Keith Brister



  • Senior Research Associate/Research Beamline Scientist, The University of Chicago
    Associate Project Manager for BioCARS, Sector 14, APS


  • 16 years of experience as a staff member at synchrotron sources. My involvement with these sources includes the design and construction of scientific apparatus, design and construction of x-ray beamlines, scientific collaborations with users of these facilities, and the administration of facility resources. Recently I've combined my expertise in high-pressure diamond anvil cell research with collaborators from the biological sciences to develop a research program in high-pressure biological crystallography.
  • Workshops Organized or Co-organized
    • 2003 Macromolecules at High Pressures
    • 2000 ADSC Quantum Users Meeting
    • 1999 Data analysis with MOSFLM
    • 1998 Laue data collection and analysis
  • Education
    • 1988 Ph.D., Cornell University, Applied Physics with E.E. minor
    • 1985 M.S., Cornell University, Applied Physics
    • 1982 B.S., Sonoma State University, Physics
  • Professional Experience
    • 1997-pressent, Consortium for Advanced Radiation Sources (CARS), The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
      Associate Project Manager/Senior Research Associate
      • Administered the operations of a National Facility for Biological X-ray Crystallography (BioCARS)
      • Started research program to investigate biological macromolecules at high pressure
      • Designed, coded, and maintained a web based database application for scheduling staff, scheduling the scientific agenda, managing proposals, and managing reviews for scientific content and funding for trips to the beamline (500+ users)
      • Designed, coded, and maintained beamline control software for the support of static and time-resolved biological crystallography as well as for high-pressure single crystal and powder diffraction
    • 1990-1997 Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS) Cornell University
      Senior Research Associate
      • Administered a National Facility for High Pressure X-ray Powder Diffraction
      • Consulted and collaborated with international teams of scientists
      • Provided training in x-ray diffraction, computer programming, and data analysis for scientists of all levels, from undergraduates to experienced researches.
      • Invented and built novel high-pressure apparatus
      • Designed and built a micro-optical system for fluorescence, luminescence, pyrometry, and laser heating with simultaneous x-ray powder diffraction from samples at ultra-high pressures
      • Designed ultra-high vacuum components for use with high energy x-ray beams
      • Designed and built many hardware/software interfaces
      • Wrote numerous data collection and analysis programs
      • Provided support and guidance for computer and electronic resources
      • Designed and implemented a novel scientific programming model for Internet/Intranet control of data collection and analysis
    • 1989-1990 National Research Council Washington, DC
      Research Associate
      • Built a National Facility for High Pressure X-ray Diffraction at CHESS
      • Worked to commission a High Pressure Facility at the National Synchrotron Light Source at Brookhaven National Laboratory
    • 1988-1989 Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS) Ithaca, NY
      Research Associate
      • Designed a National Facility for High Pressure X-ray Powder Diffraction