TESLA Collaboration Meeting
Argonne National Laboratory
Argonne, IL USA
November 8-10, 1999

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List of Participants

TTF Injector Operation July to October 99
K. Floettmann, P. Castro
Overview of TTF Operation Aug. - Sept. 99
G. Schmidt
Low Level RF
S. Simrock
Control System
K. Rehlich
Status of the Vacuum System of the TTF-Linac
K. Zapfe
Undulator Vacuum
U. Hahn
TTF Module Conditioning
R. Lange

Laboratory Reports

News on TTF Activities at INFN
presented by C. Pagani
Bunch Length Measurement with Coherent Diffraction Radiation
presented by M. Castellano
Report from INFN Milano, L.A.S.A.
P. Michelato
R & D in RF Superconductivity
J. LeDuff
Experimental Investigation of the Thermal Resistance in Niobium Samples for Superconducting RF Cavities (NHMFL)
presented by M. R. Smith
presented by S. Milton
Further FEL Schedule for TTF 1 and Schedule for TTF Phase 2
presented by J. Rossbach

Tuesday Working Group

Dark Current of RF Guns - Measurements at Fermilab
J.-P. Carneiro
Electro-Optic Sample of Transient Fields
M. Fitch
Cs2 Photo-Cathodes: Update
W. Hartung
K. Floettmann
Report from 9th Workshop on RF Superconductivity
L. Lilje

APS Special Seminar

TESLA Project Overview
D. Trines

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