WG VI Short Presentations

Observation of Thomson Backscattered X-Rays at 450 eV in the NRL Laser Synchrotron Source Experiment *
A. Ting, M.Baine, R. Fischer, R. Elton, C.I. Moore, R. Burris, P.Sprangle, and S. Ride
Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC20375

A Laser Synchrotron Source (LSS) experiment is in progress at the Naval Research Laboratory to demonstrate the generation of monochromatic, tunable x-rays by Thomson backscattering of laser photons from a relativistic electron beam. Laser photons from a Nd:Glass laser at 1.053 micron wavelength are backscattered from a 4.5 MeV electron beam generated by a one and a half cell S-band RF gun. Experimental progress and the observation of x-ray photons will be reported.

* Supported by MFEL Program and ONR