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Working Group I

Scientific Opportunities for Coherent X-ray Sources

Group Leader:Dr. David E. Moncton
Associate Laboratory Director for the Advanced Photon Source
Argonne National Laboratory
9700 South Cass Avenue
Argonne, Illinois 60439
Telephone: 1 630 252-7950
Fax: 1 630 252-4599
Objective: Recently, the BESAC Panel on Novel Coherent Light Sources, chaired by Steve Leone, has recommended the development of a hard x-ray source user facility because of its most exciting potential for innovative science. It is clear that the science opportunities at such light sources are only at a formative stage, and the promise can be only met by a strong interaction between experts from the laser community, the synchrotron radiation user community, and the source developers. This workshop is planned to bring about such an interaction with an objective to begin a year-long process to define scientific opportunities for novel coherent light sources, leading to a definitive scientific case document.
Working Group Activities: The group activities will include half-a-day plenary session to set the stage for the scientific discussions. The groups will address specific techniques and science on the second day centered around the following topics:

  1. Full transverse coherence
  2. Short pulses
  3. High x-ray photon degeneracy
  4. Sample degradation by high energy x-ray pulses
  5. X-ray optics
Working Group Input/Output:  
Schedule of Presentations to the Working Group: Wednesday, April 7
Session 1: Joint Session of Working Groups I and V

Chairs: G. Materlik, A. Freund
Location: E1100 and E1200

10:30    Improving SASE Sources by Seeding    L. H. Yu
11:00    Atomic Resolution Holography    I. McNulty
11:30    Optics Needs for Future Light Sources
(A summary and conclusions of the Stanford 97 Meeting)
    J. Arthur
12:00    Lunch     
13:00    Overview of the Present LCLS X-ray Optics System    R. Tatchyn
13:30    Optics Needs for the DESY Project    H. Shulte-Schrepping
14:00    Multi-photon Methods    B. Adams
14:30    Break     
15:00    Outlook for Correlation Spectroscopy    S. Mochrie
15:30    Opportunities for Pump-Probe Methods    D. Umstadter
16:00    Working Group Progress Reports
(plenary session in the Auditorium)

Thursday, April 8
Working Group I, Sessions II and III

Chair: D. Moncton
Locations: Listed below

8:30-12:00    Session II: Technique Groups     
E1100    A.  Imaging Techniques    C. Fadley, I. McNulty
B4300    B.  Multi-photon Methods    B. Adams
E1200    C.  Dynamics I: Pump-Probe    D. Mills, G. Mourou
B4200    D.  Dynamics II: Correlation Spectroscopy    S. Mochrie, L. Sorensen
13:00-17:00    Session III: Scientific Groups     
E1200    E.  Biology    K. Moffat
E1100    F.  Condensed Matter/Materials Science and Technology    G. Materlik, S. Sinha
B4200    G.  Chemical Science and Technology    J. Viccaro
B3100A    H.  Atomic and Plasma Physics    L. Young
C4247    I.  Fundamental Physics    C. Pellegrini
B4300    J.  Quantum Optics    B. Adams
Information and Preparations Requested of Working Group Members:

Group members making presentations are requested to bring color copies and, if possible, electronic files of their presentation material for inclusion in the workshop proceedings.

Information Requested of Other Working Groups:  
Information Requested of This Working Group by Other Working Groups: Requested by Working Group III:

  • What performance parameters of storage rings and storage ring FELs are most important targets for improvement?
  • How can one characterize the relative importance of brilliance versus other parameters, such as flux?
Requested by Working Group VI:

  • Input on requirements for light sources to help defining the requirements and challenges for laser-based methods of radiation production.
List of Working Group Participants:
John ArthurSLAC
Lahsen AssoufidANL
Hartmut BackeUniversitaet Mainz
Nora BerrahLBNL
Zhonghou CaiANL
Luiz DaSilvaLLNL
Helmut DoschMax Planck Institut fuer Metallforschung
Andreas FreundESRF
Henry P. FreundSAIC
Gerhard GruebelESRF
Keith HodgsonSSRL
Russell HuebnerANL
Alan JacksonLBNL
Chris JacobsenSUNY-Stony Brook
Brian KincaidLBNL
Szczesny (Felix) KrasnickiANL
Gennady KulipanovBudker Institute of Nuclear Physics
David LaundyDaresbury Laboratory
J. R. LeDuffLAL
Wah-Keat LeeANL
Ingolf LindauMax Lab and SLAC
Jorg MaserANL
Gerhard MaterlikDESY
Denis B. McWhanBNL
Dennis MillsANL
Keith MoffatUniversity of Chicago
Pedro A. MontanoANL
Colin NaveCLRC Daresbury Lab
Howard PadmoreLBNL
Dennis T. PalmerSLAC
Claudio PellegriniUCLA
Stephen PrattANL
Eric RohlfingDOE
Gerd RosenbaumANL
Jochen SchneiderDESY
Robert SchoenleinLBL
Triveni Srinivasan-RaoBNL
Tony TingNRL
Ivan TomovU. of California at Irvine
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