation CAT/ Beamline Title
2/22/13 Xianghui Xiao ANL-XSD-IMG 2-BM X-ray fast tomography and its applications in dynamical phenomena studies in geoscience at the APS
2/22/13 Patrick Clancy Univeristy of Toronto 6-ID & 30-ID Magnetic Order and Excitations in Rh-doped Sr2IrO4 Probed with Resonant X-ray Scattering
Jan-2013 Canceled - Beam Shutdown
Dec./11 Lab Shutdown
12/14/12 Chad Folkman ANL-MSD   In-operando catalysis and X-ray diffraction from complex epitaxial oxide thin films
12/14/12 Ben Ocko Brookhaven National Lab   Grazing-incidence transmission small-angle x-ray scattering (GTXSAXS)
11/30/12 Dr. Robert Colvin Ohio University   Exploring the zinc metallome of cultured cortical neurons using synchrotron radiation X-ray fluorescence microscopy
11/30/12 Dr. Florian Fusseis Ruhr-Universitat Bochum   Time-dependent transport properties of rocks studied with Synchrotron-based fast tomography and x-ray transparent environments
11/23/12 Cancelled Thanksgiving
11/16/12 Hanna Leemreize University of Aarhus   Diffraction Tomography of Biological Systems
11/16/12 Mengqiang Zhu Lawrence Berkely National Lab   Ferrihydrite Formation from Molecular Clusters to Particles Under Acidic Conditions: Evolution of Chemical Species
11/9/12 Byung Mook Weon Pohang University   X-ray imaging for soft matter research
11/9/12 Maisoon Al-Jawad Queen Mary University of London   Synchrotron X-ray micro-diffraction studies of Dental Enamel Biomineralization
11/2/12 Shengnian Luo Los Alamos National Lab 32-ID Multiframe synchrotron X-ray imaging of shock response at 100 nanosecond/100 microsecond timescales: Gas gun and Kolsky bar experiments at 32ID-B
11/2/12 Han Wen NIH/NHLBI   A two-grating hard x-ray interferometer at 204 nm grating period
10/26/12 Leyun Wang ANL   In-situ thermo-mechanical studies of high-strength steel using simultaneous SAXS/WAXS
10/26/12 Bin Chen University of Michigan   Magneto-elastic coupling in Fe7C3 at high pressures: carbon in Earth's inner core
10/19/12 Dr. Patrick La Riviere University of Chicago   Virtual x-ray histology using multiple metal stains and multi-energy microCT
10/19/12 Dr. Stephen Baines Stony Brook University   Single cell analyses and the future of marine biogeochemistry
10/12/12 Marc Allaire     Structural Biology to the Power of Synchrotron for New Medicines
Sept./12 Suspended for September shutdown
8/17/12 Dipanwita Ray ANL-XSD   Study of Interatomic Coulombic Decay (ICD) in XeF2 and IBr following K-shell photoionization
8/17/12 Prof. Stephen Durbin Purdue University 7-ID X-ray and optical photon interactions in GaAs
8/3-10/12 Cancelled APS-U reviews
7/27/12 Bing Li Carnegie Inst.   Some metal hydrides under high pressur
7/27/12 Jason Croy ANL-CSE   Challenges of Composite, High-Capacity, Li-Ion Cathode
7/20/12 Cancelled APS-U reviews
7/13/12 Stuart Calder Oak Ridge National Lab 6-ID A Magnetically driven metal insulator transition in NaOsO3
7/13/12 Donald Brown Los Alamos National Lab 1-ID Microstructural characterization of activated materials with neutrons and x-ray scattering techniques
7/5/12 Cancelled 4th of July
6/29/12 David Gidalevitz Illinois Institute of Technology 18-ID Driving Biological Membrane Curvature
