APS Cross-Cut Review: Polymer Science at the APS

All APS staff and users are welcome to attend the third APS cross-cut review, entitled "Polymer Science at the APS."   This review is the third in a series of reviews designed to provide the APS Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) with an overview of APS scientific accomplishments, programs, and capabilities in a specific area.  The review panel will be chaired by P. Thiyagarajan (Thiyaga) (Argonne National Laboratory) and includes all APS SAC members plus four additional experts.  The review report will serve as a baseline document of current capabilities in this area, with especially noteworthy or unique areas highlighted.  The six scientific talks will be preceded by an overview presentation given by Murray Gibson.  Abstracts of the individuals talks and copies of the presentations will be posted on this web site as they are received.  

Questions can be directed to Susan Strasser.

       Agenda P. Thiyagarajan (Thiyaga), Argonne National Laboratory, Chair
    Buckley Crist, Northwestern University, Invited Reviewer
John A Rogers, UIUC, Invited Reviewer
Thomas A. Witten, The University of Chicago, Invited Reviewer
       The Cross-cut Review: Polymer Science at the APS is scheduled on Wednesday, January 25, 2006, in the 402 Auditorium. The agenda is listed below:
  8:00 a.m.  Welcome, Introduction of Invited Reviewers, and Charge to the Review Committee -- J. Murray Gibson, Advanced Photon Source
  8:15 a.m. Capabilities at the APS for Research in Polymer Science -- Jin Wang, Advanced Photon Source
  8:55 a.m. Dynamics of Complex Polymer Fluids During Flow & Processing -- Wes Burghardt, Northwestern University
  9:35 a.m. Dynamics of Polymer Films -- Sunil Sinha, University of California, San Diego
  10:15 a.m Break
  10:30 a.m. Block Copolymer Nanostructures: Symmetry, Epitaxy, and Shear -- Timothy Lodge, University of Minnesota
  11:10 a.m. Nanocomposites: Anarchy, Democracy or Hierarchy? -- Dale Schaefer, University of Cincinnati
  11:50 a.m. An Industrial Perspective on Polymer Science Research using Synchrotron Radiation -- Roger Leach, DuPont
  12:30 p.m. Adjourn