APS Cross-Cut Review: Science Requiring the Pulsed Structure of the APS X-ray Beam

All APS staff and users are welcome to attend the second APS cross-cut review, entitled "Science Requiring the Pulsed Structure of the APS X-ray Beam."   This review is the second in a series of reviews designed to provide the APS Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) with an overview of APS scientific accomplishments, programs, and capabilities in a specific area.  The review panel will be chaired by James Norris (The University of Chicago and APS SAC) and includes all APS SAC members plus two additional experts.  The review report will serve as a baseline document of current capabilities in this area, with especially noteworthy or unique areas highlighted.  The six scientific talks will be preceded by an overview presentation given by Murray Gibson.  The program will conclude with a talk by Michael Borland on future possibilities.  Abstracts of the individuals talks and copies of the presentations will be posted on this web site as they are received.  

Questions can be directed to Susan Strasser.

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       Agenda James Norris , Chair
       The Cross-Cut Review: Science Requiring the Pulsed Structure of the APS X-ray Beam is scheduled on Wednesday, January 26, 2005, in the 402 Auditorium. The agenda is listed below:
  8:00 a.m.  Welcome and Charge to the Review Committee -- J. Murray Gibson
  8:15 a.m. Overview of Current Capabilities -- J. Murray Gibson
  9:00 a.m. Photoreceptors, Oxygen and Redox Sensors, and Protein Dynamics -- J. Keith Moffat
  9:25 a.m. The APS Time Structure and its Impact on Nuclear Resonant Spectroscopy -- Ercan Alp
  9:50 a.m Break
  10:05 a.m. Ultrafast Laser-Matter Interactions -- David Reis
  10:30 a.m. X-raying Atoms and Molecules in Strong Optical Fields -- Linda Young
  10:55 a.m. Probing Transient Molecular Structures in Photochemical Processes using Pulsed X-rays from the APS -- Lin Chen
  11:20 a.m. Applications of the High-efficiency Time-resolved XAFS Facility at PNC-CAT -- Steve Heald
  11:45 a.m. What's Ahead? -- Michael Borland
  12:30 p.m. Adjourn