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April 1
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April 19
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Workshop 1: Nanomagnetism

Co-organizers: Dongqi Li and Seth Darling

Nanoscale magnetic systems, such as nanoparticles and ultrathin films, display properties distinct from bulk materials. Burgeoning industrial applications such as spintronics and magnetic recording demand a deeper understanding of these systems. Hence, their preparation and characterization are both ongoing challenges as traditional techniques run into intrinsic limitations. In this workshop, fundamental aspects of magnetism in reduced dimensionality, as well as state-of-the-art fabrication techniques, are discussed. This discussion highlights the use of various x-ray based approaches for exploring nanomagnetic systems.

Tuesday, May 4, 2004 Building 402 E1100/E1200
8:30 am Registration and Coffee

Eric Isaacs, Argonne National Laboratory

Morning Session

Imaging Antiferromagnetic Domains and the Spin-Flip Transition in Chromium using Magnetic X-ray Microdiffraction
Paul Evans, University of Wisconsin , Madison


Temperature Dependent Magnetic Interface Location in Interdiffused NiMn/Ni Epitaxial Bilayers
Christopher Leighton, University of Minnesota

10:00 Synchrotron Radiation Studies of Magnetism in Layered Nanostructures
Daniel Haskel, Argonne National Laboratory
10:30 Break
10:50 Relaxation Properties of Permalloy Nanoparticles and their Effect on Superconductivity
Myron Salamon, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
11:20 Towards Magnetic Storage Media Using a Single Nanocrystal per BIT
Franz Himpsel, Univeristy of Wisconsin at Madison


Afternoon Session
1:30 pm Magnetic Nanocrystal Superlattices
Christopher Murray, IBM
2:00 Micromagnetic Simulation of Absorption Spectra
John Ketterson, Northwestern University
2:30 Break
2:50 Controlling Ferromagnetic Properties of Ultra-thin Ga1-xMnxAs Films by Modulation Doping
Jacek Furdyna, University of Notre Dame
3:20 Epitaxial Thin Films, Nanopatterning, and Magnetrotransport
R. Alejandra Lukaszew, University of Toledo
3:50 Are the Half Metallic Ferromagnets Half Metallic?
Peter Dowben, University of Nebraska
4:20 Wrap-up

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