Ninth Users Meeting for the Advanced Photon Source

126 Ridge Road
P.O. Box 187
Lansing, New York 14882

Telephone: (607) 533-3531
Fax: (607) 533-3618

Advanced Design Consulting provides services to the synchrotron community that includes: industry standard component construction, comprising beam stops, monochromators, and optical tables, as well as on-site UHV fabrication and testing using our clean room environment.


2644 E. Dempster Street, Suite 109
DesPlaines, Illinois 60016-5330

Telephone: (847) 298-7970
Fax: (847) 298-7972

Advent Associates, Ltd. is a manufacturers' representative, doing applications engineering and technical sales for the following companies: APD Cryogenics; BriskHeat Corp.; CVD Equipment Corp.; Ferran Scientific; Hovac, Inc.; Insulator Seal, Inc.; Maxtek, Inc.; MDC Vacuum Products; Millipore-Tylan-Span; Mill Lane Engineering; Osaka Vacuum; Research & PVD Materials; Televac; and US, Inc. Most of these companies have their products in use at various locations within the Advanced Photon Source.


101 Zeta Drive
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15238-2897

Telephone: (412) 963-7470
Fax: (412) 963-7459

Aerotech manufactures highly advanced linear air bearing systems offering submicron accuracy and extremely tight velocity control. Product lines also include: rotary air bearings, linear-motor-driven positioning systems, linear-motor-based gantry systems, brushless linear and rotary servo motors and drives, and advanced multi-axis UNIDEX motion controllers. Custom and standard designs, including clean room and high vacuum systems, are available.


117 Gordon Street
Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60007

Telephone: (847) 439-0380
Fax: (847) 439-0230

A.J.R. manufactures optical equipment for Argonne APS beamlines. A.J.R. also services the CNC machining needs of the Collaborative Access Teams, as well as those of Argonne.


660 Jerusalem Road
Scotch Plains, New Jersey 07076-2099

Telephone: (908) 233-7240
Fax: (908) 233-1354

Blake Industries will be exhibiting the Blake-Huber line of x-ray and synchrotron goniometers and accessories.


6300 Enterprise Lane
Madison, Wisconsin 53719

Telephone: (608) 276-3000
Fax: (608) 276-3006

Bruker AXS, Inc. manufactures x-ray diffraction detectors, goniometers, low- and high-temperature accessories, and software for single-crystal, polymer, and powder-diffraction applications. Highlighted will be the SMART family CCD detectors - 1K, 2K, and mosaic for crystallographic structures of proteins, inorganics, organics, and minerals. Software analysis of single crystals, powders, polymers, SAXS/WAXS, and texture/stress will be demonstrated.


44036 South Grimmer Boulevard
Fremont, California 94538

Telephone: (510) 623-1500
Fax: (510) 623-7600

Brush Wellman - Electrofusion Products was founded as Electrofusion Corporation in 1966 and has become the recognized world leader in fabrication and joining of specialty metals and materials including aluminum, copper, monel, steel, titanium, and beryllium. Our capabilities are focused on, but not limited to, engineering design, hot and cold sheet metal forming, atmospheric and vacuum brazing, electron beam and conventional welding, epoxy bonding, mass spectrometer leak testing, chemical and photoetching processes, and more. Our parent company, Brush Wellman, Inc., has been a recognized source for beryllium metal products since 1931. This relationship uniquely qualifies BW-Electrofusion as the only fully integrated source in the world for beryllium x-ray windows and vacuum assemblies for the analytical, medical, and scientific industries.


Burleigh Park
P.O. Box E
Fishers, New York 14453

Telephone: (716) 924-9355 (Don Jarvie, National Sales Manager)
Fax: (716) 924-9072

Burleigh's Inchworm® Motor Systems provide nanometer resolution over hundreds of millimeters of travel, high stiffness, high speed, high stability, small size, and UHV and non-magnetic compatibility.

