November 5, 1999

Agenda for the
TESLA Collaboration Meeting
ANL, November 8-10, 1999

Monday, November 8  --  APS Auditorium

9:00     Welcome      D. Moncton
      Linac Reports:       
9:10         Injector      K. Floettmann
9:30         Operation Experience      G. Schmidt
10:00            P. Castro-Garcia
10:30     Coffee Break
10:50     Low-Level RF      S. Simrock
11:10     Control System      K. Rehlich
11:30     Vacuum System      K. Zapfe
11:50     Undulator Vacuum      U. Hahn
12:10     Module Conditioning      R. Lange
12:30     Lunch
      Laboratory Reports:       
13:30         FNAL      H. Edwards
13:50         INFN      C. Pagani
14:10            P. Michelato
14:25         Orsay/Saclay      J. LeDuff
14:50         NHMFL      M. Smith
15:05     FEL at ANL      S. Milton
15:35     Coffee Break
15:55     FEL at DESY      J. Rossbach
16:25     Organization of Working Groups on
Future Linac Operation and Installation Plans
H. Edwards, C. Pagani
J. Rossbach, H. Weise
18:00     Cash Bar and Buffet Dinner
at the Argonne Guest House

Tuesday, November 9  --  Rooms A1100 and E1100/E1200

9:00     Working Groups
10:00     Coffee Break
10:30     Tour of APS and
Lunch Break
13:00     Working Groups
15:00     Coffee Break
16:00     Technical Board Meeting (Room A5000)

Wednesday, November 10  --  APS Auditorium

Other Laboratory Reports as requested:
9:00     Report from the SRF Workshop      L. Lilje
9:30     Summary of the Working Groups      N.N.
10:30     Coffee Break
11:00     APS Special Seminar:
TESLA Project Overview
     D. Trines