6/29/12 Andrey A. Yakovenko Texas A&M 11-ID Study of Metal-Organic Frameworks by X-ray Powder Diffraction: Analysis of Structure Envelope Difference Density
6/22/12 Kevin McPeak ETH Zurich   A Route to Ultrasmooth Nanostructured Metal Films for Advanced Photon Management in Photovoltaics
6/22/12 Daniel Duke Monash University   Cavitation and Spray Measurements using Synchrotron X-Rays
6/15/12 Dr. Eugene Lavely BAE Systems   Toward 3D XRF and Multi-Modal Inversion for Microchip Structure
6/15/12 Prof. Ganga M. Hettiarachchi Kansas State University   Understanding the Behavior of Nutrient Elements in Soils Using Synchrotron-based Techniques
6/8/12 Ben Stripe Northwestern University   Calcium Carbonate Growth at Organic Templates
6/8/12 Qiang Zhang Ames Laboratory 6-ID-B Cerium-Iron Magnetic Coupling in Single Crystal CeFeAsO at Low  Temperatures
6/1/12 Fuxiang Zhang University of Michigan   Extreme environmental team at University of Michigan
May/12 Suspended for May shutdown/Users Meeting
4/20/12 Guangming Luo ANL-CSE   Trivalent ion at water/vapor interface studied with X-ray reflectivity
4/20/12 Juan Wang Univeristy of Utah   Characterization of Catalysts in Solution and in Flames by Small Angle (SAXS) and High Energy, Wide Angle X-ray Scattering (PDF)
4/13/12 Daniele de Sanctis ESRF   ID29 in the ESRF Structural Biology beamlines upgrade
4/13/12 Xianyang Fang National Cancer Institute   The topology of the HIV-1 Rev response element, a molecular beacon for specificity and cooperativity of Rev binding revealed by small-angle X-ray scattering
4/6/12 E. Kathryn Barto Freie Universität Berlin   Visualizing soil aggregate turnover with rare earths
4/6/12 Isaac Peterson University of Melbourne   Bragg CXDI analysis of stacking faults in highly strained GaP Nanowires
3/30/12 Wonsuk Cha Sogang University   Internal Deformation Field Distribution in Zeolites Induced by Residual Impurity
3/30/12 Ye Yuan Northwestern University 21-ID Investigations of receptor mediated uptake of nanocomposites with the Bionanoprobe
3/23/12 Cancelled
3/16/12 Alexander Rack     Phase-sensitive full-field X-ray imaging at APS using a bending magnet sourc
3/16/12 Armand Beaudoin     Developing Insight into the Performance Al-Li Alloys for Aerospace Application through High Energy Diffraction Microscopy
3/9/12 Lifen Yan Univ. Calif. - Davis   Photolysis Study of CO-Nitrogenase by FT-IR and Nuclear Resonance Vibrational Spectroscopy (NRVS)
3/9/12 Yejun Feng ANL-XSD-MM 4-ID Incommensurate antiferromagnetic order in GdSi
3/2/12 Leyun Wang ANL-NE   Study of geometrically necessary dislocations by depth-resolved 3D X-ray microdiffraction and crystal plasticity modeling
3/2/12 Di-Jia Liu ANL-CSE   Design and Characterization of Low Cost Electrode Catalysts for Fuel Cell & Li-Air Battery Applications
2/24/12 Cancelled
2/17/12 Ying Liu Stony Brook University   Electrospinning of Semicrystalline Polymer/Clay Nanocomposite Fibers
2/10/12 Drew Latta ANL-BIO   Spectroscopic and isotope tracer studies of U and Fe redox cycling.
2/10/12 Gregory Freihofer Univerisity of Central Florida   Developing piezospectropic sensory systems in adhesives and coatings with alumina nanoparticles.
2/3/12 Tao Sun ANL-XSD-TRR 8-ID Coherent x-ray surface scattering imaging near total external reflection.
