Hot Topics Awards

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Crystal Structure of the Ferric Enterobactin Receptor from E. Coli (Poster 204-F)
Susan Buchanan

Approach to Determine the Distribution of a Contrast Agent in the Brain by MRI and
X-ray Synchrotron Radiation Computed Tomography (SCRT)
(Poster 130-W)
Geraldine Le Duc

Complete Structure of a Bifunctional 11-subunit Membrane Protein Complex from
Bovine Heart Mitochondria, the Cytochrome bc1 Complex
(Poster 205-F)
Joong W. Lee

High-resolution Structure of Titin Kinase from Crystals with Very
Thin Plate Morphology
(Poster 226-F)
Olga Mayans

Signal Transduction on the Nanosecond Time Scale: Early Structural Events
in the Photocycle of a Xanthopsin
(Poster 202-F)
Benjamin Perman

Structural Biology of RNA Folding Using Synchrotron Footprinting (Poster 217-F)
Corie Ralston

Ultra-fast MAD Data Collection on the 191D Beamline at the Advanced
Photon Source
(Poster 109-W)
Martin Walsh

Scattering Contrast in Diffraction Enhanced Imaging (Poster 129-W)
Zhong Zhong