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Workshop 8: Advancing Actinide Science

Organizer: Lynda Soderholm

Actinide science continues to benefit enormously from synchrotron-based techniques. This workshop will highlight recent experiments that offer new insights into long-standing problems. In addition, examples of recent work will be presented that reveal new directions and opportunities for studying structures and speciation in complex systems. Although these examples will pertain to problems in actinide research, their relevance to more mainstream applications will also be addressed.

 Thursday, May 6, 2004
Bldg. 401, Rm. A1100

1:30 pm

Plutonium Interactions with FeOOH: A Variable Temperature EXAFS Study
Richard E. Wilson, Heino Nitsche, and Corwin Booth, University of California,Berkeley


Actinide Redox Speciation through X-ray Absorption Spectroelectrochemistry
Mark R. Antonio, Chemistry Division, Argonne National Laboratory


Mechanisms for the Uranium Accumulation with Aluminosilicate Scale in High-level Waste Evaporators
M.C. Duff, D.B. Hunter, L.N. Oji, W.R. Wilmarth, Westinghouse Savannah River Company




Trace Element Chemistry in Spent Nuclear Fuel Using X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Jeffrey Fortner, Chemical Technology Division, Argonne National Laboratory


Aging and Phase Stability in Delta-Stabilized Pu
Luis Morales, A. Lawson, S. Conradson, D. Moore , E. Butler, and M. Ramos, Los Alamos National Laboratory


Chemical Species Formed by Actinide Ions in Solution Identified by Scattering of High-Energy X-ray
Jeorg Neuefeind, Chemistry Division, Argonne National Laboratory



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