Workshop Presentations

Fundamentals Overview


Introductory Talks

Chair: Kwang-Je Kim

Tutorial on Gradient and Q Plus Open Issues

Matthias Liepe, Cornell U.

Fundamental RF Critical Field Overview

Kenji Saito, KEK


Session I:  Ultimate Field Limits, New Materials, New Geometries

Introductory Talks

Chair: Ricky Campisi, ORNL

Nb/Cu Technology -- An Overview of the Present Status

Sergio Calatroni, CERN

A Super-Superconductor

Enzo Palmieri, INFN

New Geometries Overview

Jacek Sekutowicz, DESY

Contributed Talks and Discussions

Moderators: Warren Funk, JLab &
Ken Shepard, ANL

New SRF Cavity Geometry for High-Current Applications

Ilan Ben-Zvi, BNL

Limiting RF Fields in Superconductors at X-Band

Isidoro Campisi, ORNL/SNS

Pushing the Limits of the SRF Technology for Low- and Medium-Velocity Applications

Jean Delayen, JLab

Reentrant Cavity and First Test Result

Rong-Li Geng, Cornell U.

A Theoretical Overview of Multiscale Mechanisms of RF Breakdown in Superconductors

Alex Gurevich, U. of Wisc.-Madison

Fabrication and Performance of Improved Cavity Shapes for CEBAF

Charles Reece, JLab

NbCu Clad Cavities

Waldemar Singer, DESY

LANL Activity on New Materials for SRF Cavities

Tsuyoshi Tajima, LANL

Thin Film Coatings for RF Superconductivity

Genfa Wu and H.L. Phillips, JLab


Session II:  High  Q, Field Emission,  Q-Slopes


Introductory Talks - Part I

Chair: Jean Delayen, JLab

Field Emission Overview: Cleanliness and Processing

Detlef Reschke, DESY

Overview on High Field Q-Slope (Non-field Emission) Experiments and Theory

Lutz Lilje, DESY

Introductory Talks - Part II

Chair: David Larbalestier, U. of Wisc.-Madison

Hi Q at Low and Medium Field

Gianluigi Ciovati, JLab

Overview of Surface Measurements: What Do Surface Studies Tell Us about Q-Slope?

Claire Antoine, CEA Saclay

Contributed Talks and Discussions

Moderators: Helen Edwards, FNAL &
Matthias Liepe, Cornell U.

Measurements of the High Field Q-Drop in TE011/TM010 in a Single Cell Cavity

Gianluigi Ciovati, Jlab

Processing and Test Results for SC Drift-Tube Cavities

Michael Kelly, ANL

An Investigation of the Properties of Grain Boundaries in BCP Nb for SRF Cavities (view with Internet Explorer)

Peter Lee, U. of Wisc.-Madison &
Pierre Bauer, FNAL

Recent Q-Slope and Related Surface Studies at Cornell

Hasan Padamsee, Cornell U.

Low, Medium, High Field Q-Slopes Change with Surface Treatments

Bernard Visentin, CEA-Saclay


Session III:  Future Research Paths to Ultimate Performance

Introductory Talks

Chair: Ilan Ben-Zvi, BNL

R&D Paths Towards Achieving Ultimate Capabilities

Peter Kneisel, JLab

Overview of Ongoing Research on RF Superconductivity Limits

Helen Edwards, FNAL

Contributed Talks and Discussions

Moderators: Dieter Proch, DESY &
Enzo Palmieri, INFN

Optimization of RRR Niobium Bulk Properties

Ganapati Rao Myneni, JLab

R&D of High RF Power Couplers for Ultimate Cavity Performance

Quan-Sheng Shu, AMAC Int'l Inc..


Summary Talks by Moderators

Chair: Claus Rode, JLab

Session I Summary: Ultimate Field Limits, New Materials, New Geometries

Warren Funk, JLab &
Ken Shepard, ANL

Session II Summary: High Q, Field Emission, Q-Slopes

Helen Edwards, FNAL &
Matthias Liepe, Cornell U.

Session III Summary: Future Research Paths to Ultimate Performance

Dieter Proch, DESY &
Enzo Palmieri, INFN

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