Since its invention in 1974, Burleigh's patented Inchworm motor has set the standard for high resolution long-range positioning. The Inchworm is a fundamentally solid-state device that uses PZT ceramic actuators to generate nanometer-scale positioning steps over hundreds of millimeters of travel. What's more, the Inchworm is made entirely from low outgassing and non-magnetic materials.

Burleigh also manufactures laser characterization instruments and surface topography products. All Burleigh products provide the inherent solid-state stability, low drift, and high resolution of PZT technology.


800 Lancaster Ave.
Berwyn, Pennsylvania 19312-1780

Telephone: (800) 821-2870 or (610) 640-
Fax: (800) 283-2020

Goodfellow supplies metals, polymers, ceramics, and other materials to meet the research, development, and specialist production requirements of science and industry worldwide.

Goodfellow Services:

- The first meets the needs of those customers who want small quantities of our standard catalog products for immediate shipment.

- The second is for those who require larger quantities or further processing of our standard products or who need products that we are able to supply.

Goodfellow is reknown for having the most comprehensive catalog of metals and materials of any source in the world. It lists over 48,000 items, which are in stock and are available for immediate shipment worldwide. Specific details, including complete technical information, can be found in the Goodfellow Catalog on the Web or as a printed book or CD-ROM, either of which can be requested through one of our offices.

Although our catalog listings are comprehensive, there are occasions when our customers will require much larger quantities and/or materials supplied to a specification or to meet a specific need (for example, a catalog product that is machined, polished, or cut to a specific shape). Even if these are not listed in the catalog, we can often provide a competitive price for both larger and smaller quantities of metals and materials of all kinds.


2-27-37, Mishuku
Tokyo 154

Telephone: +81-3-3413-2131
Fax: +81-3-3413-5768

Since being founded in 1945, Kohzu Seiki Co., Ltd., has been engaged in the design, manufacture, and sale of scientific instruments. Thus far, Kohzu has delivered a large number of goniometers, monochromators, etc., to synchrotron radiation facilities in Japan, U.S.A. (APS and Brookhaven), France, Taiwan, Korea, etc. This supply record indicates our customers' satisfaction with our state-of-the-art products.

Kohzu Product Summary:

Double-crystal monochromators
Ultrahigh precision goniometers
Automatic quadruple slit
Simplified quadruple slit
Stepping motor drivers and controllers
Photometric devices
Various positioning stages
Other measuring instruments and experimental devices


1515 Worthington Avenue
Clairton, Pennsylvania 15025

Telephone: (412) 233-4200
Fax: (412) 233-4275

Kurt J. Lesker Company offers the AccuQuadTM, our own sophisticated, yet affordable, quadrupole RGA. Kurt J. Lesker Company is the exclusive North American agent for: Vacuum Generators - for the best UHV flanges, components, hardware, and chambers; VG Microtech - for the finest 100 mm and 150 mm hemispherical energy analyzers and surface science components for XPS, AES, UPS, ISS, SIMS, RVLEED, RHEED and angle-resolved UPS; and LK Technologies - for compact high resolution EELS and cylindrical deflector energy analyzers for high resolution photoemission studies.


23842 Cabot Boulevard
Hayward, California 94545

Telephone: (510) 265-3500
Fax: (510) 887-0626

MDC Vacuum Products Corp. manufactures a complete line of UHV components including: flanges and fittings, valves, roughing components, instrumentation, electrical feedthroughs, fast-entry load-lock systems, all-metal sealed right-anlge valves and M.E.S.A. compatible rectangular gate valves. A complete line of electron beam evaporation sources in single pocket and multi-pocket configuration matching 6 kW, 10 kW and 15 kW solid state switching power supplies.


Fütingsweg 34
47805 Krefeld

Telephone: 01149 / 2151-379-0
Fax: 01149 / 2151-379-554
E-mail: or

MESSER us a world-wide group with four major business systems: industrial gases, application technology, advanced gas systems, and cutting and welding. The MESSER Group encompasses 148 countries across 49 countries employing 12,500 staff memebers in over 350 branches, production plants, and R&D centers. A majority stake in the Group is retained by HOECHST, one of the foremost international companies operating in the field of life sciences and industry.

