Advanced Photon Source Conference Center
Argonne National Laboratory
Argonne, Illinois U.S.A.
April 6-9, 1999



ICFA Subpanel on Future Light Sources

Program Committee


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Welcome to the ICFA FLS Workshop Home Page

Workshop Chair: Kwang-Je Kim
Program Chair: John Galayda

Workshop Proceedings

All of the workshop papers are in PDF (portable document format) files. You must have Adobe Reader to view them. A link to download Adobe Reader is available on the Proceedings home page (click on link above). Please note that many of these papers are very large and may take longer than usual to load.

A CD-ROM is in preparation and will be mailed to the workshop attendees.


Group I     D. E. Moncton     Scientific Opportunities for Coherent X-ray Sources
Group II     I. Ben-Zvi     Linac-Based, High-Gain FELs
Group III     M. E. Couprie     Ring-Based Sources
Group IV     J. Bahrdt     Insertion Devices for Future Light Sources
Questionnaire: Measured Performance Data of Third-Generation Insertion Devices
Group V     A. Freund     Photon Optics for Future Light Sources
Group VI     W. Leemans     New Ideas Employing High-Power Lasers
Group VII     G. Neil     Photon- and Electron-Beam Characterization


J. L. Laclare     Summary of the Grenoble Workshop
V. Litvinenko     Ring-based Sources Overview
C. Pellegrini     Overview of SASE Theory and Planned Experiments
D. Nguyen     Overview of Gun and Linac FEL Experimental Results
H. Kitamura     Advanced Insertion Device Practices and Concepts
D. Matthews     Plasma-based X-ray Lasers
R. Schoenlein     Femtosecond X-ray Science at the ALS: Recent Results and Future Plans
H. Backe     Research with Coherent X-Rays at the Mainz Microtron MAMI
E. Johnson     UV Science with a 4th-Generation Light Source
G. Materlik     X-ray Science with a 4th-Generation Light Source