International Workshop on
New Opportunities for Better User Group Software
December 10-12, 1997
Argonne National Laboratory
Argonne, IL USA

Vendor List


NOBUGS would not have been a success without contributions from the following vendors:

Visual Numerics, Inc.
Visual Numerics, Inc. provides industry-leading, mission-critical software solutions to more than 500,000 business and technical professionals around the world. Scientists, researchers, educators, engineers, developers, intranet managers, testers and analysts use Visual Numerics' decision-support tools to solve problems, identify trends and share results.

Oregon Microsystems, Inc.
Oregon Microsystems, Inc. design and manufactures motion control boards featuring up to 8 axes of control on a single board. Controllers for stepper and servo applications are available for IBM PC ISA, PC104 and VME bus structures as well as RS-232 stand-alone units. Device drivers or DLLs are provided at no extra cost for DOS, Win 3.1, Win 95, Win NT, LabView and VisualBasic.

Research Systems, Inc.
Research Systems, Inc. presented a tutorial Wednesday evening on IDL 5.0 (see abstract)

Numerical Algorithms Group, Inc.
NAG has 25 years' experience in developing, porting, distributing and supporting scientific software. NAG supplies software libraries, compilers, visualization products, statistical software and other tools for the professional programmer and for educational, government and commercial use.

Wolfram Research, Inc. (makers of Mathematica)
Mathematica 3.0-known for delivering quick, accurate numeric and symbolic solutions. Mathematica is ideal for creating interactive reports and presentations that include text, active formulas, graphics, with customized buttons and palettes. Breakthrough new features, such as an innovative typesetting system that can do math, now make Mathematica even easier to use.

Advanced Visual Systems
Advanced Visual Systems is the premiere global provider of high-end data visualization software and services. Visualization software transforms massive quantities of data into informative 2D and 3D graphical representations. The company provides tools for developers, who must build customized visualization software for their organizations and/or clients, and ready-to-use software for end users, who must analyze information contained in graphical representations. Products are developed in Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Intranet, and Internet environments. AVS provides comprehensive support for all its products and the services required to deliver solutions to its customers.