Our business is the production and marketing of industrial gases including oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and a range of rare and high-purity gases. Activities vary from the operation of air separation plants to the storage and transport of gases to our customers. These services are typically dependent on pipeline networks, road tankers, cylinder systems, or on-site gas supply systems.

From metallurgy to food processing, microelectronics to medicine, chemistry to environmental protection, the MESSER Group covers the entire range of gas applications throughout industry, technology, research, and medicine.

We plan, develop, and install on-site production of industrial gases for our customers. MESSER's range of services includes both cryogenic and non-cryogenic gas production systems.

The company also markets and manufactures high-quality cutting and welding equipment in addition to systems for virtually all common processes. These include oxy-fuel, plasma, laser, electron beam and robot systems, and orbital and resistance welding.


201 E. Ogden Ave., Suite 15-1
Hinsdale, Illinois 60521

Telephone: (630) 323-5399
Fax: (630) 323-2142

Midwest Vacuum, Inc., represents manufacturers in vacuum and UHV-related fields. Products include RGAs, valves (from Viton to all metal), shutters, fast closing valves, bellows, components and fittings, translators, feedthroughs, crystals, scintillators, particle detectors, dry pumping systems, dry helium leak detectors (oil free), mechanical pumps, turbos, compound turbos, drag pumps, ceramics and components, and novel all-metal seals. The company is also active in special systems and fabrication.


1791 Deere Avenue
Irvine, California 92606

Telephone (in Midwest): (612) 551-4994
Fax (in Midwest): (612) 551-4994

Newport designs and manufactures a wide range of goniometers, rotation devices, and systems for x-ray diffraction applications. These include single-axis and Kappa and Eulerian geometry multi-circle general purpose diffractometers. Also offered are slits and other accessories including metrology equipment for measuring sphere of confusion.

Newport also provides a full range of vibration-isolation tables, optical mounting hardware, and precision positioning equipment.


1800 N.W. 169th Place, Suite C100
Beaverton, Oregon 97006

Telephone: (800) 707-8111 / (503) 629-8081
Fax: (503) 629-0688

Oregon Micro Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures intelligent motion control boards featuring up to eight axes of control on a single board. OMS' newest controller is our PC68. Controllers for stepper and servo applications are available for IBM PC ISA, PC104, and VME bus structures and RS-232 stand-alone units are available. Device drivers for DLLs are provided at no extra cost for DOS, Win 3.1, 95 & NT, LabView & VisualBasic.


Accelerator Technology Group
130A Baker Avenue Ext.
Concord, Massachusetts 01742

Telephone: (978) 369-9933
Fax: (978) 369-6616

Oxford Instruments provides complete synchrotron beamlines and a full range of beamline equipment including monochromators, front ends, x-ray mirrors, mirror systems, detectors, cryo-coolers, and end stations.


3725 Schneider Drive
Stoughton, Wisconsin 53589

Telephone: (608) 877-2200
Fax: (608) 877-2201

The Physical Sciences Laboratory (PSL) is a self-supporting unit of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. PSL has designed and constructed double-crystal and spherical-grating monochromators, mirror chambers and front-end equipment for the APS. PSL does development, design, and construction of projects having mechanical, electrical, and scientific instrumentation components.


4323 Stonewall Ave.
Downers Grove, Illinois 60515

Telephone: (630) 810-9714
Fax: (630) 810-9712

Physics Equipment supplies vacuum and cryogenics products, including hoses with Swagelock fittings. Physics Equipment represents Cryo Industries (manufacturers of research cryostats), Johnsen Ultravac (manufacturer of UHV chambers, systems, and manipulators), and A&N Williston (manufacturers of flanges to Conflat specifications.


