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This two-day workshop call bring together colleagues and experts from the metrology, x-ray, and neutron optics communities; mirror manufacturers; and metrology instrument developers to evaluate metrology instrumentation and measurement methods relevant to the specific area of grazing incidence optics used in synchrotron radiation and neutron beamlines.

The workshop will focus on surface figure and finish related to the manufacture and use of these optics and on the instrumentation used to characterize these parameters. Specific issues include, but are not limited to, specifying tolerances for finish and figure errors; data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation; the long trace profiler (LTP) issues; and future directions for metrology instrumentation development.

Requirements for optics performance are continuously evolving. For example, future generations of x-ray sources, such as (FELs) currently being planned around the world, are expected to deliver beams characterized with unprecedented brilliance and complete transverse coherence. Therefore, if optical components such as reflective optics are to be used, requirements for their optical quality will be even more stringent than those used in beamlines at third-generation sources. Progress in fabrication and polishing of optical components cannot be sustained without parallel evolution in metrology instrumentation and measurement techniques. This workshop will provide an excellent opportunity to study the problem and stimulate reflection on future metrology needs to meet the challenge.

The format of the workshop will include both formal presentations and group discussions with informal presentations. Formal presentations will be 25 minutes long with a 5-minute question/answer period; the informal presentations should be no more than 10 minutes in length to allow adequate time for discussion. There will be no proceeding document produced. However, copies of abstracts and presentation transparencies will be compiled and handed out to the workshop participants. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Please send your abstract via the WWW, e-mail (xnom@aps.anl.gov), or by fax (+1.630.252.9303) before February 10, 2000. Registration can be submitted by the WWW (preferred method), by postal mail, or by fax (+1.630.252.5533). All registrations are due before March 1, 2000.

Please address your questions and suggestions to: assoufid@aps.anl.gov