2/3/12 Bernhard Adams ANL-XSD-TRR 7-ID Advanced Detector Developement
Jan-2012 Canceled - Beam Shutdown
12/30/11 Lab Shutdown
12/23/11 Lab Shutdown
12/16/11 Yan Qin ANL-CSE   In-situ High Energy X-ray Probe for R&D of Advanced Battery Material
12/16/11 Matthew Brewer Univ. of Warwick 4-ID-D Resonant x-ray studies of induced moments in magnetic quantum-wells
12/9/11 Manuel Gonzalez-Guerrero Universidad Politécnica de Madrid   Metal transport in the plant-microbe interface
12/9/11 Chengjun Sun ANL-XSD-SPC 20-ID Charge transfer in high magnetic moment Fe16N2 thin films
12/2/11 Narayana Appathurai ANL-XSD-MM   Probing the organic-mineral interface in model biomineral using X-PEEM
12/2/11 Prof. Arthur T. Motta Penn. State Univ. 1-ID & 34-ID Hydride precipitation and reorientation behavior in Zr alloy nuclear fFuel cladding
11/25/11 Canceled -Thanksgiving
11/18/11 Kee-Chul Chang ANL-MSD 12-ID In-situ x-ray studies of model solid oxide fuel cell cathodes
11/11/11 Prof. Yulia Pushar Purdue University 20-ID Analysis of intermediates in catalytic water oxidation by X-ray absorption spectroscopy and EPR
11/11/11 Dr. Wojciech Tabis University of Minnesota 4-ID & 6-ID The complex ordering processes at the Verwey transition of magnetite observed with resonant x-ray diffraction
11/4/11 Prof. Tom Bieler Michigan State University 1-ID & 6-ID Solidification, thermal contraction, strain evolution, and continuous recrystallization in lead free solder joints as measured by in-situ synchrotron x-rays
11/4/11 Prof. David Ries Stanford University 7-ID & 20-ID Towards atomic-scale imaging of Peltier cooling and Joule Heating
10/28/11 Mark Dean Brookhaven National Laboratory 9-ID Spin excitations in a single La2CuO4 layer measured by Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering
10/28/11 Dongzhou Zhang Cal Tech. 3-ID Nuclear Resonant Scattering Studies of (Mg,Fe)SiO3 enstatite at High-Pressure
10/21/11 Hlynur Gretarsson University of Toronto 9-ID Revealing the dual nature of magnetism in iron pnictides and iron chalcogenides using x-ray emission spectroscopy
10/21/11 Frank Weber Karlsruher Institut für Technologie 30-ID Direct observation of the superconducting gap in phonon spectra
10/14/11 Zhenxin Zhong XSD-TRR 8-ID High resolution TEM imaging of electrospun polyvinylidene fluoride nanofibe
10/14/11 Stuart Stock Northwestern University 32-ID X-ray Fluorescence and Diffraction Mapping of Dentin at 200 nm
10/7/11 Prof. Hironobu Ueki Nagasaki University 7-BM Evaluation of Mass Flow Rate Distribution in Diesel Fuel Spray by L2F
10/7/11 Byeongdu Lee XSD-CMS 12-ID Scattering studies on colloidal particles and their assemblies
9/30/11 Kristoffer Haldrup ANL-CSE   Tracking Chemical Reactions in Solution by Time-Resolved X-ray Methods
9/23/11 Canceled - CD-1 Pizza Lunch
9/16/11 Jesse Ward ANL-XSD-MIC   Development of New Agents for Detection of Colon Cancer Using MRI and XRF Microscopy
9/9/11 Canceled
9/2/11 Canceled - Labor Day
8/26/11 Canceled
8/19/11 Narcizo M. Souza-Neto

Brazilian Synchrotron

4-ID-D Reentrant pressure-induced electronic transition in Europium compounds
8/19/11 Rod La Foy Virginia Tech 2-BM Three-dimensional Velocity Field Measurements Using Stereo X-Ray Imaging
8/12/11 John Okasinski ANL-XSD-MPE 1-BM In Situ X-ray Diffraction from Lithium-Ion Batteries
8/12/11 Jesse Paris Oregon State University 2-BM Wood-Composite Performance Modeling: The Role of Micro X-Ray Tomography
8/5/11 Joshua Wittenberg Stanford University   Time Resolved Phase Transformations in Nanomaterials
8/5/11 John Curry NIST 1-ID Vapor Pressure Measurements for Energy-Efficient Lighting
7/29/11 Canceled
7/22/11 Yugang Sun ANL-CNM   In-situ monitoring nanophase evolution at liquid/solid interface and in solution
7/22/11 Branton Campbell Brigham Young University 11-BM Solving distorted structures with symmetry modes
7/15/11 Andrew Stickrath ANL-CSE   Ultrafast solution phase XAFS of Myoglobin
7/15/11 Ruobing Xie ANL-XSD   Structural ordering in amorphous silicon made by ion implantation via small angle scattering.
