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May 3-6, 2004



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A&N Corporation
ACCEL Instruments GmbH
Advanced Control Systems Corp.
Advent Associates, Ltd.
Alan Burrill Technical Sales
Automation Equipment Company
Blake Industries, Inc.
Bruker AXS Inc.
Brush Wellman Inc. Electrofusion Products
Canberra Industries, Inc.
Fluidigm Corporation
Goodfellow Corporation
Instrument Design Technology
Johnsen Ultravac Inc.
Kohzu America, Inc.
Kurt J. Lesker Company
Lambda Americas
Mar Usa, Inc.
MDC Vacuum Products/Insulator Seal
Meggitt Safety Systems, Inc.
. Midwest Vacuum, Inc.
Minarik Corp./Nanomotion, Inc.
New Focus
Newport Corp
Nor-Cal Products, Inc.
Omicron NanoTechnology USA
Oregon Micro
Oxford Danfysik / GMW
Pfeiffer Vacuum
TecRep Corporation
Televac, Div. of The Fredericks Co.
TR Electronic
Vacuum One
Varian Vacuum Technologies
Veeco Instruments
Xradia, Inc.
X-ray Instrumentation Associates

A&N Corporation Location 29 [ map ]
707 SW 19th Ave.
Williston, FL 32696 USA

Telephone number: 352.528.4100
Fax number: 352.528.3441

A&N Corporation's line of high and ultra vacuum components includes ISO-KF/MF (QF/LF), UHV (CF), ASA, and Tri-Seal (rated for UHV to pressure); Couplings, Feedthroughs (Rotary, Linear, Electric, Fluid), Valves (Ball, Angle, In-line, Gate), Chambers and Accessories, Line Heaters/Controllers, Weldable/Roughing Components, Viewing Ports, Leak Detector Accessories, Traps, and Vacuum Measurement.

ACCEL Instruments GmbH Location 17 [ map ]
Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 1
51429 Bergisch Gladbach

Telephone number: 49.2204.84.2512
Fax number: 49.2204.84.2599

ACCEL Instruments GmbH is a worldwide engineering and manufacturing company specializing in custom-designed equipment for research and industry in the fields of particle accelerators, synchrotron radiation instrumentation, and medical applications. We design, manufacture, assemble, install, and commission beamlines as turnkey systems. We also provide components such as undulators, wigglers, double-crystal and double-multilayer monochromators, experimental stations, mirror systems, slit systems, and all sorts of beam monitors as well as all other beamline components. Additionally, we develop components based on customer specifications or build to print with our design office and our in-house workshops.

Advanced Control Systems Corp. Location 24 [ map ]
35 Corporate Park Drive
Pembroke, MA 02359 USA

Telephone number: 781.829.9228
Fax number: 781.829.9875
URL: www.

Advanced Control Systems Corp. is a designer and manufacturer of high-precision motion controls. Stepping motor control systems are our specialty. Our Step Pak (SP) system has been designed for specific applications on beamlines, and beamline instrumentation. Not only do we carry our control equipment but Advanced Control Systems now carries a full line of stepping motors. Additionally, we can develop equipment to customer specifications.

Advent Associates, Ltd. Location 22 [ map ]
2644 Dempster St., Suite 109
Park Ridge, IL 60068-8430

Telephone number: 847.298.7970
Fax number: 847.298.7972

UHV INSTRUMENTS & COMPONENTS, incl: Vacuum Gauges, linear & rotary drives, XYZ manipulators, RGAs, all metal valves, SoftShut gate valves, electrical feedthroughs, mass flow controllers, dry pumps (scroll, turbo, TSP, etc, high purity materials and flanges, fittings and custom chambers.

Alan Burrill Technical Sales Location 35 [ map ]
8129 W. Lincoln Avenue
West Allis, WI 5321 USA

Telephone number: 414.327.9055
Fax number: 414.327.8131

Manufacturer's representative firm that handles products for ulta high vacuum,thin film, and surface science.

Automation Equipment Company Location 4 [ map ]
832 East Rand Road, Suite 18
Mount Prospect, IL 60056 USA

Telephone number: 847.398.7550
Fax number: 847.398.7594 Motion control

Motion control, HMI/Industrial PC

Blake Industries, Inc. Location 3 [ map ]
660 Jerusalem Road
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076 USA

Telephone number: 908.233.7240
Fax number: 908.233.1354

Blake Industries will be exhibiting the Huber line of rotary tables and accessories for Synchrotron and laboratory experimentation.

