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Curriculum vitae: Bernd Kabius

Contact info:

Dr. Bernd Kabius
Materials Science Division
Argonne National Laboratory
Argonne, IL 60439

Office:             630-252-3254
FAX:               630-252-4289

Electronic Mail:

Research interests:

  1. Application of Cs-correction on material science problems
  2. Applications of energy filtering methods in material science.
  3. Projects : SATEM und SESAMe



Material science in Erlangen-Nürnberg


Diploma thesis at the chair for corrosion and surface technology of Prof. Dr. H. Kaesche : "Investigation of localized corrosion of Incoloy 800"

October 1983 -

July 1988

Graduation at the chair for corrosion and surface technology of Prof. Dr. H. Kaesche : "Investigation of the selective corrosion of copper-palladium-alloys"

Professional Experience:

1. From December 1987 to March 1999

Group leader at the institute for solid state physics of the research center Jülich, Germany.

Topic : Microstructure of high - Tc- superconductors.

2. From 1.10.1996 - 31.7.1997

Application of Cs-Correction in transmission electron mictoscopy on material science problems in cooperation with Dr. Max Haider at the EMBL (European Molecular Biology Labratory) in Heidelberg, Germany and transfer of this technology to the research center in Jülich.

3. From April 1999 to June 2001

Material scientist and product manager, LEO Elektronenmikroskopie GmbH.

4. Since June the 23rd 2001

Material Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory in the material Science Division, Electron Microscopy Center

Publications including aberration corrected TEM (of 39 total)

  1. M.Haider, S.Uhlemann, E.Schwan, H.Rose, B.Kabius, K.Urban, "Electron microscopy image enhanced", Nature, 392 (1998) 768.
  2. M.Haider, H. Rose S.Uhlemann, E.Schwan, B.Kabius, K.Urban, "A spherical-aberration-corrected 200 kV transmission electron microscope", Ultramicroscopy, 74 (1998) 53-60.
  3. M.Haider, H. Rose S.Uhlemann, E.Schwan, B.Kabius, K.Urban, "Towards 0.1 nm resolution with the first spherically corrected transmission electron microscope", Journal of Electron Microscopy, 47 (1998) 395-405.
  4. S. Mantl, Q.T. Zhao, K. Kappius, S. Mesters, B. Kabius, "Nanopatterning of  Epitaxial CoSi2 and its use for Nano-MOSFET Fabrication", Physics, Chemistry and Application of Nanostructures, Minsk, Belarus, 17-20 May 1999, Ed. V.E.Borisenko, A.B. Filonov, S.V. Gaponenko, V.S. Gurin, World Scientific.
  5. K. Urban, B. Kabius, M. Haider and H. Rose, "A way to higher resolution : spherical-aberration correction in a 200 kV transmission electron microscope, Journal of Electron Microscopy, 48 (1999) 821-826.
  6. D.J.Paul, P. See, I.V.Zozoulenko, K.-F.Berggren, B. Kabius, B. Holländer, S.Mantl, „Si/SiGe electron resonant tunneling diodes“, Applied Physics Letters, 77 (2000) 1653. 
  7. S. Mantl, Q.T. Zhao, B. Kabius, „Self-assembled patterning of ultrathin silicides by local oxidation“, MRS Bulletin, 24 (1999) 31.
  8. B. Kabius, M. Haider, S. Uhlemann, E. Schwan, K. Urban and H. Rose, “First application of a spherical-aberration corrected transmission electron microscope in materials science”,Journal of Electron Microscopy, 51 (2002) pp 51-58.

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