7/8/11 Alan Kastengren ANL-ES 7-BM Time-Resolved Spray Diagnostics at the APS
7/8/11 Phay Ho ANL-XSD-AMO 7-ID X-ray studies with laser-aligned molecules
7/1/11 Yongfeng Hu Canadian Light Source   The Soft X-ray Micro-characterization Beamline (SXRMB) at the Canadian Light Source
7/1/11 Dongbin Xu Singapore University   Investigation of lattice dynamics and nanoscale thermal transport in FePt/Ag heat assisted magnetic recording media films using psec time resolved x-ray diffraction
6/24/11 Dogan Paktunc CANMET Sciences Laboratories   Arsenic mobilization from mine tailings under reducing conditions
6/24/11 Sang-Wook Han Chonbuk National University   The growth and structural properties of ZnO nanorods studied by polarization-dependent EXAFS"
6/17/11 Martin McBriarty Northwestern University   Characterization of Oxide-Supported Catalysts by In Situ XSW Imaging
6/17/11 Xiaowen Shi     Studies of highly strained Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) and Strained-Silicon-On-Insulator (SSOI) nano and microstructures by Coherent X-ray diffractive imaging, theory and experiments
6/10/11 June Hyuk Lee ANL-XSD-SIS   Creating a Strong Ferroelectric Ferromagnet via Spin-Lattice Coupling
6/10/11 Gyula Eres Oak Ridge National Lab 33-ID Probing the Mysteries of Pulsed Laser Deposition by Time-Resolved Surface X-ray Diffraction
6/3/11 Jacob Ruff ANL-XSD-MM 4-ID-D & 6-ID Distribution and dynamics of twins in orthorhombic Ba[Fe(1-x)Co(x)]2As2 in pulsed magnetic fields
6/3/11 Yongsheng Pan ANL-XSD-IMG 2-BM Iterative tomographic reconstruction using GPU for synchrotron radiation
5/27/11 Canceled
5/20/11 Canceled - Lehmann Review
5/13/11 Canceled
5/6/11 Canceled - APS User's Meeting
4/29/11 Canceled - APS User's Meeting
4/22/11 Ziyang Su Purdue University   Pharmaceutical liquid crystals: the properties of partially ordered systems
4/22/11 Trudy Bolin ANL-XSD   Using S-XANES to track thermal transformations of metal sulfides in Argonne Premium Coals
4/15/11 Akihiko Minato Isuzu Advanced Engineering Center   Ultrahigh-pressure diesel injection and engine management
4/15/11 Michael Kent Sandia National Laboratory   Oligomerization of membrane-bound diphtheria toxin (CRM197) facilitates a transition to open form and deep insertion
4/10/11 Tao Li ANL-XSD-IMG   Biological Nanoparticles as Scaffolds for Nanomaterials Development
4/10/11 Elena Timofeeva ANL-ES   Electrodeposition Assisted X-ray Lithography: A Single Step Approach
4/1/11 Ann Marie March ANL-XSD-AMO 7-ID Capturing Ultrafast Dynamics of Molecules with XAS, XES, and XRD Using ALL the APS X-ray Flux
4/1/11 Paul Podsiadlo CNM   Nanoparticles and their periodic assemblies: structural insights from X-ray studies
3/25/09 Raffaella Torchio ESRF & ROMA TRE University 4-ID-D Structure and Magnetism in compressed 3d metals
3/25/11 Claire Weekley University of Adelaide 2-ID Investigating the fate of dietary selenium compounds: XRF and XAS studies
3/18/11 Ken Kemner ANL 10-ID Redox Transformations of Uranium Near the Mineral-Microbe Interface Microenvironment
3/18/11 Daniel Farber University of California, Santa Cruz   High resoution inelastic x-ray scattering from materials at extreme conditions: New results from d- and f- electron systems
3/11/11 Tianheng Han MIT 30-ID The Search for Spin Liquids: Synthesis, Characterization and Neutron Scattering of Kagome Single Crystals
3/11/11 Wolfgang Pantleon RISO 1-ID Advances in characterization of deformation structures by high resolution reciprocal space mapping
3/4/11 Frank Weber Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 30-ID Phonon Softening in TiSe2 and NbSe2
3/4/11 Prof. Jennifer Jackson California Institute of Technology   Earth's core-mantle boundary region
