Brian Landes


  • Technical Leader, Surface/Microscopy/X-ray Group, Analytical Sciences, Dow Chemical Company


  • D. Polymer Science, Pennsylvania State University , 1984.


  • .Member, DND-CAT, 1993-present.
  • BOD Society of Plastics Engineers (Eng. Props. and Structure Division), 1997-present (Chair 2001-2002).
  • Technical Program Chair SPE / EPSDIV.
  • Intersociety Relations Committee (PMSE, ACS, SPE).
  • Polymer Committee (International Center for Diffraction Data).
  • Member, Materials Research Society, American Physical Society.
  • Member, International Union of Crystallography (Small Angle X-ray Scattering Group).
  • Beamline user at APS, NSLS, CHESS, SSRL, NIST.


  • .Small and wide angle x-ray scattering (SAXS, WAXS).
  • In-situ (extrusion, fiber spinning, rheometry) and time resolved (deformation, failure) studies of materials.
  • High Throughput technology development.
  • Critical Dimensions and ultra low-k materials in semiconductors.
  • Data Visualization, reduction, analysis software for x-ray diffraction and SAXS.


  • Promote partnerships between Industry, Academia, and the General User Community for the advancement beamline technology and expansion of user capabilities.