APSUO Evaluation Committee for APS General User Program

Rationale for Committee Formation

The APS is now completing the first two years of its fully centralized General User (GU) Program which was mandated by DOE/BES and designed largely under the direction of the APS Independent Investigator Task Force. The arrival of Elane Streets as the new General User Program Administrator, planned changes in DOE reporting requirements, and the planned review of the APS in May 2004 by the new DOE/BES Division of Scientific User Facilities provide an impetus for the evaluation of our current program. The APSUO Steering Committee was asked to appoint a user-based committee to conduct this evaluation.

Committee Membership

Chair: Keith Brister (APSUO Steering Committee)
Steve Ginell (APSUO Steering Committee)
Thomas Gog (General User Advisory Committee)
Tim Graber (APSUO Steering Committee)
Dean Haeffner (Beamline Scientist)
Lisa Keefe (Chair, II Task Force)
Mark Rivers (Chair, APSUO)
Stuart Stock (General User)
Paul Zschack (CAT Director, member II Task Force)

Charge to the Committee

• Compare and contrast the APS General User Program to those at comparable facilities.

• Identify major strengths and weaknesses of the current APS GU Program and policy

• Recommend improvements/changes in the to APS management



September 13, 2004

Meeting of GU Program Administrators from the four DOE/BES Light Sources
Early October 2004 Organizational meeting for the Evaluation Committee
Early October 2004 Committee meeting with APS ALD and Deputy ALD to discuss APS vision for the GU program
December 2004 Preliminary report written
December 2004 Committee meeting with APS ALD and Deputy ALD to discuss preliminary report
January 2005 Report/recommendations presented to APS Steering Committee, Partner User Council, and Scientific Advisory Committee for input
February 2005 Final report to APS management for evaluation and decision
March 2005 Implementation plans developed; system modifications tested
May 4, 2005 Presentation to user community at APS Users Meeting
May-September Changes implemented for 2006-1 run cycle