3660 Quakerbridge Road
Trenton, New Jersey 08619

Telephone: (609) 587-9797
Fax: (609) 587-1970

Princeton Instruments (PI), established in 1981, is the world's largest manufacturer of scientific, cooled CCD cameras for imaging and spectroscopy applications. All PI cameras are fully integrated with all the required controls and computer interface electronics. We also support the most popular computer platforms, such as PC, Macintosh, Sun Microsystems, and SGI Workstations.

At the Ninth Users Meeting for the Advanced Photon Source, Princeton Instruments will display cameras for x-ray powder diffraction and crystallography. These high resolution, high sensitivity cameras are supported by most of the popular computer platforms. PI will also exhibit their cooled CCD cameras, sensitive enough to use for photon counting and detecting x-rays from less than 30 eV to 60 KeV and higher.


2995 Wilderness Place
Boulder, Colorado 80301

Telephone: (303) 786-9900
Fax: (303) 786-9909

IDL (the Interactive Data Language) is the ideal software for data analysis, visualization, and application development. IDL's features include: advanced image processing, interactive 2D and 3D graphics, volume visualization, integrated mathematics and statistics, flexible data I/O, a cross-platform GUI toolkit, and versatile program linking tools - all accessed via a fourth-generation programming language.

ION (IDL On the Net) allows you to create and distribute full-featured, data analysis and visualization programs with minimal effort. You can execute IDL commands, transfer data to and from IDL programs and display graphics generated by IDL. All from within ION.

ION brings the rapid development environment of IDL to the Web. The combination of Java and IDL's convenient 4GL visualization and analysis language reduces the time and code required for you to share your data. ION's built-in debugging routines speed the application development process.


403 S. Hawley Road
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53214

Telephone: (414) 771-9270
Fax: (414) 771-9043

Since 1945 , E. L. Simeth Co. has serviced a broad range of customers and industries, anything from tool and die makers to the metal stamping industry. Our motion control product line includes XYZ positioning slides, electric cylinders, servo and stepper motors, controls, and drives. Ball bearings and self-lubricated (Frelon liner) bearings, as well as crossed-roller bearings, are also offered. These are just a few of the products E. L. Simeth distributes.


1505 W. 3rd Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80223

Telephone: (303) 592-1903 or on-site (630) 252-1480
Fax: (303) 547-1947 or on-site (630) 252-1569
E-mail for sales:
E-mail for engineering:

Techknit ShieldingSystems, Inc. (TSS) designs, fabricates, and installs a wide range of x-ray and rf shielded enclosures and enclosure components. TSS provides the lead-lined research facilities used at Argonne.


1919 S. Highland Ave.
Bldg. A, Suite 330
Lombard, Illinois 60148

Telephone: (630) 627-9110
Fax: (630) 627-9129

TecRep Corporation represents several test instrument and power supply manufacturers. Digital oscilloscopes, data acquisition systems, function generators, and time interval counters from Yokogawa Corporation of America are some of the instruments that may provide solutions for your APS applications. DC power supplies from Power Ten, Inc. (high current , switchmode, rack-mount), DEL/Bertan (high voltage linear and switchmode), and KEPCO, Inc. (general purpose, laboratory, automated test, and component) will be demonstrated at the conference.


2513 Charleston Road, # 207
Mountain View, California 94043

Telephone: (650) 903-9980
Fax: (650) 903-9887

X-Ray Instrumentation Associates develops and sells advanced components for x-ray experimentation. We currently offer a differential pump with molecular beam suppression, an in-hutch shutter/filter set with NIM controller, various high-speed digital x-ray processing modules for Ge or Si(Li) array detectors, and a compact, inexpensive, serially controlled stepper motor drive for Huber slits.


2502 North Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois 60614

Telephone: (773) 244-3102
Fax: (773) 244-3975

Vacuum One is a premier vacuum representative firm in the Midwest. We represent a small number of elite manufacturing companies who are not only market leaders, but are also dedicated to the success of their customers. Vacuum One currently represents Leybold Vacuum Products, Granville-Phillips Company, Applied Vacuum Technology, Physical Electronics, and Advanced Vacuum Company


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