Bruker AXS Inc. Location 32 [ map ]
5465 E. Cheryl Parkway
Madison , WI 53711 USA

Telephone number: 608.276.3000
Fax number: 608.276.3006

Brush Wellman Inc. Electrofusion Products Location 5 [ map ]
44036 South Grimmer Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94538 USA

Telephone number: 510.623.1500
Fax number: 510.623.7600

Brush Wellman Inc. Electrofusion Products is a world leader in the fabrication of specialized products made from Beryllium and its alloys for the scientific, medical and commercial industries. Beryllium Products include vacuum barrier foil, assemblies, and machined components for applications of high-energy, synchrotron radiation, and x-rays.

Canberra Industries, Inc. Location 28 [ map ]
800 Research Parkway
Meriden, CT 06450 USA

Telephone number: 510.623.1500
Fax number: 510.623.7600
URL: www.

Canberra is the world's leading supplier of analytical instruments, systems and services for radiation detection and radiation monitoring

Fluidigm Corporation Location 15 [ map ]
7100 Shoreline Court
South San Francisco, CA 94080 USA

Telephone number: 650.266.6014
Fax number: 650.871.7152
URL: www.

Fluidigm develops and manufactures innovative systems based on unique integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) for life-science research. IFCs for protein crystallization are an integral part of the TOPAZ™ System—the first screen-to-beam solution for high-throughput crystallization. The system's combination of hardware, software, and chips provides automatic setup of crystallization experiments, imaging and classification of the results of the experiments, and scale up, providing a straightforward means of growing crystals of sufficient size and quality for diffraction studies.

Goodfellow Corporation Location 7 [ map ]
800 Lancaster Avenue
Berwyn PA 19312-1780 USA

Telephone number: 800.821.2870
Fax number: 800.283.2020
URL: www.

Goodfellow is well known as a specialist supplier of small quantities of metals and materials for research, development, prototype work and design.

Instrument Design Technology Location 13 [ map ]
Campus Ventures Centre, Zochonis Building
University of Manchester
Oxford Road
Manchester, M13 9PL, United Kingdom

Telephone number:
Fax number:

Complete beamline and instrument design and build. IDT's customers include HP-CAT, DND-CAT, NE-CAT, CLS, SLS, Diamond.

Johnsen Ultravac Inc Location 27 [ map ]
3470 Mainway
Burlington, Ont.
Canada, L7M 1A8

Telephone number: 905.335.7022
Fax number: 905.335.3506

Johnsen Ultravac Inc is a global supplier specializing in ultra high vacuum Beamine instruments such as Front-ends, Plane grating monochromators, Mirror manipulators, Beam stops, Shutter assemblies, Collimators, Mask assemblies, End-stations. Other UHV instruments include 6-axis UHV positioning stages with He cooling and heating, Surface analysis systems and a wide range of UHV Deposition systems.

Kohzu America, Inc. Location 34 [ map ]
4900 Hopyard Road, Suite 100
Pleasanton, CA 94588 USA

Telephone number: 925.468.4129
Fax number: 925.468.4133

Kohzu's sophisticated precision motion instruments have been at the heart of Japan's industrial and scientific community for over five decades. Our standard product line is comprised of a comprehensive line of rotary, linear and swivel-arc stages capable of sub-micron accuracy. Kohzu is no stranger to the synchrotron community either; offering custom-built double-crystal x-ray monochromators, diffractometers and precision goniometers, which are installed at synchrotron facilities around the world.

Kurt J. Lesker Company Location 31 [ map ]
1515 Worthington Ave.
Clairton, PA 15025-2700 USA

Telephone number: 800.245.1656, 412.233.4200
Fax number: 412.233.4275

Manufacturer of custom chambers and flanged components for high and ultrahigh vacuum conditions. Manufacturer and North American distributor of a complete range of vacuum equipment including: pumps, valves, flanges, electrical feedthroughs, and ultrahigh vacuum motion devices. World-wide distributor of Mirrotron© neutron guide systems and instrumentation including: multi blade and disc velocity selectors, mag-lev bearing choppers, supermirror coated guides, neutron spin flippers and 3 H - 2D detectors, and custom housing and shutter manufacturing.

Lambda Americas Location 38 [ map ]
405 Essex Road
Neptune , NJ 07753 USA

Telephone number: 732.922.9300
Fax number: 732.922.9334

AC/DC regulated power supply manufacturer ranging from 600 watts to 90 KW output power.

