Workshop on Evolution and Control of Complexity:
Key Experiments Using Sources of Hard X-rays


  • Define the non-equilibrium science areas that are relevant to the critical national and global issues on energy, the environment, and life itself. Include experts in the field of non-equilibrium processes in materials science, planetary science, chemical science, biological science, computational science, engineering, and the technologies related to these fields. Experts on x-ray sources, x-ray science, laser science, and instrumentation will augment each area.
  • Identify key experiments to measure and control the evolution of complexity in non-equilibrium processes ubiquitous in nature and technologies significant to each of the Focus Panel topics.
  • Define the tools of investigation, in particular, the use of hard x-rays needed to measure the temporal evolution of spatial-chaos or spatial-order in the focus areas.
  • Produce a comprehensive report that will form the backbone of the summary documents required for dissemination of the accumulated knowledge to the hard x-ray user communities, institutions, funding organizations, and other stakeholders.


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Abstract Submission
September 10, 2010

Argonne Guest House Room Reservation
September 30, 2010

Workshop Reception (Argonne Guest House)

Sunday - October 10, 2010, 17:00 – 18:30

Local Contact

Anne Owens, Workshop Coordinator


Uwe Bergmann (SLAC)
Gopal Shenoy (ANL)
Edgar Weckert (DESY)


Argonne National Laboratory DESY SLAC