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Working Group VII

Electron- and Photon-Beam Characterization

Group Leader:Dr. George Neil
Jefferson Lab
12000 Jefferson Avenue
Mail Stop 6A
Newport News, VA 23606 USA
Telephone: +1 757 269 7443
Fax: +1 757 269 7352
Objective: The Electron- and Photon-Beam Characterization Working Group will have the following goals:

  1. To determine the beam measurements required to develop and operate an advanced light source.
  2. To assess the status of electron and photon diagnostics in the appropriate regime for a future light source.
  3. To identify a possible development path for any needed diagnostics not currently available.
We will try to accomplish these goals by hearing talks from experts in the field of diagnostics, and interrogating members of other working groups, especially the working groups on scientific opportunities and linac and ring based sources, as to the needed developments and required measurements.
Working Group Activities:  
Working Group Input/Output: I will request from each generic facility type (storage ring, linac-based oscillator, SASE linac, synchrotron light source, ...) a listing of key diagnostic systems and their capabilities and performance.

I expect to provide a table of diagnostic requirements at various stages of the program and suggested development path to the level of diagnostic performance required for 4th-generation light source commissioning and operation.

Schedule of Presentations to the Working Group:  
Information and Preparations Requested of Working Group Members:

Group members making presentations are requested to bring color copies and, if possible, electronic files of their presentation material for inclusion in the workshop proceedings.

Information Requested of Other Working Groups: From Working Group II:

  • Desired e-beam and optical beam measurements for commissioning and operation not only for the desired 4th-generation device but for those that will be required along the way to develop technology to a level sufficient to build such a light source.
Information Requested of This Working Group by Other Working Groups: Requested by Working Group II:

  • Best achievable BPM resolution.
  • Alignment precision.
List of Working Group Participants:
Ake AnderssonMax Lab
Lahsen AssoufidANL
Sandra Gail BiedronANL
Ping J. ChouSRRC
Manoel CondeANL
Glenn DeckerANL
Katherine HarkayANL
Susumu KamadaKEK
Jacek KrzywinskiDESY
Tunch KuzayANL
John LewellenANL
Alex LumpkinANL
James B. MurphyBNL
Dennis T. PalmerSLAC
Mike PooleCLRC Daresbury Lab
George RakowskyBNL
James RosenzweigUCLA
Deming ShuANL
Todd SmithStanford University
Triveni Srinivasan-RaoBNL
Roman TatchynSSRL
Tony TingNRL
Yan YinYY Labs, Inc.
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