Mar Usa, Inc. Location 19 [ map ]
1880 Oak Ave.
Evanston, IL 60201 USA

Telephone number: 847.869.1548
Fax number: 847.869.1587

Mar USA develops, manufactures, and markets imaging detector systems for X-ray diffraction applications. Current products include the 345 mm diameter marresearch Imaging Plate system, the 165 mm diameter marCCD, and the marmosaic ccd-based detectors. These systems have set the standard at synchrotrons for high performance -- highest data quality, high speed, ease of use and ultra reliability. Marmosaic detectors are seamless, multi-element CCD technology available with a 225 mm x 225 mm, 300 mm x 300 mm or 325 mm x 325 mm active areas. The highly automated mardtb goniostat is now available with the marcsc accessory. This cryogenic sample changer automatically mounts and safely retrieves samples under computer control. The combination of a marmosaic detector and mardtb goniostat with the cryogenic sample changer accessory provides a remarkably affordable end station, especially for crystallography applications. A mar345 scanner combined with the mardtb and marcsc makes a complimentary screening station for the home lab.

MDC Vacuum Products/Insulator Seal Location 33 [ map ]
23842 Cabot Blvd.
Hayward, CA 94545

Telephone number: 510.265.3500
Fax number: 510-887-0626

MDC stocks thousands of of-the-shelf components for high and ultra-high vacuum applications ready to ship direct to our customers. The MDC product line consists of flanges, fittings, valves, roughing hardware, vacuum gauge tubes, glass to metal seal, viewports, electrical and fluid feedthroughs, motion and manipulation instruments and thin film electron beam evaporation equipment. MDC also specializes in the design and manufacture of custom chambers and components to meet our customer's exacting demands.

Our extensive manufacturing facilities and technical staff are available to help you with your specific requirements. Whether from blueprint with exact specifications or from a rough sketch, your special vacuum requirements will be quoted, designed and manufactured to meet the high quality standards demanded by today's vacuum community.

MDC is ISO 9001:2000 certified. For the latest in vacuum technology, please request a copy of our free 527 page catalog or visit our website online at . The site now features 2D drawings as well as 3D models for all flanges with other components available shortly.

Meggitt Safety Systems, Inc. Location 10 [ map ]
1915 Voyager Ave.
Simi Valley, CA 93063 USA

Telephone number: 407.234.6359
Fax number: 407.858.9879

Meggitt Safety Systems (MSSI) is the worlds leading supplier of SiO2 cable assemblies and hermetic connector products for microwave and sensor applications. MSSI PTFE and SiO2 cable products offer stable performance and can be employed in high and low temperature environments. SiO2 cable offers stable eletrical performance in high radiation applications. MSSI offers a large variety of connector configurations and feedthroughs. MSSI products are providing stable long term performance in high energy physics applications worldwide.

Midwest Vacuum , Inc. Location 16 [ map ]
201 E. Ogden Ave., Suite 15
Hindsale, IL 60521 USA

Telephone number: 630.323.5399
Fax number: 630.323.2142

Midwest Vacuum, Inc. is a Manufacturers Representative Firm specializing in Vacuum to Ultra High Vacuum components, pumps, instrumentation and systems. MVI represents such companies as: VAT, Inc.; Alcatel Vacuum Products, Inc.; Ametek; FerroTec; HIS amongst vacuum companies.

Minarik Corp./Nanomotion, Inc. Location 11 [ map ]
399 Gundersen Drive
Carol Stream, IL 60188 USA

Telephone number: 630.933.9999
Fax number: 630.933.9976

Nanomotion Ultrasonic Precision Motors, Parallel Kinematic 3 Axis and 6 Axis Robotic Systems, Vacuum and Non Vacuum Linear and Theta Stages, Ethernet I/O Fieldbus Systems, plus additional automation products to suit your needs.

New Focus Location 21 [ map ]
2584 Junction Avenue
San Jose, CA 95134 USA

Telephone number: 408.919.1500
Fax number: 408.919.6083
URL: www.

New Focus is a provider of compact motorized actuators for vacuum and UHV environments, lasers, opto-mechanical components, detectors, power meters, optics and breadboards.