2/25/11 Steven Tommasini Stony Brook University 2-BM Synchrotron Radiation-Based Tomography in Assessing Bone Quality and Skeletal Fragility
2/25/11 Waruntorn (Jane) Kanitpanyacharoen University of California-Berkeley   Preferred Orientation and Elastic Anisotropy of Shales
2/18/11 Stuart Stock Northwestern University 2-BM microCT-based finite element analysis of sea urchin spine response to mechanical loading
2/18/11 Dr. Yong Chu BNL   NSLS-II - project update
2/11/11 Dr. Damien Dambournet  ANL-CSE   Electrochemistry of Ti-based materials
2/4/11 Dr. Javier Bareno ANL-MSD   Structural Investigations of Layered Oxide Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries
2/4/11 Dr. Haiyan Zhao ANL-XSD-SS 11-ID Time-resolved PDF studies of the formation of catalytic Ag0 nanoparticles in porous zeolite support
Jan/11 Seminar Cancelled
12/24/10 Lab Shutdown
12/17/10 Cancelled
12/10/10 Andrew Walters ESRF   Phonons in CaC6: the excitations of doped graphite
12/10/10 Matt Lindsay University of Waterloo   Passive in situ treatment of dissolved metal(loid)s in groundwater systems impacted by mine drainage
12/3/10 Raegan Johnson Penn State University 33-BM Tilt Transitions in Ag(Ta,Nb)O3 thin films
12/3/10 Dr. Joe Bradley Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 16-ID Novel Spectroscopy of Actinides: Settling Old Questions and Asking New Ones
11/12/10 No Seminar -Thanksgiving
11/19/10 Brandy M. Toner University of Minnesota 2-ID Retention of Biogeochemical Signatures by Iron Oxyhydroxide Minerals
in Deep-sea Deposits
11/19/10 Paul Quinn Diamond - UK   Spectroscopy at DIAMOND
11/12/10 No Seminar
11/5/10 Dr. Jong-Woo Kim APS-XSD-MM 6-ID Imaging the evolution of the anti-ferromagnetic to ferromagnetic magnetostructural first order phase transition of FeRh thin films
11/5/10 Yu Gan University of Illinois 9-ID True real-space imaging with atto-second resolution
10/29/10 No Seminar
10/22/10 Dr. Joel Bernier Lawrence Livermore National Lab 1-ID High energy 3d crystalline grain mapping
10/22/10 Min Gyu Kim Iowa State University 6-ID-B Suppression of orthorhombic distortion in superconducting Co doped BaFe2As2"
10/15/10 Prof. Xuemei Cheng Bryn Mawr College 4-ID-C Vortex dynamics in an equilateral triangular arrangement of three magnetic disks
10/15/10 Prof. Stephen Baines Stony Brook University 2-ID-E New insights about marine biogeochemical cycles revealed by submicron scale XRF of plankton
10/8/10 Dmitry Popov Carnegie Institute of Washington 16-ID Crystal structure analysis against X-ray diffraction data in-situ collected on micro-crystals
10/8/10 Marcin Sikorski APS-XSD-TRR 8-ID Depletion driven structure and dynamics in bimodal colloidal suspensions
10/1/10 No Seminar - SAC Cross-Cut Review
9/24/10 No Seminar - SRI Confernce
9/17/10 No Seminar
9/10/10 Nuwan Karunaratne Northern Illinois University 8-ID-I Fast X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy measurements from the dynamics of eye-lens proteins
8/27/10 Yu-chen Karen Chen Northwestern University   In-situ Imaging of Nanopore Formation by Dealloying using Transmission X-ray Microscopy and Bragg Coherent Diffraction Imaging
8/20/10 Ignace Jarrige Japan Atomic Energy Agency, SPring-8 N/A Inelastic x-ray scattering at SPring-8: Present achievements and future prospects
8/7/10 Naji Husseini University of Michigan XOR-32-ID Beyond ex post fracto imaging: in situ, real-time diagnostics of fatigue-crack propagation
8/7/10 Prof. Jake Socha Virginia Tech XOR-32-ID More bugs in the beam: further insights on beetle breath
7/30/10 Qingying Jia Illinois Institute of Technology   Identifying nanostructure and electronic properties of PtNi with improved performance for cathode catalysts
