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This workshop is being hosted by the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory and is partially sponsored by the following corporations:

Oxford Instruments' Beamlines Group and SESO

Veeco Instruments Inc.


Beamline Technology Corp.

Micromap Corporation


Oxford Instruments'
Beamlines Group and

Oxford Instruments' Beamlines Group supplies X-ray beamline components, complete beamlines, and end stations to Synchrotron facilities around the world. Together with SESO of France, they offer complete X-ray mirror systems.

These systems incorporate high quality X-ray mirrors (typically between 0.6 m and 1.4 m long) with state of the art specifications for slope error and roughness. Materials used for the mirrors include Glidcop, Copper, Silicon, Silica, ULE and Zerodur. These may be coated and polished with flat, cylindrical, and more complex shapes. The mirrors are often supplied, fully tested, with mechanical benders that can also incorporate gravity sag and thermal compensation, and water cooling circuitry. The mirrors are then normally fitted into UHV vessels, with options for incorporating manipulators (up to 5 axes), and synthetic granite damping block stands. Approximately 25 complete mirror systems have been supplied in the last 12 months, and many more mirrors have been supplied individually.

Recent developments include bimorph adaptive mirrors, small KB mirrors and other advanced optics technology.


Andy Broadbent
Oxford Instruments Inc.
130A Baker Ave Ext,
Concord, MA 01742

Richard Thomson
Oxford Instruments
Osney Mead,

Jean-Jacques Ferme
305, rue Louis Armand,
13792, Aix-en-Provence,

Veeco Instruments Inc.

Veeco Instruments Inc., headquartered in Plainview, New York is a worldwide leader in metrology tools for the optics, data storage, semiconductor, general research and scientific markets.

Veeco's 3D metrology solutions include: Wyko laser interferometers for accurate, repeatable measurement of optics and optical systems; Wyko white light optical profilers for fast, repeatable 3D surface measurements from 0.1 nm to 5 mm; Digital Instruments atomic force microscopes for high resolution, non-contact measurements; and Dektak stylus profilers for large area measurements up to 100 mm. Veeco's metrology line also includes the XRF Series X-ray Fluorescence systems for measurement of thin film composition and thickness. Custom product solutions are also available to meet the most demanding applications.

Manufacturing and engineering facilities are located in New York, California, Colorado, and Arizona. Global sales and service offices are located throughout the United States, Europe, Japan and Asia Pacific.

For further information, please contact our sales department at:

Veeco Instruments
Terminal Drive
Plainview, NY 11803
Phone: (516) 349-8300
Fax: (516) 349-8321


ThermoMicroscopes, a ThermoInstruments company, was formed through the combination of pioneers in scanning probe microscope (SPM) technology. Park Scientific Instruments and Topometrix Corporation. Merging these two companies brought together experience, products, a strong technology base and worldwide customer service unmatched by any other SPM supplier.

Park Scientific Instruments was a technology leader in ambient and ultrahigh vacuum SPM systems for R&D applications. Its focus was on providing versatile, multifunction and multi-technique instruments to the R&D community. In contrast, Topometrix specialized in providing industrial and service/support laboratory communities with application-oriented, easy-to-use SPM systems that incorporated the full range of scanning techniques. Combining these two companies into a single entity, ThermoMicroscopes, results in an organization with broad experience and a portfolio of patents and intellectual property second only to the inventor of SPM technology, IBM.

As a part of ThermoInstruments, a ThermoElectron company, ThermoMicroscopes has the resources and stability of a large company along with the enthusiasm, culture and entrepreneurial spirit of a small company. The company resulting from the combination of two of the SPM industry's pioneering leaders provides customers with superior products and service, coupled with faster response to changing market needs.

Beamline Technology Corp.

Beamline Technology Corporation (BTC) develops the technologies and techniques necessary to meet the rigorous requirements of the synchrotron community. Our experience in the development of high quality, beamline components, custom beamline systems, synchrotron optics, high-energy laser optical components and coatings has allowed us to pioneer sophisticated processing techniques.

BTC has established a commitment to the synchrotron market and we are expanding our fabrication capabilities in all areas of mechanical engineering, optical fabrication, coating, metrology, and UHV qualification. In addition to our standard optical component capabilities, BTC has a high-tech manufacturing facility for the ongoing development of programs in mirror design materials processing, heat exchangers and material joining.

BTC recently developed a "superior polishing" process that is capable of polishing mirrors to below 1 Angstrom RMS. In fact, BTC recently polished three 700mm Single Crystal Silicon Cooled Toroids to <0.8 Angstroms RMS utilizing this method. The mirrors were installed at SRRC.

Please feel free to contact us regarding sales, technical specifications, or other questions:

Andy Lunt
General Manager

Patrick Rogan
Account Manager

Shannon Seaton
Finance & Administration Coordinator

Beamline Technology Corporation
1683 W. Grant Rd.
Suite 105
Tucson, AZ. 85745
(520) 903-9055 - Office
(520) 903-9060 - Fax

Micromap Corporation

John Meiling
Micromap Corporation
3131 N. Country Club, Suite 106
Tucson, AZ 85716