Newport Corp Location 23 [ map ]
1791 Deere Ave.
Irvine, CA 92606 USA

Telephone number: 949.863.3144
Fax number: 949.253.1680

Newport Corporation is a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of custom high precision components: optics, optical subassemblies, motion control devices, vibration isolation tables, instruments and integrated systems to the Aerospace & Defense, Scientific Research, Fiber Optics Communications, and Semiconductor equipment markets. Customers include Fortune 500 corporations, technology based companies and research laboratories in commercial, academic and government sectors worldwide.

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. Location 18 [ map ]
1967 So. Oregon
P. O. Box 518
Yreka , CA 96097 USA

Telephone number: 800.824.4166
Fax number: 530.842.9130

Since 1962 Nor-Cal Products, Inc. has manufactured high and ultra-high vacuum components for semiconductor, compound semiconductor, thin film, surface analysis, and research applications. Nor-Cal has earned a reputation worldwide for quality components, competitive prices and excellent customer service. Our custom vacuum chambers are unequalled in performance and appearance. In-house electropolishing and special materials, such as vacuum fired 316L, are available. Our engineers can oversee fabrication of chambers from customer sketches or specifications. Complete engineering drawings of custom items can be supplied upon receipt of order. An entire system can be supplied complete with sample transfer and manipulation devices, stand, pumps, gauges and deposition monitors. Our isolation valves are the standard for many semiconductor equipment manufacturers. Please visit our website at for more information.

Omicron NanoTechnology USA Location 30 [ map ]
North American Headquarters
14850 Scenic Heights Road, Suite 140
Eden Prairie, MN 55344 USA

Telephone number: 952.345.5240
Fax number: 952.294.8043

OMICRON NanoTechnology is the premier supplier of UHV instruments for nanoscience-related research. From our award winning Variable Temperature AFM/STM instruments to our family of Multiprobe UHV systems for multi-technique surface science research, OMICRON is continuously striving to develop new tools with increased performance for UHV microscopy and spectroscopy research.

Oregon Micro Location 37 [ map ]
1800 NW 169th Pl,Bldg C100
Beaverton, OR 97006 USA

Telephone number: 503.629.8081
Fax number: 503.629.0688

Mulit-axis motion controls.

Oxford Danfysik / GMW Location 1 [ map ]
955 Industrial Road
San Carlos, CA 94070 USA

Telephone number: 978.455.6761
Fax number: 978.455.6762

GMW Associates and Oxford Danfysik will be presenting;The Oxford Danfysik range of synchrotron radiation beamlines, monochromators, advanced mirror systems (with SESO), standard beamline and diagnostic components (slits, shutters, fluorescent screens, beam position monitors etc), and scintillation counter and ionization chambers for use in experiments.GMW also offers Danfysik insertion devices including in-vacuum PM designs, ring magnets, and power supplies. Bergoz particle beam diagnostics for synchrotrons, as well as PPM fiber optic links to 3 GHz for RF signal distribution.

Pfeiffer Vacuum Location 25 [ map ]
24 Trafalgar Square
Nashua, NH 03063 USA

Telephone number: 603.578.6500
Fax number: 603.578.6550

Pfeiffer Vacuum is your single source for vacuum products offering a complete line of turbomolecualr pumps including magnetic or ceramic ball bearings, turbodrag pumps with integrated controllers, On-Tool dry pumps as well as M series magnetic coupling rotary vane pumps and Roots pumps. Instruments include compact and digital gauges, heliumm leak detectors, mass spectrometers, residual gas analyzers and vacuum components.

Rigaku Location 12 [ map ]
9009 New Trails Dr.
The Woodlands, TX 77381 USA

Telephone number: 281.363.1033
Fax number: 281.364.3628

Rigaku/MSC, is the world's leading resource for single-crystal X-ray diffraction hardware, software and contract services. Rigaku/MSC offers fully integrated small and macromolecule applications, Rigaku generators, X-ray optical systems, cryo-cooling devices and peripheral devices. In addition, Rigaku/MSC provides small and macromolecular structure determination services on a contract basis.

RSI Location 14 [ map ]
4990 Pearl East Circle
Boulder , CO 80301 USA

Telephone number: 303.413.3905
Fax number: 303.786.9909

RSI provides software solutions that help scientists, engineers, researchers and medical professionals turn complex data into useful information. RSI's customers use RSI technology to visualize and analyze large, complex sets of data and develop and deploy imaging applications. RSI's solutions are used in diverse industries including remote sensing, engineering, earth sciences, aerospace and defense, oil and gas exploration, medicine and biotechnology. Customized consulting, on-site training and technical support services complement RSI's suite of software solutions including IDL and ENVI.