7/30/10 Prof. Jacob Jones University of Florida XOR-1-ID Piezoelectricity in polycrystalline ceramics: diffraction measurements challenge commonly held assumptions
7/23/10 Patrick La Riviere University of Chicago   Accelerating X-ray Flourescence Tomography
7/23/10 Don Brown Los Alamos -NL XOR-1-ID Rate-Dependent Deformation of HCP Beryllium
  No Seminar 6/18-7/16
6/11/10 Fred Walker Yale University   Size scaling a non-volatile ferroelectric memory to atomic dimensions
6/11/10 Mali Balasubramanian XSD-SPC XOR-20-BM X-ray absorption and x-ray Raman scattering studies of battery materials
6/4/10 Tony van Buuren LLNL XOR-32-ID Materials for Laser Fusion Targets
6/4/10 Bhoopesh Mishra Princeton University   Molecular Scale Interactions of Mercury During Biotic and Abiotic Processes
5/28/10 Sudeshna Bandyopadhyay Northwestern University   Surface Order in ‘Cold’ Liquids
5/21/10 John Okasinski XSD-MC   Using High-Energy X-rays to Examine Surfaces and Buried Interfaces at the APS
5/14/10 Canceled
5/7/10 Canceled - APS User's Meeting
4/30/10 Canceled
4/23/10 Anne Marie March XSD-AMO XOR-7-ID High Repetition Rate Pump-Probe Experiments with X-rays and Intense Lasers
4/23/10 Florian Fusseis University of Western Australia XOR-2-BM Formation of secondary porosity in 4D Synchrotron X-ray tomography experiments - what we have achieved and where we are heading
4/16/10 Sumit Kewalramani BNL XOR-9-ID Electrostatics driven 2D assembly of nanoparticles on lipid monolayers at air-water interface
4/16/10 Kenji Ishii SRRC-JAEA XOR-30-ID Momentum-resolved charge dynamics in correlated electron systems studied by resonant inelastic x-ray scattering
4/9/10 ??      
4/2/10 ??      
3/26/10 Dr. Josh Vura-Weis Northwestern University   Crossover from Single-step Tunneling to Multi-step Hopping for Molecular Triplet Energy Transfer
3/26/10 Dr. Frederic Poineau Univeristy of Nevada-Las Vegas XOR-12-ID Technetium Chemistry at the University of Nevada Las Vegas
3/19/10 Prof. Richard Reeder Stony Brook University   Environmental effects of the sorption of anions on nanoparticles: a differential pair distribution function study
3/19/10 Prof. Yulia Pushkar Purdue University   Catalytic water oxidation: from Green Plants to Future Energy Solutions
3/12/10 David Vine University of Melbourne XOR-2-ID Fresnel coherent diffractive imaging: Projects and Progress
3/12/10 Bonna Newman MIT Laboratory for Photovoltaic Research   3d Transition Metal Impurities in Crystalline Silicon
3/5/10 Ryan Tappero NSLS-BNL   Evidence for Metal (hyper)tolerance in Seeds of Hyperaccumulator Plants from the genus Alyssum and Thlaspi
3/5/10 Sophie-Charlotte Gleber University of Goettingen XOR-2-ID Investigation of the trace element distributions in aqueous clay and soil samples using x-ray fluorescence microscopy
2/26/10 Wenli Bi Washington Univ. - St. Louis HP-CAT-16-ID High-Pressure Studies of Structure and Valence in Europium Metal to 92 GPa
2/26/10 Dr. Ildar Salakhutdinov Columbia Univ. 8-ID Characterization of ultrathin layers for plasmonic application
2/19/10 ??      
2/12/10 Valerie Petkov Central Michigan University XOR-1-ID High-energy resonant XRD and differential atomic PDFs
2/12/10 Haozhe Liu Harbin Institute of Technology XOR-2-BM & HP-CAT-16-ID 3D exploration of materials under high pressure conditions using imaging and diffraction tomographic techniques
2/5/10 Anjali Singhal Northwestern University XOR-1-ID Creep deformation in bone measured by high-energy x-ray diffraction
2/5/10 Allan Lyckegaard Risoe DTU XOR-1-ID The boxscan technique - a novel method for mapping polycrystals
1/29/10 Alec Sandy XSD 8-ID The ANL-LBNL fast CCD: An (XPCS) User's Perspective
1/22/10 Steve Ross XSD Optics and Detectors Group N/A X-ray detectors 101: Understanding work in the picosecond range
1/15/10 Canceled
1/8/10 Cancelled