TecRep Corporation Location 26 [ map ]
1919 S. Highland Ave., Bldg. A, Ste. 330
Lombard, IL 60148 USA

Telephone number: 630.627.9110
Fax number: 630.627.9129

Electronic test equipment representative. Products include oscilloscopes, power supplies, data acquisition, power analyzers, and VXI solutions.

Televac, Div. of The Fredericks Co. Location 22 [ map ]
2400 Philmont Avenue
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 USA

Telephone number: 215.938.4440
Fax number: 215.938.4423

Televac manufactures a complete line of vacuum instrumentation and sensors. Sensors include thermocouple, convection, cold cathode and Bayard Alpert types. Instrumentation include the MC300 for multiple vacuum measuring functions. Standard features include the ability to read two rough vacuum sensors and one high vacuum sensor simultaneously, including analog outputs and four setpoints. Also featured in the instrument line is the MM200, a microprocessor based instrument with up to six assignable modules for customized sensing applications. New to the product line are a series of stand-alone sensor/instrument combinations consisting of a Televac sensor with the electronics mounted to the sensor itself. These microprocessor-based units include LED displays, analog outputs in a choice of formats and setpoints.

TR Electronic Location 6 [ map ]
955 Green Valley Road
London, ON, Canada N6N 1E4

Telephone number: 519.452.1999
Fax number: 519.452.1177

TR Electronic is a world wide leader in position measurement technology. High precision, scientific and industrial devices provide solutions to your unique challenges.

Vacuum One Location 18 [ map ]
1000 W. Diversey Parkway
Chicago, IL 60614

Telephone number: 773.244.3102
Fax number: 773.244.3975

Vacuum One is a sales representative firm based in Chicago. We cover the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Indiana, and Michigan. Vacuum One currently represents Leybold Vacuum Products, Inficon, Granville-Phillips Company, CTI-Cryogenics, Nor-Cal Products, Advanced Vacuum Company, SAES Getters, KLA-Tencor, VLSI Standards, Gamma Vacuum (formerly Physical Electronics), Intelvac, and Advanced Research Systems (ARS-Cryo).

Varian Vacuum Technologies Location 9 [ map ]
121 Hartwell Ave.
Lexington, MA 02421 USA

Telephone number: 630.761.9855
Fax number: 630.761.9755

Varian is a world leader in the design, manufacture and application of high vacuum products for research.The Conflat flange, VacIon pump and Contra Flow leak detection were all invented by Varian, today each is a world standard.

Veeco Instruments Location 8 [ map ]
112 Robin Hill Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93117 USA

Telephone number: 805.967.1400
Fax number: 805.967.7717
URL: www.

Veeco Instruments is advancing nanoscience through the world's largest range and most versatile metrology instruments. With proprietary technology in atomic force microscopy, our instruments have the world's largest install base and proven reliability. See our latest innovations, including new vacuum imaging capabilities, revolutionary new imaging modes, exclusive nanomanipulation software and systems, and much more. We provide the best tools available today, and develop the revolutionary technology you'll need tomorrow.

Xradia, Inc. Location 36 [ map ]
4075 A Sprig Drive
Concord, CA 94520

Telephone number: 925.288.1818
Fax number: 925.288.0310

Xradia designs and manufacturers high performance turnkey x-ray imaging microscopes, subsystems, as well as focusing optics such as zone plates and KB mirrors for synchrotron and laboratory x-ray sources. Xradia's 3D x-ray tomography system and zone plate lenses offers the highest performance for multikeV x-rays. Xradia's product can be found on its WebPages .

X-ray Instrumentation Associates Location 20 [ map ]
8450 Central Ave.
Newark, CA 94560 USA

Telephone number: 510.494.9020
Fax number: 510.494.9040

X-ray Instrumentation Associates develops and sells advanced components for x-ray experimentation. Our speciality is high speed digital signal processors for x-ray detectors of all types, including Si(Li), HPGe, SDD, proportional counters and scintillator/PMT units and can cover energies from 200 eV to 1 MeV or more. We offer both stand alone units for single detectors and processor cards for detector arrays, which are available in both PXI and CAMAC form factors. Our output counting rates are unmatched in the industry and can exceed 700,000 cps/detector/second from solid state detectors and 1 Mcps from PMTs. Outputs can be either full spectra, multiple SCAs or multichannel scalers. Specialized timing applications, including scanning microprobe spectroscopy, can also be supported. We can also develop custom instruments for specialized applications.

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